Sunday, December 30, 2018

Microsoft Office Review Assignment Page Win34

2. Shelly folder-lists view Computer-shows the disk drives and hardware connected to this computer. reuse bin-Contains the files and folders you have deleted. Mozilla Firefox-Lists mend HP photosmart-HP Photosmart infixed 3. 5, also listed location McAfee trade protection scan-listed the location Windows update-Delivers software updates and drivers and provides automatic updating options. Microsoft Security Assentials- Microsoft Security Assentials Malwarebytes anti-malware-malwarebytes anti-malware, also listed where its stored. . 22 4. 1 5. 2 6. The button on the task bar is highlighted and the top of the sift says untitled paint. 8. 0 9. I up right hand clicked the paint button on the taskbar and right clicked close window. 10. cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, select all, layout, folder and face options, delete, rename, remove properties, properties, and close. 11. I clicked help and consequently went down to view help and clicked on that. This dialog box is used to vortex h elpful suggestions on recovering files from the reuse bin. 2. I clicked libraries on the left stance of the window and documents was right underneath of it. 13. It contained hotshot video clip called Wildlife. 14. I selected special large icons and the icon looked the same vindicatory became large. 16. I chose understanding guarantor and unhazardous computing from the bulleted list of options to choose from in the help and support window. I larn that there are 4 ways you can protect your pc from security threats. 17. 12 topics, 30 topics

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