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The irony in An Indians Looking-Glass for the White Man Essay

The irony in An Indians Looking-Glass for the White Man - Essay ExampleThe paper tells that William Apess was a Native American who accepted the Christian faith. He continued to labor among the Native American Indians as a Christian minister and advocated gracious rights in his sermons and writings. The period in which he wrote marked an age of cruel slavery and anti-miscegenation laws which prohibited the exogamy between Whites and Colored people. Apess uses the notable technique of irony in which he would expose the hypocrisy of the Whites employing their throw religious doctrines and ideologies.The superficiality of the White mans doctrine is a point of argument in Apess work. Apess observes that one whitethorn learn how deep (the White mans) principles are...I should say they were skin deep. The foundation of the White mans objection to the non-Whites enjoyment of their absolute human rights is based on the skin tone. Skin pigmentation or exterior is not of value in any substa ntial and profound argument for what lies on the inside forms the core and matters most. In his day, Apess would have been old(prenominal) with the Great Chain of Being philosophy which privileges the Whites at the head of the human races and relegates the Other to occupy debase tiers. Whites used this belief to justify their subhuman treatment of separate races. The irony of using skin discolor as a means to exalt oneself and debase another reveals the truth of the proverb, All that glitters is not gold. In time, the go up of any object is defaced and gradu eachy stripped away. External appearances deceive however, only nature is real and enduring. Apess reiterates I am not talking about the skin, but about principles.Apess makes a stirring appeal to the tenets of Christianity, the questionable White mans religion. White men would use their religion to validate conquest, segregation, and the institution of slavery, however, Apess wields the Holy Bible, the book which instruc ts Christians in defence of human rights, equality, justice and brotherhood. The Christian Bible quotes that God is no respecter of persons-Thou shalt heat the captain thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy mind, and with all thy strength-Thou shalt hunch forward thy neighbor as thyself. By this shall all men know that they are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. Let us not love in word but in deed. Repeatedly Apess preaches to the people who should be acquainted with their own doctrines of love. Apess concept of God differs from the White mans God. Judging from the professing Christians cruelty, greed, and antagonism, the Apess shows that according to the white mans principles, the Christian God would have to be an unfair and loatheful deity who would favor a cross section of people and belittle others. authoritative religion in Apess eyes is an inclusive religion. One which inspires love and compassion. Apess laments that in Christian America th ere remains active voice practice of cruelty, systematic oppression, inhumanity and hostility. Apess argues that a Christian should never be a slave-owner for doing so puts at detriment his own soul and contravenes the founding principles of his faith. He urges the equality and brotherhood of Negroes and Whites according to the Christian doctrines and wonders at White Christian hypocrisy. To add force to his arguments, he quotes numerous scriptural texts from the Bible from Matthew, John and Romans. To hate and propagate division is not only unchristian but also unethical. Gods unconditional and impartial love is a perfect example of the love that man must have for his fellow. Greed, selfishness and prejudice are the current motivators of discrimination that have poisoned the heart, turning it from human compassion. Vices such as sloth, greed and materialism are other adverse effects of the White

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TNT Express Scenario Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

TNT Express Scenario - Assignment ExampleReview the issues involved in the strategic planning process of TNT. In terms of saving the planet, this will be possible with the late portal of less carbon emission engines. As time goes by, more and more companies argon glide slope up with cars that save in terms of fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. There has likewise been an introduction of electric powered cars however, they are not fully designed in terms of efficiency as most of them have a problem when it comes to battery power. It is possible for them to be a leading gild in the freight business as more and more people are now in a position to make purchases through the net and ship to them. They should tap into the upcoming e shops that are established daily and offer cheap but efficient services to its potential guests. They can also talk to the already established e shops to expand its services to them. In order to gain customers and attach value to the business, they need to f ocus on customer satisfactory first. This is through ensuring that there are no loop holes in the system and have a great 24/7service to all its customers. Updating the customer more or less his/ her shipment will make them trust you that all is well and you care more about them than the money they bring in.

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World Issues and Anthropology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

World Issues and Anthropology - Essay Exampleanthropological study of purlieu will help me in defining and determining various forces that operate in the environment and the possible ways of handling the individual forces. I value anthropological study of the environment because of its efficiency and accurateness in providing a clear and broad overview on the ways one should interrelate and modify the environment into an attractive place for my stay. In addition, anthropological study of the environment will help in understanding various concepts that dominate distinguishable community and be able to structure appropriate techniques of ensuring level best peaceful coexistence with different individuals.Understanding environmental issues from the anthropological point of view is equally critical for the realism in that it helps in fostering peace and love, which are the basic determination of a healthy world. anthropological study of the environmental issues assists and enlighte ns human beings from different societies concerning various business and trading activities and principles that overrule the current world. anthropological study of the environment enable people to discern and understand the history of politics in different societies, to help in the set up and establishment of an appropriate political system to rule particular(prenominal) communities. In addition, anthropological study of the environment assists people in obtaining historical socio-cultural practices of different community thereby providing a clear link to perceiving the structure of different communities in the current world. Furthermore, anthropological study of the environment enables people opportunities to innovate and renovate vital tools and machines used in the contemporary world by studying the history of creation of certain items.Havilland argues that human nature is the same and only differs due to environmental changes inside their surroundings. Havilland portends that the changes in the

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Law on Euthanasia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Law on Euthanasia - Essay ExampleA common method of active euthanasia is the administering of barbiturates or quiescence pills. The distinction between passive and active euthanasia can be summed up as in truth doing something to bring about the death of a unhurried or doing nothing to save the patients vivification. Predictably, euthanasia is the champaign of much debate as it generates emotional consideration of moral and social values making it nasty for judges in the U.K. to formulate and adhere to a strict statutory code. Each case has to be decided on its own merits. Each time social and moral issues have to be finely balanced against the applicable right.In 1993, Lord Browne-Wilkinson in the House of Lords, explained that, The judges function in this area of the constabulary should be to agree the principles which society, through the democratic process, adopts, not to impose their standards on society. If Parliament fails to act, then judge-made law of nature will of necessity through a gradual and uncertain process provide a wakeless answer to each new hesitancy as it arises. But in my judgment that is not the shell way to proceed.(Airedale N.H.S. Trust v Bland 1993)Lord Browne-Wilkinson went on to say, For these reasons, it seems to me imperative that the moral, social and legal issues brocaded by this case should be considered by Parliament. (Airedale NHS Trust v Bland 1993)Public opinion is astutely divided in cases of euthanasia. There are those opposed to any form of euthanasia on the causa that it requires passing judgments on the quality of the patients life. The opponents to euthanasia conclude that refusing to administer medical treatment to a patient or actively dis proceed a patients medical treatment is morally wrong. On the other hand, those in choose of euthanasia argue that the patient is only suffering with no relief in sight, and therefore to take note the patient alive when he is for all intents and purposes, dead, is morally wrong. This is the moral and social background that makes it difficult for courts to apply strict legal guidelines. The moral and social implications were considered in both Re A 2000 HRLR 721 and Airedale NHS Trust v Bland 1993 AC 789. In Blands case on appeal to the House of Lords, Lord Geoff said This is because the question is not whether it is in the best interests of the patient that he should die. The question is whether it is in the best interests of the patient that his life should be prolonged by the continuance of this form of medical treatment or care. (Airedale NHS Trust v Bland 1993 AC) By saying this, Lord Geoff dispensed with the moral issue and identified the applicable legal principle upon the issue of euthanasia rests. Is it in the patients best interests to that his life should b prolonged by continuing with the medical treatment. The court and the law is not concerned with social implications or moral values. The court and the law is only concerned w ith the patient himself. What is best for him, as opposed to society will guide the court.To break understand this application of legal principles and the disposal of moral

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Americans Go To War responses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Americans Go To War responses - Essay ExampleIn acrimony of the fact that the war left America in strongest position fiscally than any of the WWI members, as ratify by the Roaring Twenties, America chose to withdraw itself from dealings of the huge player countries of the world and concentrated on itself. Its center moved to provincial consumerism and forbiddance as opposed to forcing its businesses in the outside business welkin or militarily concerning extending its arrive at of impact over Europe as a policing naught to verify something like WWI ever happened again.In the article, America go to war, it is clear that the bloody war of the nineteenth century have, for great and not well, molded the country we live in. Listen now as the individuals who survived these ablaze years, from the doughboys of World War I to the Great Men of World War II to the snorts of Vietnam, tell their stories of life-and head at the front. War has played a major role in shaping US report in the 20th century. World War I and World War I dominated the kickoff half of the century. The cold war, with its conflicts in Korea and Vietnam, began after World War II and ended in the

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The Mall as Disney Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Mall as Disney - Coursework ExampleSince Richards main concern is in Disneyland, of import Street is of much importance to him so that the people reading his essay can understand the square history behind DisneylandRichard also uses Main Street because of its architectural similarities with Disneyland. This clearly shows that main street had a big role to play in the development of Disneyland. The past life of the American people shows by the architecture of Main Street. This same architecture also exists in Disneyland and this is the reason why Richard focuses a cumulus on Main Street.Main streets a generic street name, which in most parts of the world, apply for socialise and retailing. USA Main Street has a lot of cultural impact on the lives of the American people. It is here that people came to shop for all their needs and at the same time sit beat and socialize with others about what was going on in their lives. Main Street in the USA direct to the development of se veral cities as more people came to these places to shop and socialize while providing enough stamping ground to the public to be able to come up with Disneyland.The architecture of Main Street also tells a lot about the culture of the American people. Every little building shows that the people were organized and that they treasured art and architecture. The architectural configuration of Main Street gives us the impression of how the people loved buildings. The buildings discharge different functions some act as shopping malls. Each building has a place for socializing meaning that the people loved a lot of socializing.The other cultural role played by Main Street is the development of architecture in America. From Main Street, we are able to see how buildings tone and how similar they are to Disneyland. We get to see how people built their houses, how they shopped and exact places where they socialized. Main Street also gives us the American culture of education. Many schools and colleges develop from

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The Reasons Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships despite the Research Paper

The Reasons Why Some People Stay in Abusive Relationships despite the Risks - search Paper ExampleIt is estimated that approximately 1.5 million women in the US encounter force play from their male partners annualy. However, statistics besides indicate that men are in like manner victims of domestic help violence, with 2010 reports showing that approximately 40% of domestic violence cases involved men. In addition, it has been observed that 85% of violent women are more likely to use bad weapons such as knives, hot water, blunt objects among others on their victims as opposed to the 15% of men (Vernick 15-23). mass of victims in violent relationships opt to divorce their partners, but there are those who opt to remain in such relationships despite the hardships. A person who has never experienced such violence may oddity why a person in his or her right mind may wish to stick in such a relationship however, there are reasons as to why this happens. This paper is a critical evaluation of why people stay in scurrilous relationships. Discussion Penia notes that In an abusive relationship, abusive language, violence, threats, sexualityual coercion and unfulfilled duties and promises are common (20). ... The deprivation of basic needs is also a common means of achieving the same ends. As a result, the victim gradually wears out physically and emotionally. With time, the victim loses body strength, fails to attentively concentrate on his or her work, suffers bouts of depression and trauma, health problems arise delinquent to poor appetite and constant worry, and the victim loses morale. As the victim weakens, the perpetrators control increases and acts of infringement increase in intensity and severity. Acts of aggression are focused on the victim or the designated feed in of the attack, but in other instances they may be directed towards a close relative. In some(prenominal) cases, domination over the victim is the key objective of the perpetrator. O ne such example of indirect domestic abuse is verbal insults and dehumanizing treatment directed towards the victims close relative. Abusive relationships do not discriminate. This is to mean that they dont have demographic boundaries or preferences. Volpe indicates that For one, gay individuals are at the same risk of aggressive relationships and abuse as are heterosexual couples (8). Therefore, abusive relationships have the same preponderance of occurrence within different races, economic standing, societal status, degree of literacy, and so forth. Women are considered as the weaker sex and hence are more susceptible to victimization than men. However, cases of male victims are also common, especially in verbal and emotional abuse. Psychologists indicate that the emotional abuse that results from abusive relationships is as damaging and detrimental to the victim as the physical abuse. Effects of the emotional abuse have

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Securitization and Swaps Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Securitization and Swaps - undertake ExampleHence the firms in the pecuniary services industry attach more importance to the luck of exposure management in their organizations. Risk management in the financial services organizations is necessitated due to various reasons. The to the highest degree important reason is the potential economic losses to which the firms will be exposed in eccentric they had to meet with some unforeseen risk and it may erode the entire cracking of the firm. There be other reasons for undertaking risk management in these firms like the tax implications of the transactions, movement in the capital and stock markets and the persistent fear of the people managing the financial services line of credites that their decisions may be proved untimely by the course of business events. In any risk being faced by the financial service firm there is the potential danger of the firm losing profits which in turn would impart in the decline of the firm value for some of the stakeholders. Similarly all or any of these reasons for managing the risk may force the management of the firm to make an assessment of the risks involved and take necessary disciplinal or preventive action to cheer the firm against the risks identified. In this article the different kinds of risks to which the financial institutions ar exposed and the ways in which the firms crumb protect them against these risks are discussed.The financial Methods to Protect against Risks The financial institutions follow several ways of protecting them against the risks associated with their businesses. In general the organizations can bob up out the go around business practices in the industry with respect to risk management and adopt them in their own organizations. Alternatively the organizations can find convenient ways of transferring the risks to other players in the market or the organizations can employ specialise risk management programs at their organizational level to protect them against any financial loss resulting from the risks.The best practices in the industry is the normally adopted risk management procedure by most of the organizations in which the organizations take actions like underwriting and reinsurance of risk so that the risks will be spread among the operators which have the effect of cut back the risks of apparent risks associated with the business. In addition the financial institutions may undertake hedging of their balance sheet items to protect any possible financial risks due to change in interest rates or supersede rates if the assets and liabilities are held in foreign companies. The basic objective behind these measures can be seen from the concomitant that the organizations do not want to carry the risks which are part of the businesses undertaken by them and also to maintain the level of total risks under controllable levels.There are systemic risks that can be eliminated by a proper assessment of the risks and t aking risk protection programs to safeguard the financial interests of the organizations. Similarly in the cuticle of risks that the organizations may face due to the frauds committed by the staff and employees, losses arising out of oversights and mistakes of the employees due to restrict control by senior level management - known as operational risks - the organizations can find suitable ways to minimize these risks. In any case it must be noted that the organizations would bear out from possible erosion of profits due to

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Financial Markets & Risks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Financial Markets & Risks - Essay ExampleThey can be in the form of a guaranteed annuity or a cash balance that an employee can draw upon at solitude. A pension that is created by an employer for an employee is known as an occupational pension. The government or other organisations may besides sponsor pensions. subsidy plans are a form of deferred compensation.The United Kingdom pension dodge is characterised by three tiers. The low tier is that of Basic State Pension (BSP) which is provided by the state. There are several pension contrivances in the second tier. The state, employers, or private sector financial institutions provide these schemes. These pension schemes may be shared into two broad types Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes, and Defined Contributions pension scheme (DC). The DB schemes complicate the State-Earning-Related-Pension Scheme (SERPS), and occupational pension schemes provided by employers. The DC schemes include the contribution pension schemes off ered by employers, and the in the flesh(predicate) pension, or a stakeholder pension fund held with a financial institution. The third tier of UKs pension system is voluntary and it takes the form of additional voluntary contributions (AVCs and FSAVCs) into occupational or personal pension schemes.The pension schemes we film to focus on behalf of the company are occupational pension schemes. ... In the DB pension scheme, the retirement pension benefits are related to the members final salary upon retirement, and length of service. This is a funded plan in which twain employer and employee contribute towards the pension fund. A DC pension scheme is a scheme that provides an individual poster for each employee participant. The benefits are solely on the amount contributed to the cast, gains, expenses and losses allocated to the account. The plan contributions, which are fixed for two the employer and employee, are paid into the account for each member. These contributions are in vested and the returns are also credited to the individuals account. On retirement, the members account is used to provide retirement benefits. This is usually through the purchase of an annuity that provides regular income post retirement. The members also have the option to draw a certain lumpsum amount before purchasing annuities. These plans also may offer the facility to members to select the types of investments towards which the pension funds would be allocated. Relative Merits of DB and DC SchemesThe contributions in case of DB schemes are higher to keep up with the cost of providing the defined retirement benefits. It is up to now higher for employers relative to employees.DB plans offer less mobility than the DC plans because the transfer costs and difficulty in transfer of funds is very high for the DB Plans. DC plans offer higher portability. Both the DB and DC plans offer tax relief on contributions to employers. Tax relief is usually higher in case of DB plans due to higher contributions. Unlike the DB schemes, in a DC scheme a member cannot predict his pension at the time of retirement, as it is difficult to predict what majuscule he will accumulate

Essay question Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

misgiving - Essay ExampleiThe argument is however based on the fact that neoclassical economists claims or quite an emphasize smiths invisible flip over while classical economists on the other hand think that smith clearly stipulates his programme for promoting the Wealth of Nations in the first sentence of his work. Smith uses the diction the invisible hand in both theories under antithetic context and each having a different meaning.thusly, different interpretations of the phrase can be regarded as the source of conflicting ideas between classical and neoclassical economists. Moreover, various economists have advance theories that are in line with smiths theory of wealthiness of a nation or contradicting theories thus economic policies are to a greater extent of a battle topic between neoclassical economists and classical economist who concurred with smiths theory of an inquiry into the nature and the shake up of wealth of a nation.Adam Smiths work, Wealth of Nations is reg arded as the perfecto of the theory of moral sentiments since it targets the problems of how the great unwashed express their self-interests and their morality. He argued that a pin factory that employs division of labor is likely to produce thousands of pins more than a pin factory that each individual worker attempts to produce his or her own pin. Therefore he advocated for specialization and division of labor in overlapion for efficiency. Adam Smith also show on the importance of flexibility during transition from one phase of life to the other by growth institutions that are fit for that phase and this therefore illustrates self-interest and morality in the society. Smith described messs economic behavior as individuals who are guided by an invisible hand. He argued that production of high priced products in relation to production cost would induce individual production of this product

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This is not a paper just a MIDTERM question Essay - 2

This is not a paper just a MIDTERM question - Essay ExampleHowever, it is cumbersome to prep atomic number 18, offers little development to management, and usually creates parallel accounting systems. It also does not indicate levels of efficiency or address value.Generally, budgeted expenditures are based on a standard cost of inputs multiplied by the number of units of an activity to be provided in that period. It refers to the process of linking costs to activities, then identifying specific outputs to be produced by services or activities. consequently setting targets or goals and afterwards preparing budget based on these exploit goals set. The new approach to performance budgeting seeks to concentrate on the outcomes rather than the output. This approach has the advantage of offering a means of estimating future expenditures and measuring stick of activities efficiency. On the other hand, its drawback is that in that respect is a need to distinguish between the fixed and v ariable costs. Furthermore, it has no benefit in public accounting, as efficiency is not the only measure required.Program budgeting refers to a variety of different budgeting systems that base expenditures primarily on programs of work and secondarily on objects. It involves organization of the pipeline operations into programs with specific goals and missions. After identifying the goals, sub goals and objectives and their input and output are outlined, as budgets are wide-awake along these programs. They facilitate choice of alternative strategies, evaluation of goals and finally it takes budgeting beyond efficiency compared to performance budgeting approach. However, there is no single methodology to single out alternatives available. In addition, it places heavy demands on officials to achieve their stated goals.Zero-based budgeting operates by justifying budget requests probably of each department or functional unit of operation both budgeting cycle, regardless of prior

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Egyptian Mummies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Egyptian Mummies - Essay ExampleThe demand for this product light-emitting diode to the need to for an alternative. This led to the use of the Egyptian mummies, which also had a black appearance. This appearance created a touch sensation that they had similar properties to munia.2 This led to the use of these Egyptians historical materials during the mediaeval and the following times as a medicine ingredient. Since, mummy has been used to refer to these bodies. Even though the mummies were initially used for medicinal purposes, the Egyptian used them because they had a belief that one lives after death.Mummies were the results of the mummification process. This is a process by which Egyptians carry on their bodies in preparation for afterlife. The process began by the priest removing the brain finished a process of embalming through the nose. This was by the use of a hook. The brain was seen as insignificant and, therefore, it was disposed. Next, an incision was developed inside a corpse to remove other internal organs. Significant organs were cleaned and treated with the use of palm water, gum myrrh and frankincense. These organs include the liver, intestines, stomach and lungs. It is the heart in which they believed that spirit that they referred to as ka lived. This made them to leave frankincense organ in the body. These significant organs and the body were loaded in Natron to draw moisture and stay fresh bacteria. The drying process was made possible by the hot climate. The natron was removed at the end of 40 old age and the body cover with ointments to prevent the smell. The cavity was filled with linen to maintain its shape and then covered with strips of linen. This then resulted into a mummy.Mummifying the body was significant in ensuring that a persons wandering spirit, which was referred to as Ba, would determine its respective body when it returns. To them Ba could be referred to as a persons personality. Conversely,

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The Overall Strategic Plan for Blackberry Research Paper

The Overall Strategic Plan for Blackberry - Research Paper ExampleAccording to Rhandawa et al (2009), Blackberry was founded in 1984 and it is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada. Blackberrys strategical plan is to target professionals through the prep of a range of activities such as push email, mobile telephony, text messaging, internet faxing, web search and additional wireless information services (Moro, 2007). Jim Balsillie, co-fo on a lower floor of coast, sums up the strategic plan for RIM easy in, out(predicate) out which implies that it is very easy for corporations to install their email system, but because the way the proprietary RIM softw atomic number 18 program and servers work, its almost impossible to extract (Harnish, N.D). Thus, the strategic plan is based on the nonion that the products are strategically designed to appeal to the interests of the targeted customers and it is almost impossible for rival competitors to imitate the same strategy. It can be seen t hat RIM is at the forefront of designing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative mobile communication devices. This strategy makes it clearly distinguishable from other rival competitors in the market for Smartphones and is mainly based on productivity and utility in terms of the services offered. However, the industry itself is highly competitive where there are companies like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson as well(p) as Apple competing for the same customers in this particular Smartphone industry. Research has however shown that if RIM wants to continue its control condition in the market, it needs to market its devices moreover in Asia and Europe (Rhandawa et al, 2009). However, Blackberry of late has come under the spotlight for firing influential people who are seen as suggesting ideas that are within the scope of its strategic plan. For instance, the CEO was fired in 2011 though it was popularly stated that it was a resignation (Yarow, 2011). There cook been some reports that anyone who goes against the culture of the organization with regards to its strategic plan is often viewed as a villain. The organization does not see itself in a position where it diverts from its intimated strategic plans. Such a stance has worn-out criticism from other quarters and this is the reason why there is need to develop a gay Resources strategic plan for Blackberry which is based on its overall strategic plan. Thus the following region of the essay seeks to develop a strategic plan for Blackberry as well as to outline how it will be aligned with the organizations plans organizations plans as well as the measures that can be taken to implement the HR strategic plan. Strategic HRM for Blackberry Currently, the HRM strategy for RIM is mainly concerned with the optimum performance of the employees whereby the interests of the employees are not given due consideration (Harnish, N.D). priority is given to the overall goals stated in the strategic plan of the beau mon de and this is the reason why the company has been criticised for bad HRM practices. As such, a strategic human resources management (SHRM) plan ought to be implemented. Basically, SHRM can be defined as the combination of human resources management with the strategic aims and objectives/plans in order to enhance line of credit performance as well as the culture that promotes innovation, flexibility as well as the competitive advantage (Becker & Huselid, 2006).

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Report about Virgin Mary and Saint Maria Goretti Essay

Report about Virgin bloody rape and Saint Maria Goretti - Essay ExampleShe was an Israelite woman and was chosen by God to carry and depict birth to his firstborn Son. Similarly Saint Maria Goretti was also handpicked by God for her humble yet unrelenting love and acceptance of God into her heart. She was a simple little poor country girl, not yet 12 years of age, and yet God chose her, clothed her with honor by the power of his Spirit. The connect she had with God was so strong that she chose to give her life up for it and be forever the living cogent evidence of the Pope John Paul II quote God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise. (R.schmid, 2011). Maria Goretti from a very early age was able to accept what pertains to the Spirit of God. It was this Spirits fathom that she has incorporated in every aspect of her life. She did not flee from this voice even as she was attacked by her assailant but it was the voice of her conscience that let her not give in. She chose devastation over the alternating(a) of being defiled knowing that her body was the house of God. The gift of her fortitude was so great that the sacred Spirit helped her make her moral decision and chose such a difficult feat with her young spirit. She chose death when she saw no other way to defend her virginal purity. Her final act is a absolute depiction of how she lived her entire young life (Likoudis, 2004).

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Adapting to terrestrial living Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Adapting to terrestrial living - Essay ExampleAdaptations to tackle this problem include zoology like skeletons and specialized lay cells and tissues which support the plant. A transition from aquatic to terrestrial life also meant a competitive struggle for sunlight as a result plants had to be tall, which also necessitated sloshed stems and an extensive root system to anchor the plants firmly in the ground while they grew upwards towards the sunlight (www.countrysideinfo.co.uk) and this is turn led to the development of trees.Another requirement for air based living as distant to aquatic life is the need to conserve peeing, beca role a plant may face constraints in obtaining an commensurate supply of water from the soil. As a result, they have developed a cuticle or tutelar layer on the surface of leaves to prevent excessive loss of water by transpiration (www.countrysideinfo.co.uk). At the said(prenominal) time however, plants must also be able to absorb carbon dioxide fr om the atmosphere to carry on the process of photosynthesis and give out carbon dioxide. This objective had to be achieved without sacrificing the modes for preservation of water through the use of the cuticle.The adaptations made in plants to specifically cater to this requirement are stomata on the underside of the leaf, which allow the vary of gases to take emplacement without excessive loss of water from the surface of the leaf. For example, in drought prone areas, plant leaves are reduced to spines, so that the leaf surface from which loss of water can take place is considerably reduced. Plant species growing in drought ridden areas may demonstrate high levels of stomatal conductance, photosynthesis and photosynthesis during periods when water is available, but enter into periods of dormancy and lose their leaves during a period of intense heat (Lambers et al, 2008)Plants have evolved from unprejudiced unicellular organisms into complex multi cellular ones. A unicellular org anism

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Nutrition for Health and Social Care Essay Example for Free

keep for Health and Social C be EssayIn this assignment, I forget be fashioning earthy recommendations for decreasing veto impacts on the wellness of one case-by-case. The individual I provide be making recommendations for and talking about in more depth is crowd together. As it states in the case study, and jam has a BMI above average, therefore, in this assignment, I go forth clarify in full detail what he could do in order to live a healthier modus vivendi and relapse approximately lean as jam is 54 years old overweight.In addition, I ordain in addition be stating the advantages of performing upon and go aftering the recommendations I mystify made as well as the disadvantages if he did non follow them and continued with his normal sustenance. Food is essential for life but what we course is subject to a gigantic range of influences. Recognising these and taking account of them when computer programmening menus and preparing nutrition can make the diffe rence between and individual take in sufficiently for their needs or not. jam is 54 years old psyche Executive of an international company. He is single with no children, and admits to not paying much attention to his diet. repayable to wreaking commodious hours, he often skips meals, and ends up snacking. He sometimes grabs a takea manner on the counselling family line because hes not good at cooking, and hardly does food obtain and he lives miles away from the ne arest supermarket, and so theres usually nothing indoors to eat. At 61, he weighs 212 pounds and has a BMI of 28.He admits to feeling a little tired, recently. James dietary habits are impacting him negatively because he at an age where he is at risk of contracting some fictitious character of serious cardiovascular diseases, for instance problems with his heart or his arteries being clogged with fat because of consuming a circumstances of unhealthy foods, which could be fatal. James health incidentors are alre ady beginning to have negative impacts on him because as it states he admits to feeling a little tired, recently.If James does not wangle his behaviour towards his health for example taking more care and paying attention to his health, not tho will he continue to gain a lot of weight but he will also have a hard time losing the weight as he will have a great amount to lose. I recommend that James goes on a diet and makes lifestyle changes. However introductory to beginning his diet, I think its highly important that James visits his GP and research about dieting and losing weight the right way rather than doing it the wrong way to chance on faster results and be at risk of other health problems.After he has done his research, He should start off his diet slowly, for instance he could start by cutting out effervescent drinks and alcohol because they both contain great amounts of calories and fizzy drinks have a lot of sugar which is not good to constantly have, and replacing the m with water. Water is extremely beneficial to the body because it refreshes your body and keeps you hydrated, and also inebriation the recommended amount of water daily combined with a healthy diet, will contribute in weight loss and a healthier body.James should then begin to make food choice changes and raft control, for example cutting out fatty foods and consuming large portions of food. It states in the case study that he does not pay attention to his diet and because he runs long hours, he often skips meals and that he is not good at cooking. James will have to now pay a lot of attention to his diet because it is putting him at risk of serious health problems and the first thing he should do is look on the internet for food recipes.If James does not want to cook at all, he should order his food from shops such as Marks and Spencers which have a vicissitude of different healthy meals and also have home delivery so he could have the food delivered to him. Although he works long hours, it is vital that he does not skip any meals during the day, he should pull in a healthy meal at home and pack some to take to work and eat during his break, and he should also make up fruits for snacks and a bottle of water to take to work every day. This way he will not have to buy unhealthy take away meals to eat.In addition, James should attempt not to eat heavy meals before bed, he should have a light dinner party and if he feels esurient late hours of the night, he should eat fruits and drink water to fill him up. After James has become accustomed to his new diet choices, he should now incorporate exercise to his diet. However it states in the case study that James works long hours which could be problem if he is trying to incorporate some exercise to his new lifestyle.The way to overcome this problem would be for James to have a plan. He should plan out his life for instance what ime he departs for work, what time hes choke home and the amount of hours he has f ree after work. Due to the situation that James works long hours, I think that he would benefit highly from buying aerobic DVDS and exercising in the foster of his own home rather than going to the gym after a tiring day at work. He should start off by buying beginners DVD and gradually progressing to the more intense work out. However the DVDs must be suitable for his age and also he should consult his doctor prior to starting the exercising phone number.The advantages of these strategies I have implemented above for James is that he will lose weight, hell be supporting a healthier lifestyle, hell become accustomed to not eating unhealthy foods and he would have the skills and knowledge about health and how poor diet contributes highly to health problems. The disadvantage would be if James decided not to act upon the recommendation and continued his bad habits of constantly eating take-away, skipping meals during the day and not exercising.The fact that he is 54 and is overweig ht is highly worrying because he is now at risk of getting diabetes, clogging up his arteries, suffering from a heart antiaircraft and other life threatening health problems. If he does not change his diet he is approximately likely to endure one of the health problems I have just mentioned and in worst cases it could hand to instant death. James lifestyle also has a huge negative effect on his health. This is because he has no wife or kids, whom couldve serviceed James more, by for instance having a healthy cooked meal for him when he returns home from work.This way he would not need to always pick up takeaways on his way home as he would have a healthy cooked meal at home. as well as the fact that James works long hours has also affected his health, the cause I believe this is because this could be the reason as to why he skips meals due to not having time to eat during work times which is also now making James feels often tired. James health is at risk, the fact that his wo rking hours are so long may also be the reason to why James has not enrolled in gym, as I mentioned above he may feel extremely tired when he returns home from work and does not have the energy to exercise.Also the fact that he often skips meals does not help the situation because he is not receiving enough nutrients to give him energy he requires. I recommend that James starts off by possibly making slight alterations in his working hours and replace them with time for himself. The reasons for this is because James is clearly on a route to becoming obese and he needs to make some time for himself to exercise and better his health.As well as exercising, as I mentioned in the foregoing paragraphs, he has to change his eating habits as this is the main reason for his weight issues. I believe that a plan would be very beneficial for James to implement in his life because due to the fact that hes a chief executive of an international company, means that he possibly has a lot of daily r esponsibilities at work and if he had a plan of what to eat and what time he has free to exercise, he will not become stressed and confused because it will all be written down.In this plan he should write down all the hours he works during the hebdomad and the breaks he has in between, he should also implement his new healthy diet in this plan and write the times he eats meals and snacks in between. I believe that after doing this and following through and through with the plan, he will adjust to the plan and begin to lose some weight and become healthier. Also more importantly James must always carry a packed lunch and fruits to work so he does not skip lunch and after lunch if he begins to get hungry again, he can snack on some fruits instead of buying unhealthy snacks.In conclusion, I believe that the recommendations I have made for James will only be advantages to him. This is because he will begin to lose the weight he has to lose in order to be healthy his BMI will drop to ave rage weight and also most importantly he will be living a healthier lifestyle and decrease the risk of having serious health problems. In addition, he will begin to have more energy throughout the day to cope with his every day routine without feeling as tired as he did when he did not pay attention to his diet and weight.

Equal Opportunity in Early Childhood Essay Example for Free

Equal Opportunity in Early Childhood Es positChildren should be treated and respected as individuals in their own rights. Like any individual, tikeren attain rights to shelter, food and education. They to a fault should be treated fairly and equally. Many a times, we have failed to recognise these needs and as adults, we imply we know best for the nestling. If we ar able to recognise these rights, it will greatly assist in a childs using both emotionally and spiritually. According to Bruce and Meggit (2002), equality of fortune bureau opening up opening for e very(prenominal) child and family to plentiful participation in primordial childhood inspection and repairs. There can be no quality in early childhood services unless there is equality of opportunity. Children should non be denied of their rights based on their race, nationality, gender or abilities, boys and girls should not be treated otherwise. Also, equal opportunities can be defined in general as not dis criminating a person by his or her race, gender, family orientation or whether they belonged to the minority in the society. I truly agree with this statement and advocates for equal opportunity to be practiced in every way. It is now the 21st century but can we safely say that children in this world argon treated equally?Some p arnts tend to treat their children differently if they atomic number 18 a boy, especially in the Eastern culture succession is through boys instead of girls. some(prenominal) parents have stereotyped the colours that their children should wear, boys should be in blue and gals should be in pink. Stereotyping basically means unduly fixed mental impression (Oxford, p. 546). Society too, plays a role in influencing the parents when it comes to bringing up their children in this part of the world and to a certain extent the childrens interest will be sacrificed.Children are expected to excel academically and those who do not will be branded as impenetrable and they will be frowned upon by the society due to the competitive environment. Parents are ? pressured to have an academically in force(p) child and as a result, children will feel ? inferior if they are unable to excel academically and this would hinder their fitting into the society in the future. In order to uphold the rights of the children in the world, UNICEF introduced the Convention on the Rights of the Child which was adopted by Unite Nations General Assembly on the 20th November 1989.(http//www. unicef. org/malaysia/UNICEF_FS_-_Understanding_the_ CRC. pdf). There are quad principles that the Convention rests on and they are non discrimination, best interests of the child, the childs right to life, survival and development and respect for the views of the child . (http//www. unicef. org/malaysia/UNICEF_FS_-_Understanding_the_ CRC. pdf ). The main idea of having this throng is to recognize that children should be treated fairly as human beings and they should be brought up in a safe and conducive environment in order for them to realize their full potential in life.Malaysia signed the convention in March 1995 and being a multi cultural domain that also advocates for human rights has made many changes to its legislation to adopt the convention especially in the landing field of education and health finagle. However, a question that many Malaysians will ask today are the changes sufficient to cater the children in Malaysia equal rights? Here, let us look into the two major areas to analyse the impact of the convention on Malaysias legislation concerning children.According to expression 28 of the CRC, The child has a right to education, ? (CRC, p. 19). Malaysia however has stockpile on seven articles and article 28 is amongst them. The preschool education is Malaysia is on a lower floor the responsibility of a few regimen departments and social agencies such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of National Unity and Social Development, Ministry of Rural Development and also several(prenominal) states departments (http//porta. unesco. org/education/en/ev. php-URL_ID=46167URL _DO=DO_TOPICURL_SECTION=201. html)Under the Child Care Centre Act 1985, there are 2 categories of child care centre, one being a home based childcare centre which takes in less than 10 children. The other being an institution based centre which caters for 10 or to a greater extent children (The Star, 24th March, 1996). The curriculum guidelines of pre-schools are guided by the Ministry of Education and it has to provide a holistic development of the child being in social skills, intellectual skills, physical skills and spiritual skills (www. unesco. org/wef/countryreports /malaysia/Rapport_1. html) which is in accordance to article 29 of the CRC (CRC, p.21) Due to the increasing sensation of the importance of early childhood education and also the gain in women joining the workforce, many private childcare centres have sprung up especially in the urba n areas. These centres are mostly run by the private sectors that cater to mostly working parents from the middle to exalted income families and they charge a fee for their services. For the poor or rural areas children, the pre school programs are run by the governance agencies and to a certain extent Non governing Organizations (NGOs). (http//unescodoc. unesco.org/images/0012/001279/127984e. pdf). The next area that Malaysia made changes to embrace the principles in the Convention is the healthcare policy. Child mortality in Malaysia has decreased significantly due to the effective healthcare programs that the government has implemented since the First Malaysia Plan 1996 (http//www. unicef. org/malaysia/ /children_4162. html). The most widely available health care service in Malaysia is public hospitals and for the rural community, there are over 1600 community health clinics (http//www. childpolicyintl. org/countries/Malaysia. html).Generally, children in Malaysia are provided with very comprehensive health services from vaccination to clean water supply and also sanitation. The government has taken steps to promote health programs to children in the rural areas integrating the promotion of health in its rural development strategies and programs. This is in accordance to Article 24 of the CRC where it states The child has the right to the highest standard of health and medical care attainable. Although Malaysia has taken various measures to improve its education system to embrace the CRC, sad to say that there are still children in Malaysia whoare deprived of the right to education. This is especially apparent in vulnerable groups like children from the indigenous populations and also children in the rural areas. The indigenous children in Sabah and Sarawak have very little entrance to education and the curriculum in government schools do not cater to them culturally. Also, Malaysia has upraised its reservation on Article 22 which guarantees the childs rights seeking refugees status in 1995 but until today, there have not been changes when it comes to undocumented children (New Sunday Times, June 25th 2006).Undocumented children basically mean children who are born in Malaysia to migrant parents. Children in this category are deprived of education due to fact that they are not even recognized as Malaysian citizen. Although children in Malaysia are rather well taken care of in terms of healthcare services, there are still children who do not have access to their basic needs like healthcare. These are children born to poor parents, sex workers, alcoholics and sex workers. (New Straits Times, p. 19).Also, with the join on in HIV/AIDS cases in Malaysia and many children and women from the rural areas are still complacent of this disease. A childs formative years are extremely important as it will affect their growth in the later years. If Malaysia sees the significance of its younger generation, the government should seriously look into its commitment to uphold the Convention guidelines Firstly, awareness amongst the community is extremely important if Malaysia seeks to promote equal opportunity in the early childcare settings.Government should take steps to promote awareness amongst the people in order to change their attitudes towards children and this can be done by including the CRC as part of the school curriculum (The Star, p. N47). Secondly, early childhood education should be made compulsory to all children in urban or rural areas and available to all children in regardless of their background as every child has the right to education. Curriculum for children below the age of four should also address the current issues like AID/HIV and sex education.Materials and books used in the early childhood education should contain pictures of the different ethnic group in Malaysia. Activities organized by the childcare centre should be diversified as this would promote respect of various cultures amongst the chi ldren. More importantly, the curriculum should be sensitive to children from various cultural backgrounds especially the indigenous group. After all, Malaysia takes pride in its diversity of culture. Teachers in the early childcare sector should be trained in gender studies and also human rights (http//www. europeanchildrensnetwork.org/resources/infoDetail. asp? ID =12592). As childcare practitioner, the attitude of the person is utmost important in making sure that children under their care is not being discriminated. They have to be fully aware of the childs rights in order for the child to grow up in a positive environment as it is damaging for the child development. A childs potential to learn and develop their full potential should not be limited by outrage (http//ferl. qia. org. uk/content_files/resources/organisations/caderdale_ council/sharon_chapman/equalops/prejandisc. htm).

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James Madison and his Contribution to Revolution Essay Example for Free

James Madison and his Contribution to Revolution EssayJames Madison vie a significant role in the American journey towards a constitutional government. He earned the record of becoming the father of the American constitution for defending it in the federalist cover, the system of government that replaced the Congress. His pen was a weapon of liberty and he was rightly chosen to write the Virginia Declaration of Rights. He identified the weaknesses of the articles of federation as a threat to the hard earned freedom and worked towards strengthening them. He wrote essays in the federalist papers and took part in critical debates in Richmond (Vile, Pederson Williams, 2008, p. vii viii). In the constitutional convention in Philadelphia in 1787, he spoke in favor of constitutional replacement, a strong central authority, and an extended Republic (Kauffman, 2). His name appeared in every major event of the history of American Revolution and in the adoption of constitution (McCoy , 1991, p. xii). He served the Federal Congress during the final phase of the war for liberty.He played a major role in rescuing both revolution and the constitution from the evils of monarchy in 1800. Among his contemporary men, he survived longer that he even led the aged survivors of the first revolution and their sons and daughters to the second war of independence against England (McCoy, 1991, p. xii). He worked with determination to end slavery in America (McCoy, 1991, p. 62). While working towards a productive Republic, he was thoughtful about the different interests and factions that prevailed in America. He wrote 29 of the 85 federalist papers (The American Revolution, 1).A new system of government, individual independence of the States, the authority of the Supreme, and a national executive were tout ensemble his own ideas which the people of America enjoy even today after 210 years (The American Revolution, 1). He warned France and Britain for seizing the American ship s and cited that they were acting against international law. According to Randolph, this protest had the effect of chilling pamphlet. After the British imprisonments of American seaman, Madison asked the Congress to declare war in 1812 (The American Revolution, 1).

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A View from the Bridge Essay Example for Free

A View from the bridge circuit EssayMarco is married and has got two children whilst Rodolfo is still single. When, both Catherine and Rodolfo see each different, it is almost bid respect at first site. Catherine uses flirtatious procedures to convey to the interview that she feels somewhat of him. When she starts using these actions, High heels Eddie does not like this and so sends her back to the room to get changed, Do me a favour, will you? Go ahead. This makes Catherine undergo plethora as Rodolfo was at the scene. I would take the audience to observe that both Catherine and Rodolfo moderate got feelings for each other and that Eddie is in the surroundings be jealous.Due to the relationship between Eddie and Catherine, Beatrices relationship is suffering as he is paying attention more towards Catherine thus Beatrice. Another crucial scene/ bit point in this bleed is when both, Rodolfo and Catherine are left unaccompanied in the apartment. Whilst in the room, Cath erine questions Rodolfo closely his motives, in which he is traumatized and was enquire if Eddie notion that too. This is because Eddie warns Catherine that he is after an Ameri stop citizenship. She asks him, Would you still want to do it if it turned out we had to go live in Italy His reaction was, No I will not marry you in Italy.I want to be a citizen. At this instant I would want the audience to become conscious(p) that Rodolfo wants to marry Catherine just to be an American Citizen and that they could change their minds later on. Catherine replies to this and says that she does not want to leave Eddie after what he has done for her (Eddie has treated her as a daughter and paid for her to go to extra classes of her interest after leaving high school. ) She makes it sound that Eddie was an ex-lover or ex-husband of her, You thinks its so easy to turn more or less and say to a man hes noting to you no more? As a manager I would want the audience to realize that Catherine i s aware that she needs to grow up as she gets advice from Beatrice saying, Beatrice says to be a woman. At this point Catherine gets aggravated as she makes it sound as if she has to choose between Rodolfo and Eddie, I k straightway him and now Im supposed to turn around and make a stranger out of him. She takes in mind what Beatrice suggested to her about being a woman which leads to her having sex with Rodolfo. This is a turning point to the audience and to Catherine.At this turning point I would want the audience to reconsider their views on Rodolfo about wanting to be an American citizen. No one would sleep with a woman and not wealthy person feelings for her. The light rises on Eddie. He enters the flat drunk and sees a glimpse of Catherine adjusting her dress and coming from the bedroom. At this particular moment, Eddie senses what the two have been up to. Rodolfo appears in the bedroom doorway. Eddie sees him and his arm jerks slightly in shock. He does this action as he w ants to hit Rodolfo as he knows what they have been up to and that he is jealous and cannot bear it.He can not handle that Catherine is taking responsible of her own life. When a pause appears, as a director I would want to create tension in the audience as the characters are all hiked up. unawares after the build up of tension, Eddie switches his actions and tells Rodolfo to Pack it up and Get out of here. Eddie gets dominant over Catherine by grabbing her and stopping her from following Rodolfo to her bedroom. She frees her arm, which indicates her rebelling against him and her wanting his approval.Eddie, at his point is jealous following what Rodolfo and Catherine have been up to and knows that he cannot have her. Soon after there is a sudden breakthrough of Eddies feelings as he, reaches out suddenly, draws her to him and as she strives to free himself he kisses her on the mouth. He kisses her to provoke Rodolfo and to see how she and he react. This all leads to violence in wh ich, Rodolfo flies at him in attack. At this point Eddie kisses Rodolfo to show Catherine he is gay and to show her that Rodolfo did not prevent this from happening.The last crucial scene in this play is the last scene where Eddie gets killed. This consequence was created when Eddie did a rattling unintelligent thing of phoning the immigration bureau to report the two misappropriated immigrants, Rodolfo and Marco. He then regrets phoning the bureau up and tells them to move as they moved with more illegal immigrants which had a very violent family. This way Rodolfo and Marco would not get caught and would remain safe whereas the other illegal immigrants wouldnt. Soon after they decided, they did not have enough time to move, as the officers came to pick Rodolfo and Marco up.Eddie had begged Beatrice to tell them to move and soon after, she had recognize what Eddie had done. She turned against Eddie and used harsh language against him, Hes a rat. At this time I would want my audi ence to turn against Eddie. This then lead to more violence of Eddie getting killed by Marco as he has suffered from his family being without food and money. I would want my audience to feel more sympathy for Marco rather than Rodolfo. The culture of this play is all in relation to a child who grassed his uncle to the immigration bureau seeing that he was an illegal immigrant.The kid was completely beaten up by his family and no-one wanted to know him after what he did. In an Italian family, the families need to be loyal to each other and if something goes wrong outside the family, the Sicilian company requires the law to be taken in hand and that justice should be done. I would want the audience to relate back to this during the last scene and keep this in mind as this is a break up of thing that Eddie had done but the consequences were much worse. If I was directing A View from the Bridge I would want my audience to see that there is a mixed relationship portrayed in this play.T his is because of the actions, talks and motives used between the two characters. Throughout the play, I would want the audience to change their views on what they thought of the character of Eddie as he did some good quality things however he also did steep things. The relationship between Eddie and Catherine would have never been further than an uncle and niece. Two relationships between, Eddie and Beatrice and Catherine and Rodolfo both got disturbed due to the actions undertaken by Eddie which affected the characters.I would want my audience to keep on re-evaluating their views on the relationship between Eddie and Catherine as this would make the play more interesting. Coming to the end of the play, the audience would have bring out that Eddie did have feelings for Beatrice as his last words were My lovely B. BY JULAN SHAH Show catch only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller sectio n.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Clause Essay Example for Free

Alternative junk Resolution (ADR) Clause EssayAll sorts of problems in the learning team that is not resolved in a certain amount of hours will come out the ADR. The problem established is in the learning team not following procedures regulations of the University of Phoenix. Other problems or situations that are personal in the learning team will not obligated be fixed through and through the Alternative Dispute Resolution. In my opinion there are two strategies of resolution through the ADR accomplish in the event of the dispute in Learning Team. One of these is the Arbitration and According to Legal Dictionary, The shrive Dictionary (2014), is a well-established and widely used means to end disputes. It is one of several kinds of Alternative Dispute Resolution, which provide parties to a controversy with a choice other than litigation.In the case that the situation on the learning team is not settled with the mediation due time, the arbitration clause will be applied and resolved. This type of resolution is applied for those who denied the mediation and unable to provide an agreement. Another strategies of resolutions through in the ADR process in the situation of problems in the Learning Team is the mediation. Team member with current or previous involvement in disputes are not able to intervene as arbitrator. According to San Diego flirt (2014), Mediation is a confidential, non-binding process in which a trained mediator facilitates communication between disputants and assists parties in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of all or part of their dispute.The mediator is not the decision-maker and does not resolve the dispute, the parties do. However a mediator is often able to more fully explore the parties underlying interests, needs and priorities (San Diego Court , 2014). The ADR Clause is a faster process and more effective that a litigation. Besides that the proper use of the ADR provides a better personal feeling with the way disput es are resolved. tint the ADR Clause in the Learning Team Charterbrings out more respect within the Team.

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Developing New Design Strategies Essay Example for Free

Developing New Design Strategies EssayThe ignorance of environmental determine/impacts that ar ranged from local to regional scales in the origination and tress processes, burdens the inconveniences of the contemporary living milieus. Locality bears limited values in terms of natural, fortify and cultural context that constantly shape the local identity throughout the ages. Exclusion of this set of values in the increase of the built environment, in conjunction with the consumer sharp-witted climaxes of global trends, is ended up with an unsatisfactory living milieu. In this respect, the lack of environmental and socio-cultural aspects especially in the building design is the vital issue behind the questioning of existing understanding towards the context and its products. As it is faced with the challenging global circumstances related to the destructive effects of human activity on the nature, the need for the perspective of crude cultures and traditions, which are actual within local natural context, becomes essential.Quick mentality to the Residential Developments of Cyprus Cyprus slang kept its consistent evolution and reserved its distinctive identity in the Mediterranean basin in spite of political fluctuations in its history (Hill). The interaction between migration, political flip and earthy distress is a process, which influences the culture of the Island all through the history. The vernacular computer architecture of Cyprus has always been influenced by the immigrant communities in time. These communities, who moved to or conquered Cyprus in several(predicate) periods, were entirely foreign and unfamiliar to this peeled context. Consequently, the preponderant vernacular architecture started to lose its peculiar values and distinct architectural characteristics according to this reciprocal interaction.Although, the vernacular house is constantly developed by the considerable alterations of its mass in the form of limited additions and subtractions for responding the changing lifestyle and immigrants demands in time, the general characteristics of the homespun house form is sustained (Numan and Dincyurek, I.112). Especially, after 1950s, the sustainability of the vernacular architectural identity is only limited to the conscious or unconscious conservation of the existing vernacular settings kind of of the perpetuation of the vernacular building activities. The impacts of Annan Plan and its Referenda for Re-unification of the Island, which was proposed and organized by General Secretary of UN in 2004, super influenced important features, including political, socio-cultural, and economical parameters, of the Island. Undoubtedly, the vernacular architecture of the Island implicitly affected from this important development (Dincyurek and Turker, 3385).Although, the reunification was non realized because of its rejection in the referenda by the majority in the Southern (Greek) region, the encouragi ng (opportunistic) atmosphere of this reunification and optimistic projection for the common future are kept before and after the referenda. This positive atmosphere deepen the growth of the look activities especially in the Northern (Turkish) region in terms of summer houses or second houses for the local people and foreign investors. After Annan Plan, the sudden increase in the hold developments particularly in Northern part is noniceable. Despite of this boom in construction activity, the format of this development send awaynot be considered as the improvement in the field because of the repetition of the ready-made design schemes, which are not related with the contextual realities.Besides the other reasons, the search for economically cheaper global trends in architecture (Turker and Pulhan), which can bring the most of the benefits for the recently weeed construction firms, can be stated as amongst the reasons to the construction activities, which are deviating from the quality and characteristics of the vernacular architecture. In brief, the recent caparison developments have no relation at all with the vernacular architecture of Cyprus. The Search in Understanding the Association between Cyprus Vernacular and legitimate Architectural Developments Many scholars stated the different links between vernacular building traditions and current architectural developments (Asquith and Vellinga Oliver Warren, Worthington and Taylor). Rapoport attracts the aid of the researchers to four main points on the issue mainly, the ignorance of the vernacular context the acceptance of vernacular but no attempt for getting useful lessons the copy of the vernacular settings and the use to get lessons and applied to the new design (55).According to our investigations, similar series of attitudes can be observed in the interpretation of vernacular architecture of Cyprus. These are To send packing the presence of vernacular totally To imitate the whole form of ve rnacular To establish an connector with the vernacular To interpret and to get valuable lessons from the vernacular building heritage. In general, the vernacular architecture is a course that is generated by local values and needs, environmental necessities and availabilities, and continuously changing impacts. It is an evolving process which is regulate by trial and errors. It is likewise influenced by the local and regional constraints. This process does not deny the collection of the building tradition of the past. Furthermore, it may adapt itself to the changing parameters of the context. The conscious and unconscious responses are quite powerful on this kind of evolution. There is no place for direct interference to this process.These general characteristics of vernacular architecture can be observed in Cyprus vernacular as well until 1950s. The process of Cyprus vernacular architecture suddenly stopped by the rapid introduction of the new modern lifestyle and its require ments to the Island, especially in the second quarter of the 20th century (qtd. in Schaar, et al.). The vernacular building tradition could not put itself to these significant changes in the way of life and building activities. After this interference to the vernacular building process, different approaches and attitudes can be recoverd in the built environment of Cyprus, which are mentioned in the above lines. a. To ignore the presence of vernacular totally The penetration of almost similar houses, which are the repetitive products of the modern trends, into the vernacular environments is extensively developed in the Island. The realm of high-style or grandiose architecture and its necessities are familiarized in both urban and rural areas of Cyprus ( count on 1a).In some examples, the harmonization of the stylistic understanding of modern architecture and the local needs is developed (Figure 1b). On one hand, these limited examples are providing correct answers to the response o f the contextual needs by considering modern lifestyle and technological advancement. On the other hand, the majority of the recently built architectural examples exhibits the repetition of the unsatisfactory and insufficient architectural, morphological and constructional solutions, which do not correspond with the realities of modern lifestyle, new building materials, techniques and technologies (Figure 1c).b. To imitate the whole form of vernacular In the new building design, the approach of write or imitating the whole form of vernacular houses is rarely encountered in Cyprus. However particularly in the rural areas of Cyprus, only a negligible number of examples, which are totally copied or imitated from vernacular house by the handed-down builders has seen. The rarity in this kind of examples is due to the adaptation of the new modern lifestyles by the natives and also the formal unfamiliarity of the immigrants of the Island. On the other hand, the exceptional examples of t he imitation of existing forms cannot verify the efficiently continuation of the vernacular building tradition.a. Grandiose attitude of domestic architectureb. Synthesis of modernist lines with local realmsc. Unfamiliar approach to the contextFigure 1. Different design attempts in modern residential architecture of Cyprus c. To establish an knowledge with the vernacular The design attitude of conscious or unconscious establishment of association with the vernacular in the new design is extensively practiced in the recent building activities of the Island. However, it is not an attempt to completely copy the existing form. Without understanding the vernacular building tradition, the examples of this approach show signs of either too sentimentalist or superficial attempt of an architect. Instead of identifying all aspects, which generate the vernacular building tradition, only a couple of(prenominal) design parameters, or considerations, or architectural elements of vernacular bui lding are particularly emphasized in this approach. In general, the architectural elements or spatial formations are repetitively used in the recent ho development developments without considering their genuine reasons and usages in the vernacular building tradition.According to the varying emphasis of establishing an association with the vernacular, different concepts and attempts are noticed. c.1. Making association with the vernacular through the senses In some examples, the design is mainly found on the reference to the memories of the past spatial experiences. In other examples, it is also possible to establish an association with vernacular either by emphasizing the sense of place/building or by the repeating of the shared images of vernacular in the new design. One of the examples is extremely remarkable. The architect (who he is also the owner) achieved an association with the vernacular in his new house by recalling the past experiences based on vernacular forms, shapes, and space. This example is not indicating a particular house type of Cyprus vernacular.With a romantic/passionate approach, the formations of space are based on the possible resemblances of his past spatial experiences, whereas he is forced to leave his own house in his childhood because of the bi-communal conflicts. However, the reconstruction of a house form, which is existing in the memories, in some other place really does not meet the realms of new context but only fulfilling the sense of identity and belonging. Instead of using earth as available local building material, and adobe as locally accepted construction system, the architect preferred to use stone as material and bearing wall as structural system for achieving the rebirth of his dreams in an existing vernacular house.Therefore, the aim for the sense of belonging is experienced. (Figure 2) c.2. Making association with the vernacular through the building materials and construction techniques Besides, the formal, visu al and textural peculiarities of the traditional building material and construction techniques, which overhaul to constitute a vernacular image in the new projects, they are still preferred in some of recently built houses because of their environmental, especially climatic performances. The stone wall construction, where the local material is available, is wide used with the purpose of achieving micro climate in the interior spaces.Figure 2. The house example which was developed based on recalls of past spatial experiences To create an accentuation in the similar pattern is another reason for the usage of traditional building material and methods in the recently developed areas (Figure 3). Stone as a construction material is selected and applied especially in some parts of the typical reinforced concrete frame buildings. Sometimes, it is possible to observe the re-use of old building materials, or existing structural/architectural members in the new constructions. This harmful att itude of professionals accelerates the destruction of vernacular houses and settings in sake of gaining unethical profits.Figure 3. Traditional materials were used in this example to make accentuation in the context c.3. Making association with the vernacular through the use of building elements The building elements, which form the essential components of vernacular architecture, are ordinarily used in the new buildings. The formation of significant building elements of vernacular such as arch, arcade, internal or outer hall, is realized in the recent building developments by using either traditional or contemporary building materials and its techniques. However, in these examples, where they convey particular building elements of the vernacular form, it is possible to notice the repetition of common mistakes in terms of environmental, architectural, structural or functional aspects. federal agency and orientation Position and orientation decisions of the house and its componen ts, are important design concerns in the vernacular architecture of Cyprus.

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Louise Bourgeois Essay Example for Free

Louise businessperson EssayMuch fuck be learned from the environment within which we put up. What we see tells a lot about the society in which we live belief system politics economic undertakings kinship and material culture among others. Through material culture, we put forward get insight into the world that existed long before us. Culture can be defined as the way of life of people depicting their shared experiences, political and spiritual beliefs, technology, insights, attitudes, and material objects. (Li Karakowsky)The sublime can be defined as the priced greatness or vast intensity in terms of biological, moral, mental, metaphysical, beauty, imposture or religion. rarified is experienced over and over. It is embedded in our history, being, values, thoughts, concepts, world views, beliefs, and is responsible for our personalities (Bernadac 2007 p20) Main bole One of Americas renowned contrivanceist and sculptor, Louise Bourgeois, managed to capture the American Sublime through her dainty undertaking.She was born in Paris, France in December 25, 1911 but traveled to America in 1938 to perfect her fine endeavor. She studied mathematics at the Sorbonne, and painting and sculpture in Ecole du Louvre, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, and Art Students League of new-made York. She worked as an assistant to Fernand Henri Leger- a French sculptor, painter, and film striver. She is popular for her work that depicts spiders, sculptures, drawings and literary work (National aim of Canada 2005 p16).As a way of depicting the society in which she was living, Bourgeois work is full of inanimate images of horrifying fear, ghosts, darkness, tortured people, and disabling mental illness to attempt to get at the source of these emotions and to bear upon normality even in times of chaos. Her works helped depict the intellectual climate, social and historical conditions that existed then. (Gorovoy et al 2006 pp 27 -28) She captured the effects of the First World Wa r through carving limbless sculptures and detached limbs and had most of his paintings and sculptures painted black to depict death and mourning, (Gorovoy et al 2006 p 24) e. g. the two headless fabric bodies attempting to make love shown below.She depicts the revolution of the western politics, largely constructivism, through posters that expressed sympathy towards the Russian regime which she displayed in Moscow. The Tate Modern exhibition catalogue indicates her inclination towards Communism. Bourgeois made abstract art pieces that reflected on her puerility experiences showing how relationships within the family were entwined together thus bringing in the aspect of kinship, socialization and acculturation.This depicts how her art gives us insight to how children were brought up back then. (Lippard 2003 pp 9-10) Her Femme Maison and Fallen woman series introduced the aspect of liberation of women. They depicted a female struggling to outgrow some house standardised structures wi thin which she is trapped that is attempting to outgrow the masculinity into which the women were entrapped. She depicts a rebellion against the negative masculinity through her work, The Destruction of a Father, in which rock figures sidestep a sacrificial slab full of butchered body parts. ThusIt has been suggested that her sculpture, The Blind Leading the Blind, has a religious connotation. fit to Desmond Michael and Lloyd Michael (1870-1970) Bourgeois, inspired by the Cold War, made this sculpture and that the title was picked from the cutting Testament verse (Matthew 1514) that describes how a blind man leading another blind man would end up in a ditch. The structure is shown below (Bernadac 2007) Bourgeois contribution to the American Sublime is best captured in New Yorks Guggenheim Museum, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and Londons Tate Modern with their massive collection of her art work.In conclusion, the American Sublime has been captured through art in poetry, carvings , paintings, songs, books, and which take us back to the origins of the cultures of past American societies. Just like the origins of the American sublime can be traced through studying works of art, similarly, so can we sympathize much about its revolution from the contemporary art works. Louise Bourgeois has managed to get this through her sculptures, drawings and works of art reflecting abstract as well as tangible aspects of living that relate to feelings, political standing, material culture, religious inclination, beliefs and kinship.References Bernadac, M (2007) Louise Bourgeois Rizzoli International North America pp 18 24 Gorovoy, J. , Carver R. Read C. (2006) Louise Bourgeois Bellport Press University of Michigan pp 21-35 Lippard R (2003) Overlay contemporary art and the art of prehistory Pantheon Books NY pp 7-16 National header of Canada (2005) Louise Bourgeois Maman National Gallery Canada press pp 14-17

Computer education Essay Example for Free

Computer education stressComputer education is two sides of a coin, there are several advantages and disadvantages which are listed belowAdvantages1. nurture is available at the click of a button, the internet is real useful and gives a huge concur to the teacher to enhance her curriculum 2. The students themselves provoke learn a lot about the topics taught in household through the internet 3. Children find the lessons interesting since teachers have access to a vast pool of information. 4. Children merchant ship submit homework etc via computer, thus saving of time 5. Saves a lot of stati unitaryry, paper wastage is minimal since students can submit their projects via computer. 6. Also, today everywhere a computer is used children become computer savvy and split prepared to face the world.Disadvantages1. Computer tends to make the children lazy, reason being that a computer is a one stop shop. Everything is available at a click of a button, they do not have to strive to collect information. 2. Children lose their index finger the think since just by putting in one intelligence activity on the search engine a whole treasure of information opens up, everything is available without trying very hard, children lose their imagination power and ingenuity. 3. Children do not have to learn spellings, calculation, tables they become totally hooked on computers and their skills for memorising, application, quick thinking are not developed.4. A computer is a very coldness way of teaching, earlier detain examples and objects were used which were far more exciting, we could touch, smell objects like earlier if a teacher wanted to teach about an orange a live orange was brought and shown, today everything is shown via power point presentations on screen which does not have the same effect on children, since a live thing is so much more exciting. 5. Children lose touch with the real world and live in a virtual world which is not good. 6. Children become lo ners, lose friends, since all the time they are stuck to the computers 7. They do not sleep on time since chatting, emailing,

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The Indian Removal Period Essay Example for Free

The Indian Removal Period EssayThe Indian removal period, just like the just and lawful wars fought against native peoples, was yet another attempt to acquire ample wealth and spot over the American territories. Although this was much humane than the eradication of Indian populations, the removal in itself, both as a legal concept and its implementation, is debatable. It is unfair to take a right smart or hold back the Indians right to their property, as well as their way of life.The implementation of the Indian removal was based on fraudulent and fabricated assumptions and assertions regarding the tribes. It was baseless, and it steps on the culture and the traditions of the Indian tribes. The Indian removal was a way for the U. S. politics to anchor the accomplishment of their goals for expansion and acquisition of natural wealth and resources, mostly concentrated in Indian territories. Moreover, Americans used the Indians as slaves, without some of them even knowing it. This is mainly due to the Indians loss of power to decide freely, for they were only given choices, and both were agreeable to the U. S. government. The Indian removal was implemented by the U. S. government because it is less risky when it comes to considering the predisposition of uprising. Perhaps the Americans wanted to avoid aggressive and forceful reactions from the Indian tribes therefore, they initiated treaties with the tribes.The Indian population would also serve them purpose in order to achieve their goals, in terms of apprehend and labor. The Indian removal was successful in its efforts because most of the lands and territories were yielded to the government. Although the land and territorial exchange also provided for the demands of the tribe members, the result of the trade was more agreeable to the Americans because it paved way to the realization of their goals and objectives.For the Indians, the Indian removal hail them their land, their culture, and their identi ty. Indians who agreed to join the government suffered greatly as slaves or laborers without being provided rightful compensation. They were stripped get through their right to become a valuable, notable, and contributory part of society. For those who entered the Indian country, they were not recognized nor respected as landowners. Either way, the Indians were cheated, persecuted, and tormented by the U. S. government.

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Effectiveness and Efficiency of Distribution Channels In FMCG

Effectiveness and Efficiency of diffusion melodic lines In FMCGFast Moving Consumer Goods commonly know FMCG is as the name suggests is the well-nigh demanded crossings in the mart. It admits everything from food items exchangeable flour, biscuits, ice creams, etc to body products soaps, instance creams to cig argonttes to beverages, etc. consumers look at these things in their everyday life so they investsa good portion of in that respect income in these things. There atomic number 18 so m slightly(prenominal) companies which atomic number 18 relations in FMCG products like HUL, Dabur, Cavin Cargon, AMUL dealing in dairy products, etc. By the vary temperament of the product the companies be seeing this as a great source of income. As tumid number of companies are looking this vault of heaven as a makeable venture, so for sustaining in that respect position and gain new trade they concur to stupefy some(prenominal) thing unique in their products or services to gain position in the market or to sustain there.In modern business dispersal net subject field has a great disturb on the success of every business. In the FMCG segment the role of a excellent diffusion enchant becomes even more crucial because the delivery of FMCG Product is conmulctd to day to day basic. Hence in order to survive and thrive in a spunkyly agonistical market you soak up to birth a distribution take everyplace which has no problem at any point of the distribution broadcast.The train out which is of crucial importance to survive in any business is the understanding of the mind of the individual consumers. What are main characteristics which consumer consider while making a purchasing decision regarding FMCG Product.In order to strive mightily decision regarding all these aspects the accompany requires a complete knowledge of the problems faced in distribution channel and what should be d cardinal in order to overcome all these problems. divulge inf rastructure facilities al first base for improve their supply chain. FMCG sector is too likely to benefit from growing demand in the market. Because of the pathetic per capita consumption for almost all the products in the country, FMCG companies acquit immense possibilities for growth. And if the companies are able to change the mind-set of the consumers, i.e. if they are able to take the consumers to branded products and turn new generation products, they would be able to get down uplifteder growth in the near future.Table of ContentsIntroductionA Distribution Channel is a set of interdependent organizations (intermediaries) involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer or business user.Channel decisions are among the most important decisions that management faces and go away selectly affect every new(prenominal) marketing decision.Functions of Distribution Channel exclusively use up Up Scarce Resources only May Often Be Performed Better Through SpecializationAll Can Often Be Shifted Among Channel MembersTypes of Distribution ChannelA channel of distribution or trade channel is the path or route on which goods keep from manufacturing businesss to ultimate consumers or industrial users. In other words, it is the distribution network through which a producer puts his product in the hands of actual users. The channel of distribution acknowledges the original producer, the final bribeer and any middlemen-either whole barterr or seller. The term middleman refers to any institution or individual in the channel which either acquires title to the goods or negotiates or sells in the capacity of an means or broker. nonwithstanding facilitating agencies that commit or assist in marketing function are not included as middlemen in the channel of distribution.This is because they neither acquire title to the goods nor negotiate purchase or sale. Such facilitating agencies include affirms, rai lways, roadways, warehouses, redress companies, advertising agencies, etc.The following diagram (chart) is illustrative of the channel of distribution which whitethorn exist in a marketThe above chart indicates that the number of middlemen may vary. If there is direct sale by the produce to the consumers and then there is no middleman. But that is very rare. As the chart shows the producer may sell goods to retailer who may then sell the very(prenominal) to consumers. The producer may sell goods to wholesalers who may inturn sell to retailers and the retailer may sell to consumers. The fourth alternative channel of distribution is when any agent/ corpus intervenes between the producer and retailers and acts as a middlemen. The agent is appointed by the producer for the sale of goods to the retailers. Another alternative channel is there when producers agent sells goods to wholesalers who sell to retailers. Agent/dealer is an independent somebody/firm buyinggoods and change th em to retailers. Agent/dealer may also sell to wholesalers who may then sell to retailers and goods are thus make available to consumers. In the channel of distribution there may be more than one agent/dealer and wholesaler.A brief explanation of different convey of distribution is given belowManufacturer Customer This is also cognise as direct selling because no middlemen are involved. A producer may sell flat through his own retail stores, for example, Bata. This is the simplest and the wretchedest channel. It is fast and economicalal. minor(ip) producers and producers of perishable commodities also sell without delay to the local consumers. Big firms adopt direct selling in order to cut distribution cost and because they have sufficient facilities to sell directly to the consumers. The producer or the entrepreneur himself carry throughs all the marketing activities.Manufacturer retail merchantCustomer This is one tip distribution channel having one middleman, i.e., re tailer. In this channel, the producer sells to boastful retailers like de trigger offmental stores and chain stores who in turn sell to customer. This channel is very popular in the distribution of consumer durables such as refrigerators, T V sets, washing machines, character referencewriters, etc. This channel of distribution is very popular these days because of effect of departmental stores, super markets and other big retail stores. The retailers purchase in enlarged quantities from the producer and perform certain marketing activities in order to sell the product to the ultimate consumers.Manufacturer WholesalerRetailerCustomer This is the traditional channel of distribution. There are two middlemen in this channel of distribution, namely, wholesaler and retailer. This channel is most suitable for the products with capaciously scattered market. It is employ in the distribution of consumer products like groceries, drugs, cosmetics, etc. It is sort of suitable for small sc ale producers whose product line is narrow and who require the expert services and promotional support of wholesalers.Selection Criteria of a Distribution Channel patch selecting a distribution channel, the entrepreneur should comparability the costs, sales intensity and profits expected from alternative channels of distribution. In order to select the right channel for distributing his product, a small-scale shaper should keep in mind the following considerationsMarket Considerations The nature of the market is a key factor influencing the choice of channels of distribution. The following features of the market should be considered to find the channelsConsumer or Industrial Market If the product is meant for industrial users, the channel of distribution forget be a short one. This is because industrial users buy in a large quantity and the producer bottom of the inning easily establish a direct contact with them. But in case for goods meant for consumers, retailers may have t o be included in the channels of distribution.Number and location of buyers When the number of capability customers is small or the market is geographically located in a limited area, direct selling is easy and economical. In case of large number of customers, use of wholesalers and retailers becomes necessary.Size of order Direct selling is convenient and economical where customers place order in big push-down lists as in case of industrial goods. But where the product is sold in small quantities, middlemen are used to distribute such products. A manufacturer may use different channels for different types of buyers. He may sell directly to big retail stores and may use wholesalers to sell to small retailers.Customers buying habits The customer buying habits like the snip he is willing to spend, the desire for credit, the preference of personal attention and one stop shopping signifi deliverly affect the choice of distribution channels.Product Considerations The type and nature o f the product influence the number and type of middlemen to be chosen for distributing the product. The important factors with respect to the product are as followsUnit value Products of low unit value and common use are generally sold through middlemen, as they butt endnot bear the cost of direct selling. On the other hand, expensive consumer goods and industrial products are sold directly by the producers.Perishability Perishable products like vegetables, fruits and bakery items have relatively short channels, as they finishnot withstand repeated handling. Goods, which are subject to frequent changes in fashion and style, are generally distributed through short channels, as the producer has to maintain close and continuous touch with the market.Bulk and weight Heavy and bulky products are distributed directly to minimize handling costs. Coal, bricks, stones, etc., are some examples.Standardisation Custom-made and non-standardised products usually pass through short channels ref erable to the need for direct contact between the producer and the consumers. Standardized and mass-made goods green goddess be distributed through middlemen.Technical nature Industrial products requiring demonstration, installation and aftersale service are often sold directly. The consumer products of expert nature are generally sold through retailers.Product line An entrepreneur producing a spacious-eyed range of products may find it economical to set up its own retail outlets. On the other hand, firms with one or two products find it profitable to distribute through wholesalers and retailers.Age of the product A new product needs greater promotional effort and few middlemen may like to cope it. As the product gains acceptance in the market, more middlemen may be employed for its distribution.Middlemen Considerations The cost and power of distribution depend largely upon the nature and type of middlemen as given in the following factors handiness When middlemen as desired ar e not available, an entrepreneur may have to establish his own distribution network. Non-availability of middlemen may arise when they are handling com front-runneritive products, as they do not like to cover up more brands.Attitudes Middlemen who do not like a firms marketing policies may refuse to handle its products. For instance, some wholesalers and retailers demand sole selling rights or a guarantee against fall in prices.Services Use of those middlemen is profitable who provide financing, storage, promotion and aftersale services.Sale Potential An entrepreneur generally prefers a dealer who offers the great potential volume of sales.Costs Choice of a channel should be made after burnvas the costs of distribution through alternative channels.Company Considerations The nature, size and objectives of the business firm also picnic an important role in the selection of distribution channel. It includes financial resources, marketstanding, volume of production, desire for sta mp down of channel, services provided by manufacturers, etc. For example a company with substantial financial resources need not rely in like manner much on the middlemen and can afford to reduce the levels of distribution. Similarly a company desiring to exercise greater control over channel will prefer a shorter channel.After deciding the number of middlemen, an entrepreneur has to select the particular dealers through whom he will distribute his products. While selecting a particular wholesaler or retailer, the following factors should be taken into considerationa. Location of dealers business expositb. Financial position and credit standing of the dealerc. Knowledge and experience of the dealerd. Storage and saleroom facilities of the dealere. Ability of the dealer to secure adequate business and to cover the marketf. Capacity of the dealer to provide aftersale serviceg. General reputation of the dealer and his sales forceh. Willingness of the dealer to handle the entrepreneu rs productsi. full stop of co-operation and promotion service he is willing to providej. Nature of other products, if any handled by the dealer. destiny for Distribution ChannelWhy are all these layers needed in distribution ? Why cant a producer simply sell to a retailer, who sells to a consumer? Its a fair question, and in some cases, that is exactly how it happens. But the fact is that many producers are either too small or too large to handle all the necessary functions themselves to gettheir products to market.Consider the small, specialty manufacturer who is terrific at making fine leather handbags but may not have the expertise to market its products as wellspring as it makes them, or they may not have the funds to hire a police squad of full-time salespeople to court the customers and secure the orders. An intercessorwho works for several small, noncompeting firms can easily handle those functions cost-effectively. An intermediary who specializes in importing and export ing can handle the intricacies of customs paperwork, overseas shipping, and foreign markets, too.Conversely, large companies need intermediaries because they are also in the business of manufacturing, not marketing. Turning out tens of thousands of cases of salving drinks, for instance, do you sound off Pepsi has time to take and fill individual orders from households? Channel members like wholesalers and retailersare useful because they are top hat at specific aspects of sales in their markets, leaving the manufacturers to do what they do best-which is turn out the best possible product.Having a distribution channel breaks the whole buying and selling process and all its colligate negotiations into manageable tasks, each performed by companies that specialize in certain skills. Using an import wholesaler, for example, can be handy because they know the laws and customs of the suppliers nations and they generally offer their own lines of credit so the retailer rule have to dea l with currency exchange or negotiate payment terms with a bank in another country.Another advantage of the distribution channel is its ability to even out the pictorial ebbs and flows of a supply chain. This comes from the ability of some channel members to store excess goods until they are needed, and to stockpile goods in anticipation of seasonal sales peaks. Depending on how close their relationships, channel members may also work together to purchase goods or services in greater quantity at discounts, passing the savings on to customers.Even for consumers, the distribution chain is handy-beyond handy, in fact It has become a necessity in our society. What if there were no supermarkets, for instance? Can you imagine how much more time and money you would spend having to buy every item at its source? How practical would it be to run out to the nearest promote to pick up a quart of milk and some salad ingredients on your way home from work?FMCG SectorOverviewFMCG is an acronym forFast Moving Consumer Goods, which refer to things that we buy from local supermarkets on daily undercoat, the things that have high turnover and are relatively cheaper. Products which have a quick turnover, and relatively low cost are known as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). FMCG products are those that get replaced within a year. Examples of FMCG generally include a wide range of frequently purchased consumer products such as toiletries, soap, cosmetics, tooth cleaning products, shaving products and detergents, as well as other non-durables such as glassware, bulbs, batteries, paper products, and plastic goods. FMCG may also include pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, case food products, soft drinks, tissue paper, and chocolate bars.A subset of FMCGs is Fast Moving Consumer Electronics which include innovative electronic products such as mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS Systems and Laptops. These are replaced more frequently than other electronic products . ashen goods in FMCG refer to household electronic items such as Refrigerators, T.Vs, Music Systems, etc.These types of goods are needful frequently by consumers and so a large part of the monthly salary or income will be spent on buying all the goods listed on the consumers shopping list. New players keep join the FMCG circles but find the going tough unless they have a well planned strategy a massive with large cash reserves for their product promotion. A particular FMCG company might be a strong urban market leader, but will still find it tough to enter the outlandish markets or a new Indian state or area.Although FMCG companies generate a large volume of sales and money, they are always under pressure as they keep facing a lot of competition from their fellow competitors. Due to this, the FMCG companies try to do their level best in maintaining a fine balance in their profits and the product price. Thus they keep facing new gainsays on their margins month after month.One o f the key factors for an FMCG company to do well is a proper distribution network. If a distribution network of a particular FMCG company is well oiled, then that particular FMCG Company will definitely find the going much easier in the market. But companies have to allot a large chunk of their finances in developing and fine tuning their distribution networks.The promotion of a product of an FMCG company too is considered very crucial for its success. The market has many players. Every FMCG company has to fight for its blank s abuse and audience in the Indian market. Thus, when a multinational company enters the Indian market, it creates an even bigger challenge to the existing players on the FMCG scene. If the promotion is done well, then the manufacturing of the product can even be outsourced. This can save valuable finance for a company. This in turn will help the company to utilize their energies on other aspects of their product. Some of the top players on the FMCG scene in India are Hindustan Unilever Ltd., ITC (Indian Tobacco Company), Nestl India and Dabur India.So, we can say that FMCG are the products which are change quickly at relatively low costSold in large quantitiesHave low absolute profit but high cumulative profitSector PerformanceFMCG is one of the few sectors that has been unscratched and has shown consistent growth despite economic recession and this can be proved by some of the leading magazines articles likeAccording to Business Standard-FMCG resilient to the economic slowdown and dip in consumer sentiment.According to Economic times it is one of the very few sectors undergoing MA in recent times.Economic times also comment that Indian rural market in untapped and unpenetrated.The growth in this sector is also evident from the fact that many FMCG companies are cooking to foray into West Asia, South Africa and Egypt.FMCG industryprovides a wide range of consumables and accordingly the amount of money circulated against FMCG products i s also very high. The competition among FMCG manufacturers is also growing and as a result of this, investment in FMCG industry is also increasing, specifically in India, where FMCG industry is regarded as the fourth largest sector with total market size of US$13.1 billion. FMCG Sector in India is estimated to grow 60% by 2010. FMCG industry is regarded as the largest sector in New Zealand which accounts for 5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).Some of the merits of FMCG industry, which made this industry as a potential one are low operational cost, strong distribution networks, presence of renowned FMCG companies. Population growth is another factor which is responsible behind the success of this industry.Some of the well known FMCG companies are Sara LeeNestlReckitt BenckiserUnileverProcter GambleCoca-ColaCarlsbergKleenexGeneral MillsPepsiMars etc.FMCG industrycreates a wide range of job opportunities. This industry is a stable, diverse, challenging and high profile industry provi ding a wide range of job categories like sales, supply chain, finance, marketing, operations, purchasing, human resources, product nurture, and general management.Indian FMCG SectorFMCG is the fourth largest sector in the Indian Economy with a total market size of Rs. 60,000 crores. FMCG sector generates 5% of total factory employment in the country and is creating employment for three million people, especially in small towns and rural India.The FMCG sector in India is a sector which is dominated by a high level competition between all the players. This particular sector includes MNCs as well as local Indian companies. Certain companies are leaders in a particular state or area. While some of the companies are very strong in the rural areas compared to the urban areas. Some of the most decent companies in the FMCG sector are Hindustan Unilever Ltd., ITC (Indian Tobacco Company), Nestl India, GCMMF (AMUL), Dabur India, Asiatic Paints (India), Cadbury India, Britannia Industries, Procter Gamble Hygiene and Health Care and Marico Industries. All these companies have a proper distribution network along with proper product promotion tools which have helped them to regularly increase their sales and visibility on the Indian scene.Well-established distribution networks, as well as intense competition between the organised and unorganised segments are the characteristics of this sector. FMCG in India has a strong and competitive MNC presence across the entire value chain. It has been predicted that the FMCG market will reach to US$ 33.4 billion in 2015 from US $ billion 11.6 in 2003. The middle class and the rural segments of the Indian population are the most promising market for FMCG, and give brand makers the opportunity to convert them to branded products. Most of the product categories like jams, toothpaste, skin disturbance, shampoos, etc, in India, have low per capita consumption as well as low brainwave level, but the potential for growth is huge.The In dian Economy is surging ahead by leaps and bounds, keeping pace with rapid urbanization, increased literacy levels, and rising per capita income.The big firms are growing bigger and small-time companies are detection up as well. According to the reputation conducted by AC Nielsen, 62 of the top 100 brands are owned by MNCs, and the balance by Indian companies. Fifteen companies own these 62 brands, and 27 of these are owned by Hindustan Lever. Pepsi is at number three followed by Thums Up. Britannia takes the fifth place, followed by Colgate (6), Nirma (7), Coca-Cola (8) and Parle (9). These are figures the soft drink and cigarette companies have always shied away from revealing. Personal trouble, cigarettes, and soft drinks are the three biggest categories in FMCG. Between them, they account for 35 of the top 100 brands.Hindustan Unilever Limited has been operating in India from a long time. They are Indias largest FMCG Company and are also one of Indias largest exporters. The l ist of their popular products is a very large one. Some of their popular products are Lifebuoy, Rexona, Lux, Liril, Lipton Tea, Brooke Bond Tea, Bru Coffee, Pepsodent, Surf, Rin, Wheel Laundry Detergent and Kissan. The company has an excellent research centre which was established in 1958 and has a strong team of highly qualified scientists. Recently they have launched new projects like Ayush Ayurvedic Products Services and Pureit Water Purifiers.ITC which was set up in 1910 in India was earlier known as Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. ITC has a vast presence in wide pasture of products and some of them are greeting cards, cigarettes, paperboards, packaging, branded apparel, foods confectionery and FMCG products. ITC has proved its worth by being one of Indias biggest foreign exchange earners. Although it already has many leading products from a long time, it is recently wooing over successfully new customers in its businesses of branded apparel, packaged foods confe ctionery and greeting cards stationery.Nestl first made its presence in India in 1912. It has always managed to get itself listed in Indias Most Respected Companies. This has been possible due to its practice of producing products of a global standard in India. It has also been able to provide customer felicity to the consumers of its products.The success of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) has proved that a cooperative too can grow into a top class company if it is backed by proper vision, hard work and a quality product. This has helped it to become the largest food product marketing organization in India. Some of its popular products are Amul Ice cream, Amul Milk, Amul Butter, Amul Shrikhand, Amul Milk Powder, Amul Ghee and Amul Cheese.Thus the above four examples show a variety of factors which are responsible for turning a company into a leading FMCG company.The top 10 companies in India are as followsThe FMCG sector can be sub classified intoPersonal Car e The personal dispense category has the largest number of brands, i.e., 21, inclusive of Lux, Lifebuoy, Fair and Lovely, Vicks, and Ponds. There are 11 HLL brands in the 21, aggregating Rs. 3,799 crore or 54% of the personal care category. Cigarettes account for 17% of the top 100 FMCG sales, and just below the personal care category. ITC alone accounts for 60% volume market share and 70% by value of all separate cigarettes in India.Foods The foods category in FMCG is gaining popularity with a swing of launches by HLL, ITC, Godrej, and others. This category has 18 major brands, aggregating Rs. 4,637 crore. approach and Amul slug it out in the powders segment. The food category has also seen innovations like softies in ice creams, chapattis by HLL, ready to eat rice by HLL and pizzas by both GCMMF and Godrej Pillsbury. This category seems to have faster development than the stagnating personal care category. Amul, Indias largest foods company, has a good presence in the food cate gory with its ice-creams, curd, milk, butter, cheese, and so on. Britannia also ranks in the top 100 FMCG brands, dominates the biscuits category and has launched a series of products at various prices.Household care In the household care category (like mosquito repellents), Godrej and Reckitt are two players. Goodknight from Godrej, is worth above Rs 217 crore, followed by Reckitts Mortein at Rs 149 crore. In the shampoo category, HLLs Clinic and Sunsilk make it to the top 100, although PGs Head and Shoulders and Pantene are also trying hard to be positioned on top. Clinic is nearly double the size of Sunsilk.Herbal care Dabur is among the top five FMCG companies in India and is a herbal specialist. With a turnover of Rs. 19 billion (approx. US$ 420 million) in 2005-2006, Dabur has brands like Dabur Amla, Dabur Chyawanprash, Vatika, Hajmola and Real.Paint Asian Paints is enjoying a formidable presence in the Indian sub-continent, Southeast Asia, Far East, Middle East, South Pacific , Caribbean, Africa and Europe. Asian Paints is Indias largest paint company, with a turnover of Rs.22.6 billion (around USD 513 million). Forbes Global magazine, USA, ranked Asian Paints among the 200 Best Small Companies in the WorldChocolates/Confectionary Cadbury India is the market leader in the chocolate confectionery market with a 70% market share and is ranked number two in the total food drinks market. Its popular brands include Cadburys Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Eclairs, and Gems. The Rs.15.6 billion (USD 380 Million) Marico is a leading Indian group in consumer products and services in the Global Beauty and Wellness space.Outlook for FMCG SectorThere is a huge growth potential for all the FMCG companies as the per capita consumption of almost all products in the country is amongst the lowest in the world. once more the demand or prospect could be increased further if these companies can change the consumers mindset and offer new generation products. Earlier, Indian consumers we re using non-branded apparel, but today, clothes of different brands are available and the same consumers are willing to pay more for branded quality clothes. Its the quality, promotion and innovation of products, which can chock up many sectors.MethodologyExploratory researchThe exploratory research design is appropriate for any any problems in which a very little knowledge is available. An Exploratory study is in the nature of a preliminary phase and is absolutely essential in order to obtain a proper commentary of problem in hand. So it is helpful in breaking broad and vague problems into smaller, more very(prenominal) sub problem statements, hopefully, in the form of specific hypothesis.In this study the exploratory research has been used to frame structure questionnaires, individuals with knowledge and ideas have been interviewed to get the idea to frame structure questionnaire. A part from books and journals has been used to gather instruction about the insurance and the i nsurance industry.Data CollectionIn this study internal and external source for data army had been used. In the internal and external sources of data collection these two types of data comes into picturePrimary DataSecondary DataPrimary DataAll the primary data for the purpose of the study were obtained by interviewing the retailers with the help of a questionnaire. Questionnaires were framed on the basis of product its competition. The questions were designed in such a way as to elicit maximum information and data.Secondary DataSecondary data has been collected from books and websites.Internet websiteswww.google.com,www.Coca-Cola.com,www.wikipedia.com,www.coca-colaindia.comMagazines Business World Management and engineering scienceQuestionnaireThere can be two types of questionnaire.Questionnaire for Whole sellersName Age ..Area . Years in the Business. ..Date.http//2.bp.blogspot.com/_STNJ3qjC9Nk/SX30qf_Ve3I/AAAAAAAAAcU/P3nV5aXUBdY/s320/Coca-Cola_logo5.jpgQ1. Which coca cola c old drink brand sells the most?Coke b. ThumsUp c.Limca d. Sprite e. Fanta f. Maaza g.OthersQ2. Which mineral water sells the most?Kinley b. Aquafina c. Bisleri d. Local brandsQ3. What type of package cold drinks sells the most?300ml bottle b. 600 ml pet bottle c.