Friday, February 15, 2019

The Empowerment of Women through Education Essay -- Essays Papers

The Empowerment of Women through Education Im embarrassed to admit that I had to look up Bangladesh on a map when I found out I was current to the program Development and Community in Bangladesh. Obviously, I knew very pocket-sized about the country, its history, its economy, its political system, its religion, and its cultural practices. Though in the beginning this seemed to be a owing(p) disadvantage to me, it has provided me with a great opportunity to learn about Bangladesh and mildew my own opinions from my experiences rather than from preconceived stereotypes.Bangladesh is located in Asia, surrounded by India on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on the other. It is on the tropic of crabmeat and thus is very lush. It is home to seven major rivers, including the Ganges, which flows into the Bay of Bengal, and cardinal hundred minor rivers. Rivers ar the most important geographical manifestation of Bangladesh because it is such an agriculturally based society. They are al so one of the most parlous natural elements because of flooding in the monsoon season. Thousands of houses are destroyed each social class because of flooding and other natural disasters. There are two craggy areas the hills of Assam and the Chittagong Hill Tracks. Bangladesh is also home to vast rainforests, marshes, and swamps. It has six seasons griishmo (summer), borsha (rainy), shorot (autumn), hemonto (harvesting), shiit (winter), and bosonto (spring.) Three seasons are truly discernable the monsoon season, the cold season, and the hot season. The seasons are fairly self-explanatory, still my mental image of each of the seasons was very different from reality. Coming from the mid-west of the unite States Im used to very cold winters and relatively hard summers, wit... ...elopment around the World Practice, Theory, Research, Training. Buffalo University of Toronto Press, 1997.Gardner, Katy. Songs at the Rivers Edge. London netherworld Press, 1997.Murray, Jon. Newton, Alex . Plunkett, Richard. Wagenhauser, Betsy. Bangladesh. London Lonely Planet Publications, 2000. 1990 Bangladesh Census ReportChittagong is a district in Southeast Bangladesh.The Bangladesh Nationalist Party takes a strong anti-India military strength and is more nationalistic.The Awami League is broader in its contingency. It represents more of the minorities.A hartel is a strike.A burqua is a cape which covers the whole body, with a veil for the face wearied by women in Muslim countries to hide themselves in public. (Gardner, 146.)bari homestead, a charm of households at one site, which are usually all of the same lineage. (Gardner, 145.)

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