Thursday, April 18, 2019

Report about Virgin Mary and Saint Maria Goretti Essay

Report about Virgin bloody rape and Saint Maria Goretti - Essay ExampleShe was an Israelite woman and was chosen by God to carry and depict birth to his firstborn Son. Similarly Saint Maria Goretti was also handpicked by God for her humble yet unrelenting love and acceptance of God into her heart. She was a simple little poor country girl, not yet 12 years of age, and yet God chose her, clothed her with honor by the power of his Spirit. The connect she had with God was so strong that she chose to give her life up for it and be forever the living cogent evidence of the Pope John Paul II quote God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise. (R.schmid, 2011). Maria Goretti from a very early age was able to accept what pertains to the Spirit of God. It was this Spirits fathom that she has incorporated in every aspect of her life. She did not flee from this voice even as she was attacked by her assailant but it was the voice of her conscience that let her not give in. She chose devastation over the alternating(a) of being defiled knowing that her body was the house of God. The gift of her fortitude was so great that the sacred Spirit helped her make her moral decision and chose such a difficult feat with her young spirit. She chose death when she saw no other way to defend her virginal purity. Her final act is a absolute depiction of how she lived her entire young life (Likoudis, 2004).

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