Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Mall as Disney Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Mall as Disney - Coursework ExampleSince Richards main concern is in Disneyland, of import Street is of much importance to him so that the people reading his essay can understand the square history behind DisneylandRichard also uses Main Street because of its architectural similarities with Disneyland. This clearly shows that main street had a big role to play in the development of Disneyland. The past life of the American people shows by the architecture of Main Street. This same architecture also exists in Disneyland and this is the reason why Richard focuses a cumulus on Main Street.Main streets a generic street name, which in most parts of the world, apply for socialise and retailing. USA Main Street has a lot of cultural impact on the lives of the American people. It is here that people came to shop for all their needs and at the same time sit beat and socialize with others about what was going on in their lives. Main Street in the USA direct to the development of se veral cities as more people came to these places to shop and socialize while providing enough stamping ground to the public to be able to come up with Disneyland.The architecture of Main Street also tells a lot about the culture of the American people. Every little building shows that the people were organized and that they treasured art and architecture. The architectural configuration of Main Street gives us the impression of how the people loved buildings. The buildings discharge different functions some act as shopping malls. Each building has a place for socializing meaning that the people loved a lot of socializing.The other cultural role played by Main Street is the development of architecture in America. From Main Street, we are able to see how buildings tone and how similar they are to Disneyland. We get to see how people built their houses, how they shopped and exact places where they socialized. Main Street also gives us the American culture of education. Many schools and colleges develop from

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