Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Comparison of East of Eden and Candide :: compare and contrast essay examples

eastward of Eden and Candide   In the midst of 80s nostalgia and remembering the greatness that was this decade, I dont want readers to think that children of the 80s, are oblivious to great, authorised literature and todays current events. Recently, I have read two incredibly amazing books. Furthermore, I have noticed some interesting par altogetherels. The first is East of Eden by John Steinbeck. This novel is an unbelievably grandiose recreation of the Book of Genesis.   Salinas County is depicted as a place of incredible purity and innocence, in which people have plain values and work hard to sustain them. In contrast, there is Monterrey, a seedy, dirty, yet attractive town filled with brothels, bars, factories, and ports. several(prenominal) sort of warped destiny once joined Mr. Trask to Kate, the union of good and evil. As a result, she gives birth to twins, Aaron and Caleb. Both Mr. Trask and Aaron embody all that is good, whereas Kate and Cal embody all that is e vil.   Cal often goes to Monterrey, and upon finding out that his mother is still alive as well as being the head of the most prestigious brothel in town, he seeks her out. After repeatedly being underestimated and rejected by his father, Cal decides that the ultimate revenge will be to take his brother Aaron to meet his mother. He was remedy? Upon hearing the news, Mr. Trask has a stroke, and Cal feels incredibly guilty.   The last few chapters of this book compose the most desirous writing or probably even the most intense experiences that I have ever had. Lee, the familys loyal servant, repeatedly notes a passage in the Bible, in which it is made clear that any individual, regardless of past experiences or trauma, has a choice in life. The fact that humans have the ability to always make this crucial choice and use a superior reasoning(prenominal) is what sets us apart from other species. Even though Mr. Trask is virtually a vegetable and at the brink of death, Lee beg s that he show some stigma that he has forgiven his son Cal or the cycle will not be broken. Cal will continue to be a resentful rogue, who feels unloved and has no direction. This simple idea is extended through and endless number of pages. I have never read so fast and understood so much in my entire life, not that my life is really that long yet.

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