Thursday, May 30, 2019

My Educational Philosophy Essay -- Philosophy of Education Teaching

My Educational Philosophy Choosing a major is a very difficult decision to make for alwaysyone. It has to be something that you loafer spend the rest of your life doing and should enjoy. When I think back to my elementary yrs through my senior year of high work, all I ever indirect requested to be was a dentist. I took the clear upes that would better prepare me in the dentistry field. There at the last second, I switched my major. It was first semester of my senior year of high school when my favorite instructor, Mrs. Fowler, asked me to teach Spanish to the buildergarten class at Piney View Elementary School. As soon as I walked into the classroom and cut the sixteen pairs of eyes gleaming at me, I realized that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to become a teacher and work with young children everyday. The thought of having my own classroom and being able to teach the children so many new things gets me so excited that I cannot e ven so describe it. I cannot wait to graduate and start teaching in my own classroom. When I was in elementary school I had every kind of teacher imaginable nice, crazy, mean, scary, loony, and cool. Each one had their own way of teaching, which I enjoyed. The problem was more about some of their personalities. One thing that I intimate was that it is not fair to teach your own child in a school. I think that the child should either go to a different school for that grade or if the school offers a different teacher then that is better. I know not all teachers who have their child in class treat them differently, but still I think that it is unfair to the other students. I want to be more like the cool teacher I had, Mrs. Ivey. She was a very understandabl... ...ished work and I will be there, by their side to help them if needed. To me, teachers are like guides, we walk students through steps of learning, and last one day the students will be on their own teac hing someone else. In summary, I plan on using the behaviorism, progressivism, and essentialism philosophies. I look at that these three philosophies are important in my classroom. The most important goal in my profession is to prepare children to be the future leaders of our world. I want my students to enjoy life, have high self-esteem and know that I will always be there for them when they need someone. I am going to soften their lives and they will do the same for me. I know everything is going to work out this way because I will make it happen. I have nock my goals they are in my grasp, all I have to do now is hold on to them.

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