Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Stem cell research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Stem cell - explore Paper ExampleHowever, in an embryo that is developing, antecedent cells can sort into a large number of specialized cells and whitethorn principal(prenominal)tain the normal output of those organs, which regenerate such as blood and skin. The main difference between stalk cells and other cells in the body is the fact that they ar able to unlikeiate into other types of cells or tissue papers. This ability allows them to replace the cells that sustain died, moreover, this has been used by scientists to replace those cells that ar uncollectible in patients who have diseases and effects that cannot be effectively recruitd by other forms of medicine (Dresser 181). Scientists hope that stem cells, from which all other types of cells can grow, will help cure Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons disease, diabetes, spinal injuries, congestive heart failure and other maladies (Kelley). The usage of stem cells, especially embryonic stem cells in the cure of diseases s uch as Parkinsons disease has come to breed a lot of controversy, and at that place has been a great deal of support for those who argon for it and for those who argon against it. There are different types of stem cells andmany different terms have been used to describe them, and these descriptions xd to come from the area of the body or the country of development from which they have come. Among the different stem cell forms are the following tissue stem cells, foetal stem cells, cord blood stem cells, embryonic stem cells and finally, induced pluripotent stem cells. Moreover, many full-grown stem cells can substitute cells that die or restore tissues that have been damaged in injuries and such gravid tissues as skin and muscle have their own stem cells, and in the bone marrow, blood-forming stem cells help in the production of blood cells. It is yet to be determined whether all organs have stem cells and it can, therefore, be said that the term adult stem cells is used very broadly and may contain other categories of stem cells, which are not necessarily found in adults. There are certain accepted stem cell therapies in the medical field, which require the use of stem cells, which are tissue specific. These tissue stemcells used in these therapies include the bone marrow and cord blood stem cell transplantation, which treat diseases related to blood or the restoration of blood after treatments of such conditions as cancer. In this situation, the tissue stem cells are used to mend the parts of the body from which these cells came. Another adult stem cell type is the mesenchymal stem cells, which are found in a number of tissues, and they are speculated to be able to produce bone, cartilage, and fat (Siegel 215). This has yet to be proven for human beings, but there is ongoing research on animals to determine whether these cells can be used to treat such conditions as bone fractures that do not normally heal. In addition, there is a possibility that thes e cells or cells that are similar to them play a role in altering the immune system in resolution to injury. Fetal stem cells are those, whichare taken from the fetus, which is a developing baby that has gone approximately ten weeks into gestation. The majority of the tissues in the fetus include cells that can help in the swift growth and matureness of organs and are extremely much like adult stem cells, which are often tissue specific. The fetus stem cells often produce the cell types that are mature inside the organ from which they were

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