Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Financial management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words - 1

Financial watchfulness - Essay ExampleThe analysis is conducting implying accounting theories and principles.Caterpillar Inc is a leading American morose equipment and machinery manufacturer and distributor. The company is a subsidiary of Caterpillar (CAT). The company is recognized as the leading manufacturer of construction machinery, equipment, engines and turbines. According to the Fortune 500 leaning the company ranks number one among 44 industries across the globe and is currently headquartered in Peroria, Illinois (Annual Report Caterpillar Inc., 2014). The Company was initially established in 1925 at a lower place the name of Caterpillar Tractor Company that was then re-organized under the name of Caterpillar Inc in 1986 (Annual Report Caterpillar Inc., 2014). The primary operations of the company compresses manufacturing and distribution, having manufacturing plant turn up in more than 110 facilities across the globe among that 51 plants are located in United States and others are located in the different countries worldwide. In addition, the company also provides pecuniary services to its customers in order to provide financial alternatives for the customers to acquire Caterpillar Products. The company acquires assets of net worth, more than US$89 billion with an average revenue turnover of US$55.6 billion (Annual Report Caterpillar Inc., 2014). The growth and expansion of the company are subjected to its effective financial management practice and performance. The outlook of the financial practices and policies of the company are analyzed to evaluate financial management practices of the company. Caterpillar has constantly expanded with the passage and sustained its financial performance in different economic conditions. The company has ensured its financial practices and policies anticipating its financial positioning in the global market.The section of the report

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