Monday, June 10, 2019

Recruitment selaction process of officers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Recruitment selaction process of officers - Essay ExampleMost police departments for instance require a certain take of education attainments to qualify for the recruitment process. More than four of every five police departments in the US, demand for a high school diploma, with at least 15 per cent of others requiring a minimum level of college training, and preferably a two year course work, with only about 1% requires that the participants have at least a four year college degree (National Institute of Justice & United States, 2005).Physical traits that include height and weight which have previously been preferably crucial trait required for the selection process have been dropped or relaxed in favor of women who would have the urge to join the force.The levels of education it is assumed is all important(p) for the next level of the recruitment process which involves a written examination. The examination is basically set to gauge the some degree of skills necessary for the m aking of a competent officer. Some of these skills include map reading, decision making skills, reading abilities, report writing and written communications skills and skills that tests ones intelligence quotient (I.Q).The background of the person to be recruited is also important to shield individuals with questionable characters from gaining access to join the police force a polygraph may be used to ascertain the truthfulness of the answers provided for near of the questions asked. A physical ability test that gauges the endurance levels of those who wish to join is also important as the police are subjected to intense conditions in the sidereal day to day work life. A polygraph may also be required to further ascertain or gauge the level of truthfulness in the answers provided by the respective candidates. A psychological and medical examinations is also important to rule out the possibility of recruiting individuals who are sick and thus unfavorable and enabling the recruitmen t of individuals with sound minds.Each and every state in

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