Saturday, August 10, 2019

Discussion on the treatment of assylum seekers in Australia Essay

Discussion on the treatment of assylum seekers in Australia - Essay Example His much longer article, â€Å"Escape from a Life in Limbo† (October 27, 2007) tells the personal story of Ahmed al Kateb until he was finally granted a permanent residency visa in 2007 nearly seven years after being rescued from a beached fishing boat. During the interim al Kateb Was stateless, alternating periods of detention with those of temporary release and bridging visas. Briefly, I would classify the earlier article as an impersonal critique of a High Court decision, whereas the later one puts a human face on the consequences of the decision to a particular victim of it. This personal article I submit would more likely elicit sympathy from the reader for al Kateb’s plight and stir emotional outrage rather than the intellectual criticism of the firs one. Effect of Process on Identity of Us as Australians and on al Kateb Marr( 2005 p.1) implies that the Australian detention process denigrates Australia’s identity in the international community because high courts in counties such as the US and the UK are â€Å"tracking in the opposite direction† since â€Å"they have been telling their governments that its’ not lawful to detain at will and indefinitely†.

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