Saturday, May 11, 2019

Final Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Final Exam - Essay ExampleAnother very practical yarn which everyone in class talked much around was, One Friday Morning written by Langston Huges, this story is about a teenage girl who attains success after her art talents be exhibited in a contest, notwithstanding everything changes and people start treating her badly because she is a black girl. The subject matter of the story is that racial discrimination should not be the cause of discouraging people in achieving what they want, and every one should be do by equally irrespective of their class, creed or color. Another story which caught our interest in class and which we enjoyed indicant was Fish Cheeks written by Amy Tan, it is about a Chinese girl who is in love with the watchword of an American minister, her mother invites the ministers family over for the Christmas eve but she feels ashamed of the way her family acts in front of them. The lesson we learnt from it was that everyone should be proud of their culture b ecause everyone has their own cultural values. All these stories were different in their own manner but they taught all the students something important about life and people.Another really interesting assignment, which we got and interested us, the most was analyse two essays Where are you going, where have you been & Fish Cheeks with the movie Stand by me. Both of the essays and the book are about evolution between youth and adulthood, when one can try new things and is still subject to blame his or her actions on immature scruples. Teenagers often get caught up in a compact of inquisitiveness where finding themselves becomes predictable. The dissimilarities between the two were that they were not about racism, and the movie is about four better(p) friends who take an overnight hike through the woods near their town to find the body of a boy whos been missing for days, where as the essay Where are u going where have u been is about a

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