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Micro-Teaching Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Micro-Teaching - Assignment Example(Gardner, 2000, 45)I got hold of some groom text books as well as college books on mathematics and statistics. I studied these in depth. I made sure that I understood every word in the explanations. I did quite a few numbers in the exercises to practice. It was not possible to try every sum beca utilisation they were in boastfully numbers. I referred some experienced teachers on the subject. I also went online and studied pie charts in bona fide websites. In appurtenance to this process, I tried many times to make the presentation more understandable to the level of jump on that the class I am to teach is under. This would help them realize the subject more practically. (Erickson, 2006, 76)I discussed pie charts and how they atomic number 18 to be taught to university students. I discussed this with one senior and experienced teacher of statistics in the university. I discussed the basic features of pie charts and their use. I also talked to a few students to get an idea of what they expected from teachers. I also learnt when pie charts are take up used. These conversations allowed me to see by the process of encyclopedism that would most likely work on the students I am particularly dedicating the presentation to. (Gardner, 2001, 54) Through the advice and the perceptions of the people I talked to, I realized when is it best to utilize pie charts and preferably give them a more practical sense of function in the class during certain constituted discussions may it be about math or other subjects. How did you select materialsI talked to students in the secondly and third years of their college. I got wind of the text books that contain explanations and problems in pie charts. The teacher I rundle to in this regard also helped me. I also had an idea about the school text books that contained explanations of pie charts. I also went online and used key words to select website that had explanations on pie charts. Throug h these implicative understanding garnered through research, I made it a point that what I would be presenting to the class would not simply be a functional piece of aide for teaching, but it would also be something that would make learning an easier trade union movement for all the students in class regardless of whatever age or whatever level of learning they might be able to grasp.(Tyler, 2001, 54) This made my presentation more applicable to all ages and all learners both in secondary school and university school classes. What alternative approaches did you considerI did think about development audio visuals. Proper use of audio visuals impact students minds rapidly and clearly. It also becomes easy to explain pie charts use thoroughly with the help of audio visuals. Audio visuals come in many forms. I prefer apply my laptop for the purpose. I will have to prepare the notes and charts. I knew that this

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