Monday, May 13, 2019

The extent to which television has changed the family lifestyle Essay

The extent to which picture has changed the family lifestyle - Essay ExampleIndeed, it is widely accepted because private and public agencies use it as a tool for change in health and reproductive behaviors. It is also a source of news, and it has been important in entertaining millions of mess around the globe. For this, and many other reasons the concept of liveing video and the type nitty-gritty that the televisions air has been subject for discussion among many scholars and commentators because of their impact on family lifestyle.In 2004, psychologist carried out research on 2000 families from North America regarding the effect of television in their family life. From the research, about 98% of American homes have television sets turned on daily for about 7 hours a day (Hesselman et al. 32). This means that people in America spend more time in watching television apart from doing other things people watch television for up to 31.5 hour a week. TV has many positive effects on people of northern America. People who come from poor families also aroma risque just as those who come from rich families because they are able to access news the same way as those from rich families. Research has proved that a television set is a good baby sitter hence, do child bearing less burdensome.Television has proved to be a substitute friend to those who feel lonely since one can sit in the house for the whole day with the television in front of him. From the families interviewed, a majority confessed that the TV is an inexpensive, social and immediate acceptable way to relax and travel the time especially in todays world where people are too fussy with work and do not have time to hang out with friends and relatives. With the popularity of religious preaching, families get to watch programs that address current issues, which are relevant to the experiences that families go through in todays world. rough of the programs that aired on televisions are beneficial to th e spiritual

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