Friday, December 20, 2013

Diamonds Related To Nature And Humans

(Student s Name (Teacher s Name (Course or Subject (Date SubmittedThe Diamond - more(prenominal) Than respectable 75 Years of HistoryDiamonds sacrifice been a symbolisation of qualification , wealth , power and love through the centuries . These stones were low ascertained in India earlier than 500 B .C (Oracle suppose hobby 2004 . This stone is considered to be the strongest which is why its root phrase comes from the classic term adamas which means invincible (Earth Science 1999India utilize to be the only source of ball fields until 1729 when Brazil was discovered to let this expensive stone . Since then , Arkansas Borneo , Russia , California , blow monoxide attack , Congo res publica , Botswana , Angola Namibia , Ghana , Central African republic , Guinea , Sierra Leone Zimbabwe , Guyana , Eastern Venezuela , Au stralia , The Northern Territories and Canada have been young man sources of diamonds , too (Pabian 2005 Oracle Think Quest 2004Diamonds argon light speed crystallized by extreme pressures and temperatures underneath the earth (Microsoft rophy 2007 . The ones that have been found near the earth s surface are estimated to be from one to three billion years ancient (M . Khordipour Enterprises 2007Diamonds once were talismans and it took centuries before it was even thought of as something to discover . It was considered a good cure for liars and those that were having nightmares , an instrument to fight outrage ghosts , and a deterrent to lightning bolts (Tyler-Adam Corporation 2005 . Because it was considered so powerful , farming were led to believe that it should be left untouched and not cut . As time went on , it was finally in force(p) into telephones but it was not until around the xivth atomic number 6 when people found out that it can actually be polished to show its brilliance (Diamond Wholesale Co! rporation 2007Du march the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries , powderiseed diamonds were considered unhealthful . The Holy Roman emperor moth , Frederick II , was said to have died because of his intake of powder diamonds ( HYPERLINK hypertext transfer communications protocol /www .tyler-adam . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
com /175 .html Tyler-Adam Corporation 2005 ) The son of Sultan Bajazet (1447-1513 ) was snap to have put large doses of diamond powder in his father s food to murder him and in 1532 , Pope kind-hearted septette was advised by his doctors to take in fourteen spoons of pulverized diamonds . This eventually led to his death (Bryson Burke 2002 . Catherine de Medici was renowned for relations out death by diamond powder (4aDiamond .com 2007 . provided , research shows that these are not really poisonous and theorists chew over that this myth was just circulated to prevent people from thievery these loved stones via swallowingThe earliest record of jewelry using diamonds was a Magyar queen s crown dating about 1074 which is know to have been set with uncut diamonds (Diamond Wholesale Corporation 2007 . Archduke Maximilian I of Austria was the archetypical man to have ever given a diamond ring as an engagement gift to bloody discompose , Duchess of Burgundy which he placed on her left hand s fourth finger because of the belief that the veins of love run from the tip of the ring finger ( HYPERLINK...If you want to get a full essay, auberge it on our website:

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