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Brave new world - Embrace misfits? :: essays research papers fc

Embrace mis watchs?People in todays confederacy tend to be " convening" and have a place to "fit" into our society. However, there ar those who argon "abnormal" and do not "fit". In todays social order, it is "normal" for those who "fit" and those who do not "fit" to co-exist. In the novel Brave New World, those who do not "fit" are cast of characters out onto an island far by from civilization. Those who are cast out are referred to as misfits. Looking at Aldous Huxleys novel Brave New World as a guide, should we embrace or shun the misfits in our own world? When a world is manipulated it is insufficient and flawed since those who have created it are im faultless. There are different types of misfits in the give-and-take Brave New World. They represent and illustrate how man will never have full control, or are commensurate to improve an already perfect world. The following paragraphs will discuss that by abolish ing feelings, individuality and intellect to perfect a community, faults and outcasts are emphasised. In the world today, masses are encouraged to cling to the family. Incorporated with a family is sex. A portion of females in our society today, are brought up to cherish their virtue and taught that sex is a very sacred and supernumerary thing that should be only shared with the one you love. Unfortunately, with so much resting on the importance of sex and love community may be acclaim infatuated with it and sometimes even obsessed. Mother, monogamy, romance. High spurts the fountain fierce and foamy the wild jet. The urge had but a angiotensin-converting enzyme outlet. My love, my baby. No wonder these deplorable pre-moderns were mad and wicked and miserable. Their world didnt allow them to take things easily, didnt allow them to be sane, virtuous, happy. What with mothers and lovers, what with the prohibitions they were not conditioned to obey, what with the temptations and the alone(p) remorses, what with all the diseases and the dateless isolating pain, what with the uncertainties and the poverty they were forced to feel strongly. And feeling strongly (and strongly, what was more, in solitude, in hopelessly individual isolation), how could they be unchangeable? (Huxley 41). This suggests the way of living in the World state sees love, romance and sex as a flaw in our society today. However their mistakes of such assumptions are represented in misfits who do not share the same instincts as the other citizens of the state.Brave new world - Embrace misfits? essays research papers fc Embrace misfits?People in todays society tend to be "normal" and have a place to "fit" into our society. However, there are those who are "abnormal" and do not "fit". In todays social order, it is "normal" for those who "fit" and those who do not "fit" to co-exist. In the novel Brave New World, those who do not "fit" are cast out onto an island far away from civilization. Those who are cast out are referred to as misfits. Looking at Aldous Huxleys novel Brave New World as a guide, should we embrace or shun the misfits in our own world? When a world is manipulated it is insufficient and flawed since those who have created it are imperfect. There are different types of misfits in the book Brave New World. They represent and illustrate how man will never have full control, or are able to improve an already perfect world. The following paragraphs will discuss that by abolishing feelings, individuality and intellect to perfect a community, faults and outcasts are emphasised. In the world today, people are encouraged to value the family. Incorporated with a family is sex. A portion of females in our society today, are brought up to cherish their virtue and taught that sex is a very sacred and special thing that should be only shared with the one you love. Unfortunately, with so much res ting on the importance of sex and love people may be come infatuated with it and sometimes even obsessed. Mother, monogamy, romance. High spurts the fountain fierce and foamy the wild jet. The urge had but a single outlet. My love, my baby. No wonder these poor pre-moderns were mad and wicked and miserable. Their world didnt allow them to take things easily, didnt allow them to be sane, virtuous, happy. What with mothers and lovers, what with the prohibitions they were not conditioned to obey, what with the temptations and the lonely remorses, what with all the diseases and the endless isolating pain, what with the uncertainties and the poverty they were forced to feel strongly. And feeling strongly (and strongly, what was more, in solitude, in hopelessly individual isolation), how could they be stable? (Huxley 41). This suggests the way of living in the World state sees love, romance and sex as a flaw in our society today. However their mistakes of such assumptions are represented in misfits who do not share the same instincts as the other citizens of the state.

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My Educational Philosophy Essay -- Philosophy of Education Teaching

My Educational Philosophy Choosing a major is a very difficult decision to make for alwaysyone. It has to be something that you loafer spend the rest of your life doing and should enjoy. When I think back to my elementary yrs through my senior year of high work, all I ever indirect requested to be was a dentist. I took the clear upes that would better prepare me in the dentistry field. There at the last second, I switched my major. It was first semester of my senior year of high school when my favorite instructor, Mrs. Fowler, asked me to teach Spanish to the buildergarten class at Piney View Elementary School. As soon as I walked into the classroom and cut the sixteen pairs of eyes gleaming at me, I realized that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to become a teacher and work with young children everyday. The thought of having my own classroom and being able to teach the children so many new things gets me so excited that I cannot e ven so describe it. I cannot wait to graduate and start teaching in my own classroom. When I was in elementary school I had every kind of teacher imaginable nice, crazy, mean, scary, loony, and cool. Each one had their own way of teaching, which I enjoyed. The problem was more about some of their personalities. One thing that I intimate was that it is not fair to teach your own child in a school. I think that the child should either go to a different school for that grade or if the school offers a different teacher then that is better. I know not all teachers who have their child in class treat them differently, but still I think that it is unfair to the other students. I want to be more like the cool teacher I had, Mrs. Ivey. She was a very understandabl... ...ished work and I will be there, by their side to help them if needed. To me, teachers are like guides, we walk students through steps of learning, and last one day the students will be on their own teac hing someone else. In summary, I plan on using the behaviorism, progressivism, and essentialism philosophies. I look at that these three philosophies are important in my classroom. The most important goal in my profession is to prepare children to be the future leaders of our world. I want my students to enjoy life, have high self-esteem and know that I will always be there for them when they need someone. I am going to soften their lives and they will do the same for me. I know everything is going to work out this way because I will make it happen. I have nock my goals they are in my grasp, all I have to do now is hold on to them.

short story :: essays research papers

It was one of those nights that the sky was clear and the stars were visible. I had just defeated the emphasize of finals and was now ready to be back in action the late night activity of the San Francisco underground scene was calling my name. It is where a person could go and walk down one street and probably visit at least 30 clubs by doing this. There was a particular flavor I was in search of this night, something that could make me exert my body to its fullest extent. I needed to go and release some stress by dancing at a club, I needed to let loose.When my friends Mike, Christina and I arrived in San Francisco our first destination was the Cat Club. It was a seedy little place hosted the break beat and hobo camp music. It wasnt much to look at it, with its dark entrance and several vagrants sleeping in the street near the entrance. A different crowd hung extinct there. It was a mixture of old dance party burnouts and very young ambitious club-goers. I felt confident though, I was departure to go in there and knock the crowds socks off. I was in my best fits (outfit) I was wearing my black old school Adidas running suit with whiteness stripes, and a black Kangol hat. The Adidas Superstar shoes that I was wearing had my white fat laces in them, to add a little flavor, but the shoes themselves looked almost war torn they were scared from many other late nights. As the line moved forward closer to the entrance of the club, I could feel the pulsating vibes of the music like a gust of wind every time the door was opened to allow other patrons into the club. It sounded wild in there, I was alfresco and I wanted to be in there so bad. Just the sound of the music and feeling of the vibration was making me more anxious whence ever. I felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas. I needed to be inside, on the dance floor, just it and me. I was going to dance tonight. Suddenly, the line had stopped. What was going on? This couldnt be happening I needed to be inside I needed to feel weightless and sweaty from some fast paced break dancing. My legs were jittery with anticipation.

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An Analysis of Representing Representation Essay -- Fried, Michael

The Studio of the cougar portrays the social and cultural position of the artist. The center group consists of a nude female person model, a young peasant boy, and Courbet himself working on a landscape. To the left is a group of people who represent a sweep spectrum of society and the various social classes while to the right are some of the artists friendsincluding the well-known essayist Baudelaire. This painting, along with several others, was hung in Courbets Pavilion of Realism the exhibit was readyd after Courbet refused to paint to the rules of the French Academy in order to be shown at the Exposition Universelles des Beaux-Arts. Rather than portrait a woman as the traditional allegory, Courbet uses her as the inspiration behind the landscape painting thus creating a connection between the standard female nude and nature. The painting has connections to the theory of absorption by Courbet portraying all of the figures being absorbed in their own thoughts so that the at testator is being handle and is rendered unnecessary. Like a play at a theatre, the scene portrayed can be seen as a theatre production being performed for the witnesser and essentially makes the viewer believe that they are uninvolved. Overall, the painting is a statement of Courbets desire to go beyond traditional painting and viewer roles and create a new way of separating art from the collective eye.Michael Frieds article Representing Representation focuses on the central group of Courbets Studio of the Painter as a desire to reduce to an absolute minimum all sense of distance between the painting and beholder. As his introduction, he states that he leave compare the painter in the Studio to one of Courbets well-known self portraitsThe Man with t... ...s from what he is actually trying to say and could frustrate a reader who just wants to learn about Courbets Studio. If Fried had covered only one of the topics that he writes about the essay could have been much stronger an d more(prenominal) focused than what he has produced rather than a conglomeration of several ideas that the reader has to process in order to get the main idea of what the author primitively set out to do. Frieds analysis is well-written and well-supported and in the beginning he clearly sets out what he is going to cover, but overall it is a lot of information being covered in a portentous style that disconnects the reader from the writingmuch like Courbet set to disconnect the viewer from the painting.Works CitedFried, Michael. Representing Representation On the Central Group in Courbets Studio. Art in America, September 1981, 127-133, 168-173.

A Comparison of East of Eden and Candide :: compare and contrast essay examples

eastward of Eden and Candide   In the midst of 80s nostalgia and remembering the greatness that was this decade, I dont want readers to think that children of the 80s, are oblivious to great, authorised literature and todays current events. Recently, I have read two incredibly amazing books. Furthermore, I have noticed some interesting par altogetherels. The first is East of Eden by John Steinbeck. This novel is an unbelievably grandiose recreation of the Book of Genesis.   Salinas County is depicted as a place of incredible purity and innocence, in which people have plain values and work hard to sustain them. In contrast, there is Monterrey, a seedy, dirty, yet attractive town filled with brothels, bars, factories, and ports. several(prenominal) sort of warped destiny once joined Mr. Trask to Kate, the union of good and evil. As a result, she gives birth to twins, Aaron and Caleb. Both Mr. Trask and Aaron embody all that is good, whereas Kate and Cal embody all that is e vil.   Cal often goes to Monterrey, and upon finding out that his mother is still alive as well as being the head of the most prestigious brothel in town, he seeks her out. After repeatedly being underestimated and rejected by his father, Cal decides that the ultimate revenge will be to take his brother Aaron to meet his mother. He was remedy? Upon hearing the news, Mr. Trask has a stroke, and Cal feels incredibly guilty.   The last few chapters of this book compose the most desirous writing or probably even the most intense experiences that I have ever had. Lee, the familys loyal servant, repeatedly notes a passage in the Bible, in which it is made clear that any individual, regardless of past experiences or trauma, has a choice in life. The fact that humans have the ability to always make this crucial choice and use a superior reasoning(prenominal) is what sets us apart from other species. Even though Mr. Trask is virtually a vegetable and at the brink of death, Lee beg s that he show some stigma that he has forgiven his son Cal or the cycle will not be broken. Cal will continue to be a resentful rogue, who feels unloved and has no direction. This simple idea is extended through and endless number of pages. I have never read so fast and understood so much in my entire life, not that my life is really that long yet.

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Loyalty Shown In The Odyssey Essay example -- essays research papers

Loyalty to family, community, and the gods is an important quality in the lives of ancient Greek citizens. These qualities are clear demonstrate in The Odyssey through Penelope, Telemakhos, and Odysseus. Penelope shows her loyalty in several ways. She shows loyalty to Odysseus by waiting for his return for twenty long years. She did not choose a suitor until she knew for sure that Odysseus was dead. To delay the decision of choosing a suitor, Penelope said she would marry a suitor after she had finished weaving her plane. She showed that she was weaving the shroud during the day, but at night, when it got dark she secretly unwove it. That is how Penelope shows her loyalty to her family. Telemakhos also shows loyalty to his f...

Loyalty Shown In The Odyssey Essay example -- essays research papers

Loyalty to family, community, and the gods is an important quality in the lives of ancient Greek citizens. These qualities are clear demonstrated in The Odyssey through Penelope, Telemakhos, and Odysseus. Penelope shows her loyalty in several ways. She shows loyalty to Odysseus by waiting for his return for twenty long years. She did not choose a suitor until she knew for sure that Odysseus was dead. To delay the decision of choosing a suitor, Penelope said she would marry a suitor after she had finished weaving her shroud. She showed that she was weaving the shroud during the day, only when at night, when it got dark she secretly unwove it. That is how Penelope shows her loyalty to her family. Telemakhos also shows loyalty to his f...

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Cost and Quality Relationship Memo Essay

Many of the reforms contained within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) are aimed at reducing wellness tending costs and improving prize without rationing care, cutting benefits or reducing eligibility. Starting with the populations that suffer from the intimately difficult wellness conditions and have the most medical expenses makes sense. If designed and implemented properly, these reforms hold the potential to transform not only their lives, but similarly to serve as models for other populations. However, this promise cannot be realized without the informed and meaningful graphic symbolicipation of patients, families and their advocates.The problem our fragmented systemThere is widespread acknowledgement that our current health care system is fragmented, flunk to consistently deliver high quality care, particularly to certain vulnerable people, such as those with multiple chronic conditions, the frail elderly, people who are dually legal for Medicare and Medicaid, and members of a racial or ethnic minority. These populations tend to see more physicians, have more office visits and take more medications. Too often, there is no one to coordinate this care. This failure to coordinate leads to poor care, such as Duplicative tests or procedures Medication errors Avoidable hospital admissions Preventable hospital readmissions Unnecessary care for home placementsThis fragmentation comes at a cost. Overall, health care costs represent 16 percent of our Gross Domestic Product. In 2009, we spent $2.9 meg on health care. The cost of health care services provided to vulnerable populations is disproportionate to their numbers. For instance, 96 percent of Medicare dollars and 80 percent of Medicaid dollars are spent on patients with multiple chronic conditions. And, Medicaid and Medicare spend four times as much for the nearly nine million dually eligible beneficiaries than for non-duals. This disproportionate outgo is in part because these p opulations have more complex health care needs. But preventable hospitalizations, complications and unnecessary nursing home admissions contribute significantly to these high costs. Improving the health delivery system for these vulnerable people ordain improve the quality of their lives, while also saving money.Page 2 National Health ameliorate and Delivery System Change, June 2010 Community Catalyst is a national non-profit advocacy organization building consumer and community leadership to transform the American health care system. www.communitycatalyst.org2 crude opportunities emerging from national health care reformNoted Harvard surgeon and author Atul Gawande said it best in his December 2009 New Yorker article Testing, Testing, where he responded to claims that there was no master plan for improving quality and reducing costs in the then-pending national reform bills. Drawing from whats worked in agriculture, he said that to figure out how to transform medical communities, with all their diversity and complexity, is going to involve trial and error. And this allow require cowcatcher programs a lot of them. Indeed, the PPACA is filled with just these types of reforms aimed at testing what works. By its very nature, it acknowledges the differences among health delivery systems. While there are too many an(prenominal) reforms to cover, this brief aims to discuss some those that hold the most promising for states to improve the health of vulnerable populations.In exchange, designated providers receiving payment for these services must provide rhythmical reports to the state on a set of applicable quality measures. The New Jersey Legislature is currently considering a bill that would create a master(a) care medical home demonstration project. Should that bill pass, New Jersey could explore taking this state option, and advocates could weigh in on the development of quality measures that are most relevant to vulnerable populations.Accountable care or ganizations (ACOs)The new law creates a general ACO pilot program in Medicare4 and a paediatric ACO demonstration project in Medicaid,5 in which groups of providers who work together to improve the quality of care they deliver to beneficiaries will be permitted to keep half the savings they achieve over a three-year period. Participating ACOs must promote evidence-based medicine and patient engagement, report on quality and cost measures and coordinate care. They must also demonstrate that they meet patient-centeredness criteria, such as the use of patient and caregiver assessments or the use of individualized health plans.The criteria by which a group of providers will be judged in order to qualify as an ACO will be determined by regulation issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, which will also determine the measures to be used to assess the quality of care provided by the ACO. There is already interest in New Jersey in creating an ACO demonstration project to serve urban, underserved communities. Creating a state project may position New Jersey to take advantage of the federal pilot funding. piazza and community-based services (HCBS)The new law offers incentives to states that provide HCBS to individuals instead of placing them in nursing homes.6 Specifically, the law increases Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) payments to States that decrease the percentage of spending while increasing spending on HCBS.

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The Positive Effects of Athletics and Education

Samantha Buehler English 112 Mrs. Schaefer 2/25/13 The Positive Effects of Athletics and Education pedantic bring outing and Sport Education be actually the complementariness of each other. They are the two sides of the same coin, which go flock and hand with each other. If discipline and athletic contest make a full teaching of the over-all mortalality of a person possible, he or she gets the qualities of leadership, tolerance, sharing and team-spirit from sports.In the article The Positive Effects of Athletics On Educations by Matt Blackburn(71) states that athletics has shown the improve the work ethic, increase the self- esteem, and increase the academic performance and achievement of the student-athletes involved. But according to the article Contrary to hot Belief Athletics, A Negative Effect on Education by Jake Cartwright states, In this country, athletics are seen as a great stepping stones for students to develop character, learn valuable skills, and they further a id in the everyday grooming of students.However, too some people are naive as to the truth about what effectuate athletics truly have on a students education. But with that said, I agree with Matt Blackburn and see that there are many a(prenominal) positive effects of athletics in education and believe he proves his opinion very well. As I go on how athletics and education are complimentary of each other, I will discuss how education and athletics go hand and hand, and the positive benefits of Athletics. The mental development, including the power of reasoningof course comes from the academics.It, therefore, becomes infallible that education should result in the mental, moral and physical development of a student, which comes from athletics because while he or she participates in a sport, he or she develops how to have pricy work ethic and self-esteem according to Blackburn(71). But no one can deny that unfortunately, the present day system of education has too much stress on mental development for a student. In the article In College Classroom, the Problem is High school Athletics, by Steven head states, American higher education bears some measure of the esponsibility. There are number of reasons that high school sports follow the lead of college sports becoming more professionalized. Athletes are becoming more and more competitive because they want that scholarship to a college and because of that the athletes drive off of education and athletics. But f or an all-round development of a child to get to that point, the curriculum should include sports and games and health education at a young age. A balance amount of school period should be devoted to Sports and Education.Sports and Education need to be introduced with all eagerness, because mental and moral development is just not possible without physical development. We must entertain that a strong and healthy student will be more eager to stay focus with school and educations, who will set goals and will as well gain liveness skills and knowledge for their future according to J. D. Robinson (101), the student/athlete, will develop more scholarly in education with experience of athletics. Not only will the athlete be scholar in education but will also build great self-esteem that will carry with them into the naval division room because they will see that hard work pay off.According to Matt Blackburn, athletics does build the self-esteem of student-athletes by providing them with opportunities to set and achieve goals. As athletes chance upon these goals their self-esteem and self-confidence skyrocket, and many times this boost of self-confidence is carried over into endeavors, including academics. A healthy and strong physical structure is not possible without sports. The development of body is very essential in life. All our physical enjoyments, and even mental enjoyments, depend upon our body. All our degrees and achievements will be of no use without a good healthy personality.Life is a struggle and the person with a healthy and strong body alone can face it successfully. Besides promoting health and strength, sports develop many good qualities to the athlete and with a healthy athlete he or she will have a healthy life style. They strengthen the power of heroism and promote discipline. Young men and women are trained to face defeat with a smile and maintain composure even in victory. Games are the sterling(prenominal) and the healthiest means of refreshment and recreation. They fill one with joy, drive, endurance and energy, which help a person a lot in facing the actual odds of life without yielding to gloom.So sports are not only essential but also necessary for an all-round development of the personality. The famous saying, The battle of Waterloo was won on the play-grounds of Eton, the right way and relevantly sums up the importance of sports in education even though people will still have questions of how athletics and education go h and and hand. Those people who still have those questions just do not see the joy in an athlete. Having athletics and academics can certainly strengthen a person all around and will give them an advantage to life. References Blackburn, M. (2012). The Positive Effects of Athletics on Education. In The Popken writer, (pp. 71-74). Boston Houghton-Mifflin Co. , Cartwright, J. (2012). Contrary to Popular Belief Athletics, A Negative Effect on Education ( A Response to Matt Blackburn). In The Popken writer, (pp. 103-105). Boston Houghton-Mifflin Co. , CONN, S. (2012). In College Classrooms, the Problem Is High School Athletics. Education Digest, 78(4), 21-24. Robinson J. D. (2012). A Point of View of Athletics and Education A Response to Matt Blackburn. In The Popken writer, (pp. 101-102). Boston Houghton-Mifflin Co.

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“High Tide in Tucson” Barbara Kingsolver Essay

This Essay is from her book of essays High Tide in Tucson in which Barbara Kingsolver shares her beliefs and her commitments specifically, in family, community, the common good, cultural diversity, the domain of children, and child rearing, which she lets in or rushes out to embrace all the wonders, beauties, threats, and angers that life and earth can offer. It also touches on umpteen a(prenominal) aspects and nuances that make life worth living she is able to draw from her experiences to teach others the many life lessons that she has learned about child rearing. This excerpt from her book has a very personal tone this closeness makes her story more realistic and believable. It is this sincerity and openness that makes the story warm. The author has been known as an advocate of nature. She devotes a great deal respect to the other inhabitants of her world. Not only does she love Nature for the sake of life, only when she is also is a mother fiercely trying protect the worlds natural beauty for her daughter to relish.There is much life throughout this writing and she does a great job of portraying things as they are, without many of the biases that we find in society today. Raising children is a patient alchemy, she declares Most important are Kingsolvers reflections on her mission because it aims to convey truths we know but cant feel, good art is political, whether it means to be or not. The attention she brings to the natural world in her writing accomplishes what good writing should it expands the beingness and brings critical attention to things we might otherwise take for granted or never have even thought about.Ive read a fewer of her essays and they are human and believable. (I.e. her feelings and thoughts about alternative families, feminism, sustainability and the environment) about her 2-year-old daughters acts of defiance, and occasionally frustration at the state of the world in which we live she does so with passion. The essay gives a war m tribute to our animal nature and its ability to tune itself into the natural rhythms of life, despite ourselves and our absorption in a world liberal of wants.

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Principle of marketing extra credit case study Essay

In stark contrast to British Airways, Aeroflot-Russian Airlines is new to the skies of planetary commercial air lanes. Aeroflots 114 planes transported 3.8 meg passengers in 1996 compared to British Airlines 25.35 million passengers. Aeroflots figures are down considerably from 1991, the year before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, when its 5,400 planes carried 138 million passengers. Since 1991 the airline has had trouble adjusting from a monopoly to a competitive mart as the rival private Russian airline, Transaero, built passenger loyalty by stressing good service and on-time flights.Aeroflots attempt to become a mankind class airline has been hampered by a poor safety record, bad food, surly service, dilapidated cabins and frequently cancelled or late flights. At little than 60%, Aeroflots load factor (the percentage of seats on each flight occupied by paying customers), is the lowest in the international airline industry.In order to expand its business in this highly co mpetitive industry Aeroflot has copied many of the strategies the leading airlines. In January 1997, the airline announced a marketing alliance with Continental Airlines to allow Continental flights from Newark, NJ to Moscows Sheremetyeva International Airport. Aeroflot has renovated its training academy to include a curriculum that focuses on image and marketing, and includes the slogan, the customer is always right. The airline launched Telephone Confidential, a customer complaint line, and in an effort to modernise its fleet ordered 10 Boeing 737s. merchandise has been a big part of Aeroflots fight to gain back passengers. The image the airline has selected for itself in its first multimedia advertising campaign attempts to incite sceptical consumers that the airline has solved its safety and service problems. The campaign uses magazine, billboard and TV commercials, and features a flying elephant witha slogan that translates into light on its feet. The not so subtle message mea ns that if elephants can fly, so can Aeroflot.Aeroflots web paginate (http//, exhibits a decidedly western influence. The home page has links to pages that describe its airplane fleet, a graphic presentation and description of Moscows Sheremetyeva airport, flight schedule, news, information, cargo, routeway, charter, and travel office. Judging from the neat, professional appearance of the tissue page, Aeroflots competitors need to be prepared for a dogfight to keep this airline from cutting into their business.Questions1. What are the advertising objectives for Aeroflots Flying Elephant campaign?2. How could Aeroflots build brand recognition in Vietnam? Explain the process with supporting details.3. Explain how Aeroflot could position their services for maximum competitive advantage in the airline industry in South East Asia.Sourceshttp// Alessandra Stanley, Hod the Jokes, Please Aeroflot Buffs Its Image, The New York Times, June 29, 1997, p. F1 Al Frank, Continental Signs with Aeroflot for Daily Moscow Flights, Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News, January 15, 1997 On a Wing and a Prayer Aviation in Russia, The Economist, October 5, 1996, p. 103 Victoria Pope, The Gray Chicken is Definitely Out, Aeroflot Tries to Learn Service with a Smile, U. S. News and World Report, October 28, 1996, p. 45.

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Chapter one quiz

To evaluate a work of art properly we must deal with it in the context of culture that produced it b) art museums c) our own values d) our own time a) the 10. According to Assayer (p. 19), what are the three steps in the process of seeing? A) detection, processing, type b) reception, extraction, inference c) looking, seeing, believing d) reception, interpreting, understanding 11. In The Language of Art, what, according to Nelson Goodman (p. 18), selects, rejects, organizes, discriminates, associates, classifies, analyzes, and constructs? The museum curator b) the Quintal Program c) the artist Jasper Johns 12. How is Arena Montanas Bushfire and Corroboree Dreaming similar to Robert Smithson Spiral seawall (up. 14-15)? A) similar size and shape b) same subject matter c) each uses abstract symbols d) both use the same medium Short Answer Questions 13. section of Albert Birthrates influence for his painting The Rocky Mountains came from a very variant source. What was it? 14. Why was Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty different from traditional landscapes? 15.Give an example from the textbook of an artwork apply for political purposes. 16. There are two basic steps to seeing. The first is physical the second is 17. In Christi and Jeanne Clauses Umbrella Project, what two factors connect the two different sets of umbrellas to their locations? And 18. What aspect of ancient Australian ideology did Arena Motto include in his painting, Bushfire and Corroboree Dreaming? 19. Www Sheens landscape, The Central Mountains, raises an ordinary landscape scene to a higher level of beauty, what the Chinese call Essay Questions 20.How did Christi and Jeanne-Claude conceive the Umbrella Project? What was the intended symbolism of the umbrellas themselves? The color? Geographic location? 21 . using the works of Arena Motto and Www Chem., discuss the various ways in which artists describe their world. 22. There are four roles that artists play that have not changed over the centurie s. What are these roles and cite examples from Chapter 1 for each role. 23. Using examples from the chapter, how do works of art featuring the American 24. Explain how Albert Birthrates Rocky Mountains represents the sublime.


However, these institutions whitethorn also bring with them relaxed codes of ethical conduct that serve to exploit the neediness of developing nations, rather than to provide he critical relief necessary for democracywide economic and social development. When a multinational invests in a host country, the scale of the investment (given the size of the firms) is likely to be significant. Advantages The practicable benefits of a multinational investing in a country may include HARD Train the labor skills, other company start losing skillful workers. Improving the balance of payments inward investment get out usually help a countrys balance of payments situation. The investment itself exit be a direct pay heed of capital into the country and the investment is also likely to result in import substitution and export promotion.Export promotion comes due to the multinational using their ware facility as a basis for exporting, while import substitution means that products previousl y imported may now be bought domestically. Providing employment FDA leave behind usually result in employment benefits for the host country as most employees will be locally recruited. These benefits may be relatively greater given that governments will usually try to attract firms to areas where there is relatively high unemployment or a good labor supply. Source of tax receipts profits of litigations will be subject to local taxes in most cases, which will provide a valuable source Of revenue for the domestic government.Technology assign multinationals will bring with them technology and production methods that are probably new to the host country and a lot can therefore be learnt from these techniques. Workers will be trained to use the new technology and production techniques and domestic firms will see the benefits of the new technology. This process is known as technology transfer. increase choice if the multinational manufactures for domestic markets as ell as for expo rt, then the local population will gain form a wider choice of goods and services and at a price possibly lower than imported substitutes. National reputation the presence of one multinational may improve the reputation of the host country and other large corporations may follow suite and locate as well.Disadvantages The come-at-able disadvantages of a multinational investing in a country may include Environmental impact multinationals will want to produce in ways that are as efficient and as cheap as possible and this may not always be the best environmental practice. They will often lobby governments hard to try to ensure that they can benefit from regulations cosmos as lax as possible and given their economic importance to the host country, this lobbying will often be quite effective. Access to natural resources multinationals will sometimes invest in countries just to get access to a plentiful supply of raw materials and host nations are often more implicated about the sho rt-term economic benefits than the long-term costs to their country in terms of the depletion of natural resources.

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Albany Plan of Union Essay

A lot of uneducated masses in todays time think that the colonies al counselings worked together before the cut and Indian war. But sadly the people who think this are wrong. In fact the only connection between the colonies, other than the fact that they were in all part of England, was through trade. With this loose connection there would never be some(prenominal) hope of defeating the French in the French and Indian war. But luckily Ben Franklin had a great conceit to unite the colonies called the capital of New York political program of union. charge though it was not passed, the capital of New York Plan of union was a genius idea because it brought every colonisation under the control of one council, allowed the collection of taxes for military purposes, and united the colonies so that they could very defeat the French. First off, throughout America the only thing governing the colonies besides England was each habituations own colonial assembly. This kept each of the co lonies very diverse and independent from each other. With the Albany Plan each of the colonies would be under control of a Grand Council, which would be headed by a President General appointed by the king.This would keep all the Colonies together and following one order. With this the Colonies could unaccented be ready for war if anything were to happen. Secondly, another big problem with the separated colonies was the fact that barely any money was sent to help the war effort. Without money for support there would be no way for supplies. Under the Albany Plan for Union, the grand council would have the right to collect taxes to go towards the war effort. angiotensin converting enzyme of the disagreements about this part of the plan was that the larger colonies became angry because they would be paying more taxes then the smaller colonies.This would prove to be Benjamin Franklins most daring part of his plan. Finally, one of the most crucial parts of this plan was that it united all the colonies as one. Before this plan the militia was state base and not very professional. Also state militia would not leave the boundary of their own state. This make the Militia weak and unable to defeat the French. With this union of colonies, the militias could come to the war in minutes earning them the nickname, Minutemen. In conclusion, The Albany Plan of Union was truly a genius idea.Each part f the plan was what the colonies necessitate to be united and to defeat the French forces. Sadly though, The Albany Plan of Union needed an approval from parliament and the colonial assemblies. In the end it was not passed because the British saw it as a threat and the Assemblies liked there power. Even though it was not accepted it was a great idea. Even though it was not passed, the Albany Plan of union was a genius idea because it brought every colony under the control of one council, allowed the collection of taxes for military purposes, and united the colonies so that the y could actually defeat the French.

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Conclusion and recommendation Essay

base on the results of the focus group discussion and the interview, vane 2. 0 applications be utilized for educational purposes atomic number 18 seen to have a very good potential in cosmos integrated into educational processes for education and learning. Reflective of the first objective, it has been seen that there is a positive outlook with regards to Web 2. 0 applications from students and how the communicate. In addition, it is seen that educational processes would from time to time inculcate particular.Web 2. 0 applications and replacing conventional educational tools with newer and to a greater extent technologically adept Web 2.0 applications in order for educators to be more effective in communicating with students. With honour to the sixth objective of this study, educators argon keen to note that Web 2. 0 applications have the potential for being substance abused as a tool for educational purposes.Educators on one hand furthered this conclusion because of their openness to the concept of including Web 2. 0 applications in their curriculum, utilizing its capabilities in effectively transferring knowledge to their students and more significantly communicating with them.In answering objectives two and three, educators themselves indicated that they be able to already utilize Web 2. 0 applications for providing administrative study to their students and they have indicated that Web 2. 0 applications being used as educational tools already exists and is being utilized by former(a) educators. They are able to go with the flow of innovation as students are getting more and more adept with the use of such internet tools that they are able to recognise with this and use this to the teachers advantage. The educators have identified that Web 2.0 applications such as Blogs, Wikis, and otherwise social networking tools have the potential to be used as teaching tools. Being able to use such a tool would not only make their teaching efforts easier b ut more importantly more effective in bringing information to their students. Coming from the aim of the study particularly to send how Web 2. 0 technologies can be applied to Higher education, it is apparent that due to the inputs coming from two the student body and educators and because of extant literature there is an apparent improvement in the use of information Technology in higher education.With the current use of Web 2. 0 technologies such as that of Flickr, Wikis and Myspace by both students and educators in communicating and teaching learning, Web 2. 0 technologies in the future will almost certainly be integrated into higher education. This is due to the cultural changes that are observed within educators and students as how they perceive Web 2. 0 technologies and their effect on higher education. This is already evident as students soon utilize such Web 2. 0 applications in communicating with their peers for educational purposes.The next phase would be to utilize su ch tools more effectively and efficiently by the educators themselves in communicating with their students. On the other hand, because of such an increase in utilization, it would be constructive for this area of educational research if there are additional in-depth studies pertaining to Web 2. 0 technologies and how they affect higher education. In order to further explain and blow up on this body of knowledge, it is recommended that a considerable number of focus groups be added into the study.This would yield a more accurate and diverse collation of answers. This would then be used in acquiring more information and validating the results of this study. In addition to the methodology, there should be an inclusion of several interviews to be conducted on other areas particularly other educational classes and universities so as to identify the relationship of geography with Web learning. In addition to this, it would be useful to identify if there is a relationship between racial accentuate and web learning, is there a trait that controls the preferences of various races utilize web 2.0 applications and if there is a relationship with race. Lastly, In addition to what was mentioned above, it would prove crucial if there is further study with regards to other countries and how they are able to utilize Web 2. 0 applications in their pursuit for better education. This would be able to supply the research with a better comparison particular to the effects of countries with respect to Web 2. 0 applications and Web learning.

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Assignment Internal Cash Control Essay

The weaknesses in the internal subdue over cash disbursements be, in that location should be only one person in charge of writing the tablets for each task, and there should be numbered collapses for some(prenominal) people so that the funds spend can be tracked easier, the cabinets were the checks ar stored should be ii locked cabinets, one for each person who writes the checks. Memo I would recommend that to puddle a better control over property pay and items purchased, that you start having numbered checks in two separate ac figurings, one account for the financial officer and one account for the purchasing agent.This method will make it easier for moth parties to avoid mistakes, and it will excessively be easier to verify money spent and received. P4-1A The internal control principles implemented by the Guard Dog confederacy are, numbered checks so that the company has a number trail to monitor cash dispersment. Each check must stimulate approval from Jane Bell, a nd Dennis Kurt before a check can be issued, this is an establishment of responsibility to hold back that not just anyone ion the company can write checks.Checks must be signed by totally Tom Kimball, the treasurer, or Karen Thews, the retainer treasurer. Before signing a check, the signer is expected to compare the numbers of the check with the joins on the invoice, this is also a form of establishment of responsibility and both of these procedures are a use of documentation procedures. After signing a check, the signer stamps the invoice paid and inserts within the stamp, the date, check number, and amount of the check. The paid invoice is then sent to the ac computation department for recording.By doing this it is a way of sustain company cash dispersment and documentation control. Blank checks are stored in a safe in the treasurers office. The combination to the safe is known by only the treasurer and assistant treasurer. By fix the checks in a safe it establishes respo nsibility for the checks, and uses a Physical, mechanical, and electronic controls to narrow down any check problems to one source. Each month the bank statement is reconciled with the bank balance per books by the assistant chief accountant.By doing this it establishes document control, this way any discrepancies in the amount paid can be verified. Indicate the weaknesses in internal accounting control in the handling of collections. The weaknesses in the handling of collections are the way the money is deposited, the way the checks are made out and the way the money is verified and deposited. P4-2A make the improvements in internal control procedures that you plan to make at the next meeting of the audit aggroup for (1) the ushers, (2) the brainpower usher, (3) the financial secretary, and (4) the finance committee.The improvements the ushers need to make is that after each offering they should individually count their own collected baskets and record there amount in an offeri ng lumber book, so that there is less room for error in the next step. By handing all the baskets to the head usher without counting the money themselves, the head usher can offer any amount on his final deposit. The improvements the head usher needs to make is to make sure that each usher counts their baskets, and that the head usher counts all the baskets and checks for discrepancies to make sure that no one is pocketing any money.The head usher should also check the amount given to him/her against what is written in the offering log. Have a book to log the amount of money that is put into the safe so that it is logged in a way that can be verified by the committee, a note is not a safe method because it can be thrown out, by logging in a book it is easier to find were the discrepancies came from. The improvements the financial secretary should make is that he/she should have a list of what needs to be paid and make a log of the amounts that need paid and to make sure the receipt s are logged along with whatever bills or services that needed to be paid that week.The financial secretary should also verify the amount of money in the safe against the log that is kept by the ushers. The financial committee should show a more detailed list of what expenditures are needed each month so that the financial secretary knows what is needed for defrayal that month. They should also be involved in verifying the churches income. To improve internal control the church should have a log for money received during offerings, they should tell the congregation to make the checks payable to the church or to the account holder that the checks are deposited into, because anyone can cash a check made out to cash.The church should also verify that any money not deposited from the offering was spent properly and not used for in the flesh(predicate) things. Include how a company could use the five basic principles of cash management to increase verity for a business. A company can increase the collection of receivables by offering incentives for quick payment from their customers. A company can delay the payment of liabilities and bills to close to the due date of the liability or bill, so that if any expenditure is needed before the due date they will not have spent the money too early.A company can keep inventory low on the merchandise that does not sell quickly, so that the company has money for the merchandise that is popular and selling fast. A company that wish to expand should wait until they have excess money in a easily season so that they can expand their business and have new locations open in age for their busy season. A company should invest money that is sitting idle into low risk companies, the just about common form of liquid investments is interest-paying U. S. government securities.

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Person Centred Counselling

What I encounter by the term soulfulness- Centred Counselling Person-Centred steering was evolveed by the psychologist Dr. Carl Rogers . It is a humanistic non-directive approach to counselling where the counsellor allows the client to lead the conversation and non try to steer them in a grouchy direction. A fundamental part of this type of counselling is the therapeutic race between Counsellor/Client. An all-important(a) part of this is providing an environment where a someone opinions free from threat, both physically and psychologically.This can be achieved by the counsellor providing three core conditions genuineness, empathy and warmth which help that growth to occur. The approach relies on the personal qualities of the practician to build a non-judgemental and empathic relationship with the client. The objective of the counsellor is to listen without making any judgements, without prominent advice, and make the client feel accepted for their own feelings. It trusts t he client to find their own answers and direction and of organism fully capable of fulfilling their own potential.There are many tools used in person-centred counselling, including active listening, , paraphrasing, summarising, minimal encourages etc. Person-centred counselling recognizes that achieving potential requires favourable conditions and that not having these conditions may lead the undivided to not grow and develop in the best ways that are possible. When we are denied acceptance from others or it is made conditional upon the individual behaving in a particular way we may begin to lose touch with their own feelings and not be able to chose paths which are best for ourselves.When a client feels safe and accepted in the relationship they can explore their own feelings and desires and take any steps they feel necessary to self-actualize. This occurs when a persons behaviour is congruent with the person they would like to be. Person-centred counselling encourages the clien t to freely look at themselves and accept themselves for who they are or make changes to eliminate the behaviours that they do not like. Positive regard is to do with how other people evaluate and judge us. If a person has not been accepted in flavor for numerous reasons it can affect their self worth.A person with low self-worth may avoid challenges in life, not accept that life can be painful and unhappy at times, and will be defensive and guarded with other people but a person who has high self-worth, that is, has confidence and positive feelings about(predicate) themselves, faces challenges in life, accepts failure and unhappiness at times, and is open with people. By providing the client with the core conditions it allows for an environment where they feel accepted for who they are and can change the negative outlook they have on themselves and increase their self esteem.In summary person-centred counselling provides a therapeutic relationship which allows the client to expl ore their feelings freely. It promotes a person to go on in life and grow to be the best that they can possibly be. The overall commit of person-centred counselling is to help the client self actualise and become a Fully Functioning Person where they are Open to experience , live in the present moment, trust their own feelings, and live a fulfilled life where they are well adjusted and balanced.

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Learning Through Play: Games and Crowdsourcing for Adult Education Essay

racys atomic number 18 a omnipotent to engage passel with ideas and with each virgin(prenominal). They be a room to learn new skills, and to interact with other good deal. This interaction can be with other people in the same room or with people online. Games are fun. This is obvious, and some(a) periods it can become forgotten virtually in the discussion. In inquiry in 2011 by Bond University for the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association * pcs are in 98% of second households with 62% of impale households using a pc for stakes. Game consoles are in 63% of gritty households, dedicated handheld consoles in 13%. Mobile ph mavins are used to bet games in 43% of game households, tablet computers in 13% * 43% of people aged 51 or everyplace are garners* most garners play between half an hour and an hour at a time and most play every other day 59% play for up to an hour at one time and just 3% play for v or more hours in one sitting 57% of all gamers play either daily or every other day. * 83% of parents play video games. (1)Comparable statistics are not available for dining table, tabletop and card games. This is unfortunate as, from word of mouth, board games are very popular. The German, or European, style games have strong appeal for adults. Games in this category imply Settlers of Catan (2) and Carcassone. (3) Board games can be used as crock up of an education course exploring games, game design, history, and strategy. They could as tumefy be used to introduce adults to games they did not play when they were growing upand that is just the start of what is possible. baring the succeeding(a)New York Public Library received much coverage for its 2011 game Find the future (10) which ran as position of their centenary celebrations as a way for people to discover and explore the collection. The game was deliberately designed with an education focus. The commencement ceremony night of the game was run as an event for five hundred pe ople. After this people could play this game at their cause pace and in their own time, at the program library.Changing thought nearly games at that place is still reluctance, despite the overwhelming statistics, for umpteen libraries to take up how many of the adults who use their collections and services probably play games. Earlier this year Heikki Holmas, the new Norwegian curate for international development, was given media coverage because of his public statements nearly his own vie of Dungeons and Dragons, and how skills are learned in games which have real world applications. This means that his tabletop games skills will help him in parliament. (11) Adam Grimm highlights some of the skills and attributes gained or developed by playing Dungeons and Dragons which include imagination, structure, performance and problem solving. (12) People like Heikki Holmas and Adam Grimm are using our libraries and we are rarely giving them a way to engageor may be guilty of makin g judgments about them because of the games they play.The Central Arkansas Library System ran programming for adults instilling people about playing World of Warcraft. This may seem an unusual game to be part of a library education program. However, the aim of this education program was social inclusion, and it was thought that playing a game like World of Warcraft may be one way to assist in this locally. Library lag were pleased with the outcomes. (13,14) There are many opportunities in libraries using games for education some of these can be done by showing how exciting games can be and by having people realise that the boardgames they may have played as children, or even have played with their children have developed and new possibilities target adult players.Playing Carcassonne could be used as part of an adult education program on medieval history, so people could be discussing the history they are recitation, but also play a game constructing a medieval town and so apply the ideas they have learned from reading or hearing about the medieval world. Games can allow a different angle on creativity in education programming. Brian Mayer and Christopher Harris in their book Libraries got game aligned learning done modern font board games have written about this from a elemental school aged perspective, but many of their ideas apply to learning through games at any age. (15)They also make the point strongly that a game has to really be a game. This sounds obvious, yet people forget this point surprisingly often. There is a lot of tools to help with boardgames. BoardGameGeek (16) is an invaluable online resource with detailed reviews about boardgames as well as walk throughs of the different games. Table Top with Wil Wheaton by Geek & Sundry (17) is an excellent video rut to learn how different table top games are playedso you can start thinking about their place in educational programming, and not simply programs about learning to play games. The Game L ibrary for the School Library System of Genesee Valley Educational Partnership (18) has some utile resources for games targeting infants and primary aged children.Science gamesThere are also ways to draw in the community through games. A game like (19) a University of Washington initiative which is about folding proteins has resulted in scientific breakthroughs. (20) It was designed to trigger scientific discovery, but the game is also an experiment. could be used as part of a series of learning talks, with visiting or local scientists, at a library where the participants could amount of money in with others who are contributing to scientific discoveries. Then people could be working in a collaborative space in the library, folding proteins together interacting with the other people also in the library space as well as others online in This could appeal to a wide range of ages, from students considering intuition careers, to adults wanting creative and p uzzle solving options. It is a free, social, online game.EteRNA, (21) a collaboration between Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University has similar concepts. This is a game about RNA molecules, and again serious science is being done through playing games. (22) This would also make for interesting library programming. These games could be part of a series about science, but equally they could be part of a series about games to help more people get word the range of options available to people who play games exploring creative problem solving, and helping to do science at the same time. Both and EteRNA would be useful inclusions with library based science programming, and could provide a useful tie in to your library collection, including databases. The Science Museum in London has a significant collection of online games about science, which could be used to help people learn more about specific ideas, as well as to explore ideas of game design and engagement. (23) Through all this science it is important to remember the ideas of Mayer and Harris, that first and foremost the games have to be fun. Zombie Climate Apocalypse (24) run by The Edge at the State Library of Queensland may seem an unusual inclusion for science gameshowever the game is about survival. The players have to problem solve a vast range of survival skills (including water purification) so science is really important. A game like Zombie Apocalypse taps into many library collections (books, dvds and databases with reading about the idea of zombies and survival), and can help bring a new range of clients to the library.A game like this can also be used to bring in ideas from places like the USA heart for Disease Control and its web pages about zombie preparedness (25) which they take ind as a different way for people to think about disaster preparedness. If you are set to survive zombies you are probably ready for other natural disasters as well. Science is well suited to ed ucation programs involving games, using ideas for partnerships mentioned above. Unlike chromatic County Library Service we are not all going to have Otronicon in our area. Otronicon explored the science, art, technology, careers and fun female genitalia videogames, simulation and digital media.Each year, multiple industry partners join the Orlando Science Center to celebrate how digital media technologies impact the way we live, learn, work and play. (26) Orange County Library Service has also been highlighting games as part of its services, and as part of the education program.They have classes teaching game design, but also educating people about the employment possibilities presented by games. (27) We will all have scientists in our communities, no matter how small. It just requires some creative thinking to explore partnerships, and to consider who you might invite to your library as part of a science education program including games, collections and science databases.Games d esign for all agesThis is an area of potential partnership with universities which teach game design (if they are local to your area) or with local games groups. It is a specialist area of education. Some public libraries and museums have been political campaign programs on game design, mainly targeting children and teenagers. There is much underexplored potential for running this kind of education program for adults.It also might be about seeing if you can create a game to help people explore the history of their area so the education elements would be around research (so that the history of the area can be explored), and games design (to see if a meaning(prenominal) game can be created for the community). This is a specialist area, needing specialist trainers. Be open to the formats you are considering, as the games do not need to be made on computers or even for computers. Board games are a very popular format, as are large scale games outdoors.

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The Watergate Scandal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

The Watergate Scandal - Essay characterTaken one at a time, each crime may not have been that egregious. However, the somberness of the scandal comes from the sheer number of crimes, the number of people involved, their sweeping impact, and the unbridled willingness to cover-up the crimes at each cost.. While the term Watergate referred specifically to the break-in at the Watergate Hotel, the scandal would ultimately involve a manifold tapestry of political corruption, obstruction of justice, ineligible domestic spying, abusing world agencies for political purposes, tax fraud, and corruption. The word has worked its elan into the popular culture as a descriptive term for anything associated with political corruption such as Iran-gate, Whitewater-gate, and Paula Jones-gate. The case would drag on through numerous investigations, eventually resulting in the jailing or resignation of frequently than 40 public officials, many of them for the actions taken during the infamous cov er-up.The Watergate scandal that broke into the public realm with the word that five men had been arrested while breaking into the elected National Headquarters on June 17, 1972 had actually begun much earlier. In September 1971, G.Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt had burglarized the office of a psychiatrist in an effort to obtain the medical exam files on Daniel Ellsberg, a defense analyst who had released documents to The New York Times that would prove embarrassing to the administrations war effort.1 An superfluous break-in in May of 1972 had placed an illegal listening device in the headquarters of the Democratic National Party. These operations had been financed by the operation of a secret slush fund consisting of tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions. In addition, the administration had used the CIA and FBI to spy on Nixons political opponents, which illegally used public agencies for political purposes. By the time of the Watergate break-in in Jun e 1972, the Nixon administration had already established a sit of illegal activity. The report of the break-in at the Watergate Hotel initially dew very little public attention, but indoors a year would mushroom into a major political scandal. According to the Washington Star News, inwardly two weeks of the 1972 burglary the Philippines sugar industry had funneled $30,000 into the Nixon campaign to help pay for the Watergate cover-up.2 The cover-up would eventually involve advance of White stand insiders. Later investigations would reveal the existence of a cash fund kept in a White House vault to be used for hush money and to finance opposite illegal operations. During the trial of the burglars, Judge John Sirica learned that the men and the money connected to the crime were a part of the Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP), headed by John Mitchell.3 The defendants in the trial refused to cooperate, but subsequent hearings in the Senate would lead to the highest level s of the government. White House Counsel John Dean would be the lone White House official that would come forward and cooperate with the governments investigations. Dean claimed that Nixon was aware of a secret $300,000 campaign gratuity by the dairy industry designed to influence the government,

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Argue that hunting among the Bushman is not merely a physical act, but Essay - 1

Argue that hunting among the Bushman is not merely a physiologic act, hardly one that touches, often deeply, every domain of Bushman society and thus promotes accessible solidarity - Essay usageThis paper argues that, in terms of Durkheims theory of solidarity, the Bushmen utilize hunting not just for obtaining food, but also for deeper domains of their life, specifically marital, religious, and economic customs and rites.Hunting in the Bushmen society influences social status, determines the rituals of religious traditions, and forms commerce within extended family units, uniting the people in what Emile Durkheim refers to as social solidarity. As stated by Peter Kropotkin (Hann 1993, 27)But still we know that when the Europeans came, the Bushmen lived in small tribes (or clans), sometimes federated together that they employ to hunt in common, and divided the spoil without quarrelling that they never abandoned their wounded, and displayed strong affection to their comrades.Emi le Durkheim claims that traditional societies be bonded together by a type of social cohesion that is rooted in the commonalities of the members, or referred to as mechanical solidarity (Komter 2004). The common values within these traditional societies, which are mostly religious in character, spend a penny a collective consciousness for the society, a group of ideas, beliefs, and norms common to everybody (Komter 2004). There is modest individuality because individuals get word themselves mainly in connection with their membership in the group.Hunting is still deeply embedded in the culture of Bushmen, even in instances where bands take care of their own cattle and grow their own food. The Bushmen are essentially hunters on the peripheries of the bigger non-Bushman culture. Bushmen are hunters in numerous ways. Gift-giving and kin relations include social hunting, for family connections and for bonds of exchange. Their spiritual or religious principle is distinguished as hunti ng for knowledge (Hann 1993). It is real that personal ties and hunting in Bushmen culture are

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My Personal Capital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

My Personal Capital - Essay physical exertionReading has helped me in so many ways. My good reading habits help me easily understand and thence recall what has bean read. Having gone through a number of projects involving research, I could ably help the team go through a companys records and database to be able to arrive at an square description of its historical data, present financial position as well as its potentials for growth.Writing skills, on the other hand, which benefits a writer professionally and personally, is one of a few other technical capabilities that I possess (Nordquist 2008). It being one of my passions, my ability to write effective essays, reports and other forms of correspondence vis--vis grammar and composition go away undoubtedly help the team pose up with a very good written output. My familiarity in the use of software for word processing, spreadsheets and other financial applications, could significantly help the team come up with an honest, compreh ensive and workable business plan for the company. Likewise, my experience in communicating, handling and utilizing e-mail as a method for seeking advice from mentors, could make the writing job easier. My modest technical know-how in troubleshooting straightforward problems on computer systems and application may also be of great help to the team.Moreover, my background in the preparation of financial reports, such as income statements and balance sheets and cash flow statements will make computation for the companys financial less difficult.

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The extent to which television has changed the family lifestyle Essay

The extent to which picture has changed the family lifestyle - Essay ExampleIndeed, it is widely accepted because private and public agencies use it as a tool for change in health and reproductive behaviors. It is also a source of news, and it has been important in entertaining millions of mess around the globe. For this, and many other reasons the concept of liveing video and the type nitty-gritty that the televisions air has been subject for discussion among many scholars and commentators because of their impact on family lifestyle.In 2004, psychologist carried out research on 2000 families from North America regarding the effect of television in their family life. From the research, about 98% of American homes have television sets turned on daily for about 7 hours a day (Hesselman et al. 32). This means that people in America spend more time in watching television apart from doing other things people watch television for up to 31.5 hour a week. TV has many positive effects on people of northern America. People who come from poor families also aroma risque just as those who come from rich families because they are able to access news the same way as those from rich families. Research has proved that a television set is a good baby sitter hence, do child bearing less burdensome.Television has proved to be a substitute friend to those who feel lonely since one can sit in the house for the whole day with the television in front of him. From the families interviewed, a majority confessed that the TV is an inexpensive, social and immediate acceptable way to relax and travel the time especially in todays world where people are too fussy with work and do not have time to hang out with friends and relatives. With the popularity of religious preaching, families get to watch programs that address current issues, which are relevant to the experiences that families go through in todays world. rough of the programs that aired on televisions are beneficial to th e spiritual

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Micro-Teaching Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Micro-Teaching - Assignment Example(Gardner, 2000, 45)I got hold of some groom text books as well as college books on mathematics and statistics. I studied these in depth. I made sure that I understood every word in the explanations. I did quite a few numbers in the exercises to practice. It was not possible to try every sum beca utilisation they were in boastfully numbers. I referred some experienced teachers on the subject. I also went online and studied pie charts in bona fide websites. In appurtenance to this process, I tried many times to make the presentation more understandable to the level of jump on that the class I am to teach is under. This would help them realize the subject more practically. (Erickson, 2006, 76)I discussed pie charts and how they atomic number 18 to be taught to university students. I discussed this with one senior and experienced teacher of statistics in the university. I discussed the basic features of pie charts and their use. I also talked to a few students to get an idea of what they expected from teachers. I also learnt when pie charts are take up used. These conversations allowed me to see by the process of encyclopedism that would most likely work on the students I am particularly dedicating the presentation to. (Gardner, 2001, 54) Through the advice and the perceptions of the people I talked to, I realized when is it best to utilize pie charts and preferably give them a more practical sense of function in the class during certain constituted discussions may it be about math or other subjects. How did you select materialsI talked to students in the secondly and third years of their college. I got wind of the text books that contain explanations and problems in pie charts. The teacher I rundle to in this regard also helped me. I also had an idea about the school text books that contained explanations of pie charts. I also went online and used key words to select website that had explanations on pie charts. Throug h these implicative understanding garnered through research, I made it a point that what I would be presenting to the class would not simply be a functional piece of aide for teaching, but it would also be something that would make learning an easier trade union movement for all the students in class regardless of whatever age or whatever level of learning they might be able to grasp.(Tyler, 2001, 54) This made my presentation more applicable to all ages and all learners both in secondary school and university school classes. What alternative approaches did you considerI did think about development audio visuals. Proper use of audio visuals impact students minds rapidly and clearly. It also becomes easy to explain pie charts use thoroughly with the help of audio visuals. Audio visuals come in many forms. I prefer apply my laptop for the purpose. I will have to prepare the notes and charts. I knew that this

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Final Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Final Exam - Essay ExampleAnother very practical yarn which everyone in class talked much around was, One Friday Morning written by Langston Huges, this story is about a teenage girl who attains success after her art talents be exhibited in a contest, notwithstanding everything changes and people start treating her badly because she is a black girl. The subject matter of the story is that racial discrimination should not be the cause of discouraging people in achieving what they want, and every one should be do by equally irrespective of their class, creed or color. Another story which caught our interest in class and which we enjoyed indicant was Fish Cheeks written by Amy Tan, it is about a Chinese girl who is in love with the watchword of an American minister, her mother invites the ministers family over for the Christmas eve but she feels ashamed of the way her family acts in front of them. The lesson we learnt from it was that everyone should be proud of their culture b ecause everyone has their own cultural values. All these stories were different in their own manner but they taught all the students something important about life and people.Another really interesting assignment, which we got and interested us, the most was analyse two essays Where are you going, where have you been & Fish Cheeks with the movie Stand by me. Both of the essays and the book are about evolution between youth and adulthood, when one can try new things and is still subject to blame his or her actions on immature scruples. Teenagers often get caught up in a compact of inquisitiveness where finding themselves becomes predictable. The dissimilarities between the two were that they were not about racism, and the movie is about four better(p) friends who take an overnight hike through the woods near their town to find the body of a boy whos been missing for days, where as the essay Where are u going where have u been is about a

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London Metropolitan University Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

London Metropolitan University - Essay sheathAdditionally, Brain Activity allow be determined using electroencephalography (EEG). This pass on be another mildew of disclosure of hugger-mugger or private information. Electroencephalography (EEG) examines judgement electrical activity in human brain and it can detect covert processing, a processing without every requirement on responds. Therefore, with this private and confidential disclosure, I would only take into account only participants who volunteer and commit myself to do testing on as far as the project goes and as long as no harm occurs on any of my interviewees or myself.At this stage, I have not yet come across any capableness conflicts of interest towards my proposed look project. On the other hand I give not be 100% sure whether there may or may not be any potential conflicts of interest towards my project in the future or not. However, as far as I am concerned, my proposed research project does no harm to parti cipants or myself as one of the volunteers participating in my research project.The risks are potentially minimal since the project involves interviews. However, some participants may be allergic to some materials, including materials that may have been used in making my design objects.Before exposing my research participants to my objects, no matter how third estate they appear to be, I will ask them if they have any allergic reaction to objects. This way, I will be able to assert with utmost certainty that my project does not harm anyone in any way.The primary objective of this research is to determine the emotional effect of shapes/forms on human brain. Research findings will give an in depth understanding of this important connection and therefore, the use of objects/forms especially jewellery will be optimised to bring positive inner feelings such as inner peace and calm. This will greatly benefit me, participants, and more notably, marketers who can articulate their marketing products to appeal to emotions of their

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ICI Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

ICI - Essay ExampleThis approach was considered a loss leader in IT delivery projects. They were broken down into different components and distributed to onsite, near shore and offshore sites, to deliver them at maximum value and the most cost efficient way. This cut their costs by 30%, because their clock time to grocery store using the world wide teams made working 24 hours a day a reality. Infosys had a different approach to implementing their technology. Instead of analyzing the firms operatees and redesigning them, ICI looked at the process requirements, not the operating(a) requirements. They run aground that inefficiencies could be found better through horizontal processes rather than vertical functions, like gross revenue and marketing. They in like manner looked at process metrics. The idea was that everything ICI did needed to impact their clients performance and thereof increase shareholder values. ICI used the GDM to employ an onsite team that worked with the clie nt to see how the company operated and was organized. Most companies had fin to ten level processes used to develop a product from an idea into a reality. ICI was able to appoint these, and organized their team accordingly. The onsite team used process experts and SAP experts. At night, the offshore teams turned the templates into a configuration. Then, the next day, the onsite team would test the configuration with the client and create a second iteration. That night, the offshore team would develop it. Typic ally there were four or five iterations for individually process object. Under distinctive circumstances, each one would take a week. In the case of 200 process objects, the configuration for all of them would take approximately six months using ICIs methods, whereas traditional methods could take up to a year. This also resulted in taller client satisfaction, because it could be tested during the design and configuration processes. ICI also created a 1-1-3 feign for cost reduction. What this does is allows business consulting resources at the market rate, an onsite IT implementation resource at a lower than ordinary rate, and three offshore developers at lower than market rates. What this did was allowed ICI to conduct major engagements for about $100 per hour, versus market rates having an average combined rate of $300 to $400. ICI followed Infosys in its philosophy of measure everything. InfoSys created a high awareness of quality of work using its Capability Maturity Model (CMM). This model judged the maturity of software processes currently in use and identified what was required to increase the maturity of them. ICIs ideas from a liberal service stance were assisting clients in dealing with their technology related issues in customer, product and corporate operations. ICI found that the best way to deliver value was to make marked improvements in the process metrics in the clients operation through its engagement with ICI. So, every transfo rmation and consulting engagement resulted in a concerted exertion on the part of ICI to deliver as much improvement in process metrics in the hope of creating a positive shareholder value. ICI would analyze their current operations, assess process metrics of each process and design changes in the structure that enabled the technology to deliver marked improvement in the process metrics. In the quote-to-cash process, they measured the time between the quote submission and time of payment. Their capacity fro processing those orders in a certain timeframe. What percentage of orders had zero

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Ronald Reagan's Presidency Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Ronald Reagans Presidency - Essay ExampleFinally, he came to his economic belief system through his own study of the free market (278). Reagans transition from populist to Republic and his later adoption as a symbol of conservative republicanism will be discussed in this essay through a critical analysis of his economic policy and position on tender Security reform.President Reagans economic policy was broadly set in a speech he gave as a candidate on 9 September 1980. In it, he outlined a program based on a rejection of Keynesian economics. He supported cuts in the marginal r til nowue enhancement rate and reductions in business levyati atomic number 53s. He argued for the elimination of wasteful government pass and for a equilibrise compute (Hogan 1990a, 218). So when the economic package was revealed to public, its central themes should have surprised no one tax cuts, reductions in the rate of growth of government spending, deregulation and the slow, stable growth of the mo ney supply (Hogan 1990a, 222 Busch 2005, 29). The tax cuts, which were important to Reagan (due to his personal experiences with taxation) specified a 10% rate reduction for three consecutive twelvemonths, cuts in business taxes, the elimination of bracket creep (the process by which inflation pushes income earners into higher tax brackets even though their income has not increased enough in real dollars to warrant such a raise), slap-up gains tax reductions, lower estate and gift taxes and the faster depreciation on business investments (Schaller 1992, 42). The Reagan tax cuts were successful by the public as most people would prefer to retain more of their income, and by galore(postnominal) members who wanted to take some credit. It also presented the public with an image of induced economic growth that was painless in comparison to strict budget balancing and economic controls (Hogan 1990b, 147). Reagans Fiscal Year (FY) 1982 budget communicate federal spending at $659.5 one thousand thousand with a deficit of $45 billion. It included non-defense reductions of around $41.4 billion and an additional $200 billion is cuts over the next three years. A balanced budget was direct for 1984. Marginal tax rates would be cut from a range from 14% to 70% to one amidst 10% and 50%. Many social programs would be shifted to the states (Sloan 1999, 115-116 Schaller 1992, 42). His alterations were in the conservative tradition. Governments domestic spending would be cut coinciding with a cut in its major source of revenue. This would act as a constraint against further unchecked growth. A budget victory was also a infallible prerequisite for the upcoming tax cuts since Reagan wanted lower taxes, he would first need to address the budget.The budget battle took place over two phases. The first phase involved a Democratic alternating(a) to the Reagan plan that was similar to the presidents but different in some major ways. It involved a angiotensin converting enzyme year tax cut and increases in spending reductions (Hogan 1990b, 147). Reagan was not willing to trade his three year tax cuts for increased spending cuts, so a short battle in the House resulted. The winner, the judicatory backed mandated spending reductions on over 200 domestic programs by over $136 billion between FY 1982-1984. The entire program was put into a single bill, which meant all reductions would be considered together and decided by one vote on the floor (148).Reagans

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Stem cell research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Stem cell - explore Paper ExampleHowever, in an embryo that is developing, antecedent cells can sort into a large number of specialized cells and whitethorn principal(prenominal)tain the normal output of those organs, which regenerate such as blood and skin. The main difference between stalk cells and other cells in the body is the fact that they ar able to unlikeiate into other types of cells or tissue papers. This ability allows them to replace the cells that sustain died, moreover, this has been used by scientists to replace those cells that ar uncollectible in patients who have diseases and effects that cannot be effectively recruitd by other forms of medicine (Dresser 181). Scientists hope that stem cells, from which all other types of cells can grow, will help cure Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons disease, diabetes, spinal injuries, congestive heart failure and other maladies (Kelley). The usage of stem cells, especially embryonic stem cells in the cure of diseases s uch as Parkinsons disease has come to breed a lot of controversy, and at that place has been a great deal of support for those who argon for it and for those who argon against it. There are different types of stem cells andmany different terms have been used to describe them, and these descriptions xd to come from the area of the body or the country of development from which they have come. Among the different stem cell forms are the following tissue stem cells, foetal stem cells, cord blood stem cells, embryonic stem cells and finally, induced pluripotent stem cells. Moreover, many full-grown stem cells can substitute cells that die or restore tissues that have been damaged in injuries and such gravid tissues as skin and muscle have their own stem cells, and in the bone marrow, blood-forming stem cells help in the production of blood cells. It is yet to be determined whether all organs have stem cells and it can, therefore, be said that the term adult stem cells is used very broadly and may contain other categories of stem cells, which are not necessarily found in adults. There are certain accepted stem cell therapies in the medical field, which require the use of stem cells, which are tissue specific. These tissue stemcells used in these therapies include the bone marrow and cord blood stem cell transplantation, which treat diseases related to blood or the restoration of blood after treatments of such conditions as cancer. In this situation, the tissue stem cells are used to mend the parts of the body from which these cells came. Another adult stem cell type is the mesenchymal stem cells, which are found in a number of tissues, and they are speculated to be able to produce bone, cartilage, and fat (Siegel 215). This has yet to be proven for human beings, but there is ongoing research on animals to determine whether these cells can be used to treat such conditions as bone fractures that do not normally heal. In addition, there is a possibility that thes e cells or cells that are similar to them play a role in altering the immune system in resolution to injury. Fetal stem cells are those, whichare taken from the fetus, which is a developing baby that has gone approximately ten weeks into gestation. The majority of the tissues in the fetus include cells that can help in the swift growth and matureness of organs and are extremely much like adult stem cells, which are often tissue specific. The fetus stem cells often produce the cell types that are mature inside the organ from which they were

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Social Commentators and Modern American Society Research Paper

Social Commentators and Modern Ameri sack up Society - interrogation Paper ExampleThis is d angiotensin converting enzyme in light of the fictitious characters and plots that may either be make up on fact, or on fiction. In fact, there are many who have successfully pointed step forward that change emanates from literary works. As literary works are read and analyzed, life in the companionship gets revisited, with benevolent values being strengthened and malevolent ones being abrogated and hence the exaction of reforms. Summary On one hand, Gilmans novel Herland was published in 1915 by the Forerunner and depicts a utopia of a female-only society which reproduces done pathogenesis. The culmination of this development is the realization of an ideal fully functioning social order which is devoid of war, oppression and subservience. On the other hand, there is playwright Arthurs Miller decease of a Salesman was first premiered on February 10th, 1949. The play is most a father wh o has a lot of expectations on his sons, especially bullet. Later on, he comes to the harsh reality that he has not been perfect himself, and commits suicide as an artifice to help Biff start a business. He kills himself in a traffic accident so that his insurer can indemnify Biff and Happy. He assumes that with the indemnity, Biff can start off a business. Interpretive outline students on key themes Who were Charlotte Perkins Gilmore and Arthur Miller Arthur A. Miller (1915- 2005) was an American essayist and playwright. Not only did Miller present a lasting impact in American theatre industry, but he also remained a public figure in the Interwar and the Cold War periods. Millers dexterity in literary works is underscored by the Prince of Asturias and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama Awards. Millers consciousness for American politics is tumesce underscored by several instances in which he castigated the unjust racist systems in America, even before gracious rights movement made a n advent. Charlotte Perkins Gilmore (July 3rd, 1860- August 17th, 1935) was an American writer, novelist, poet, short storyteller, sociologist, a nonfiction writer, social reformer, a proofreader and a feminist. As a matter of fact, many scholars and analysts have grouped Gilman as a Utopian feminist, since her works were exceptionally suited for women. The veracity of this standpoint is well exemplified by the novel Herland, where she envisions a manhood that is strictly populated by women and as such, is totally perfect. The Literary Devices Gilmore and Miller Used to Write Their whole kit there are many literary devices that Miller and Gilmore used to communicate their message. Miller in the play, The Death of a Salesman strongly uses flashbacks to weave his plotline together and into a complex whole. This is seen in the instance where Willy, an old sales representative remembers an instance where he overstated his earnings, and only got to admit this folly when his wife Lind a calculated his commission and found an anomaly. It is in this same instance where Willy remembers his conversation with his wife where he complained about feeling inadequate about his looks. His wife Linda reassures him that he is good looking. At this point, the playwright lets the audience and analysts into Willys insecurity. It is insecurity that leads him into overstating his earnings, and

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How has the global political economy changed as a result of the global Assignment

How has the orbicular policy-making economy changed as a result of the global financial and economic crisis since 2007 - Assignment ExampleToday, most economists aver that the conquer is behind us. However the pangs of the latest recession are still being felt. The immediate future is not rosy with growth forecasts being downgraded by most countries. That the distant future would bring back the joys of expand period is what every nation is pinning its hopes on. Along with this economic and financial crisis that has seen unemployment numbers soar, banks collapse, in come ins shrink and exact wane, there has been turbulence in the world political scene as well. If the stock markets are shaky, so are the government set ups of many nations. Vukovic (2011) maintains that the reason for the crisis lies primarily in the political domain. He asserts that the bulletproof influence of inte stop groups, lobbying power of financial corporations, leads to favoritism in macroeconomic policie s and inefficient resource allocation. bandage the mighty, deemed to be infallible United States is facing a leadership crisis, there is political turmoil in European countries. Walker (2011) suggests that this crisis of leadership is prevailing, along with United States, in Europe, Japan and Australia. Furthermore this leadership famine extends to institutions like the IMF. The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are also facing political crisis of sorts as this crisis has spared few. The present paper looks at the political scenario in certain select countries of the world to understand how the global financial and economic crisis since 2007 has impacted the global political scene. United States of America Duchin (2009) establishes that the banks political ties played a considerable role in lush Asset Relief Program (TARP) fund distribution. It was thus the political activism and not prudence that governed government expending when recession was at its peak and th e beleaguered companies clamored for cash. There has been a political stand-off in the U.S betwixt the Republi bathrooms and the democrats as the 2 parties failed to agree on key issues. So much so that the disagreement between them brought the US on the brink of a debt default and kept the world on tenterhooks fearing another meltdown. The latest arrangement between the two warring factions will enable the U.S government to borrow money till the end of 2012. The government, on its part will ensure a spending melt off of almost $1 trillion outspread over the next decade. Experts opine that the compromise formula may be short-lived and questions like where to cut government spending? could again flare up the political scene. Furthermore, is the political constrains that will decide whether Obama can go in for the third round of quantitative easing or not. India Today (2011) avers that Barack Obama, the U.S president, has numerous issues to confront, including the graduation ever credit rating downgrade of the US, as he goes for reelection. The president would be hoping that his $447 turn onion jobs bill translates into favorable, tangible numbers by then. The status of the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency of the world mechanically links the currency exchange rates with political overtones. The movement of this currency leads to political repercussions in the rest of the world. Germany Greece has been the latest beneficiary of rescue loans granted after the consent of Euro zone leaders. Germanys Chancellor Angela Merkel., has come under fire from the Christian Democratic Union for her efforts to secure additional bailout funds for Greece. Opinion survey in the

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Preparing Students for Work and Prior Learning Assignment

Preparing Students for Work and Prior Learning - engagement ExampleThe research analyzes the necessity for schools and universities to change the way of teaching in order to dress their students for their afterlife vocations and supply them with a set of necessary skills. The acidifys indicates two polar views on the educational constitution one is negative, the other one is positive. The author claims changes should be done at all levels of education. Schools need to prepare students broadly for work and provide work experience opportunities. They should ensure that their employment engagement interventions offer career advice to the students. The writer also describes the program called The Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). It refers to evaluating informal discipline that has occurred immaterial formal academic environment. This learning process assists individuals to identify what they already know and what they need to know in order to achieve whatever the y desire. In conclusion the author states Universities need to take into account prior(prenominal) learning to enable students to enhance their image, and increase students placement in programs. PLAR promotes individuals self-esteem as it recognizes their previous learning accomplishment. Prior learning also validates appropriate learning and important skills acquired through life or work experience. Applicants for PLAR need to provide evidence by providing appropriate certificates, resume, and references from employers to prove that they have indeed acquired the necessary skills and knowledge. PLAR has be to be an important initiative in education system.