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Jose Rizal as a Reformist

Jose Rizal, our national hero, was one of the Filipinos who asked for reforms. These reforms will grant the ultimate dream of the reformists; assimilation. Filipinos will be given the rights that they deserve. Rizal choose to seek for reforms than to start a revolution because he knew that Philippines was not yet ready to stand on its own (during his time). Rizal used his liberal ideas in asking for reforms. Rizal joined the Circulo Hispano Filipino when he was still in Europe. This organization did not achieve its goal because the members have different interests.Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo served as Rizal’s means for asking reforms. He used these novels to portray what was happening in the Philippines during the Spanish Colonization. His goal was to awaken the Filipinos and the Spaniards(Spain) with what is happening in the Philippines and he thought that through these novels the Filipinos and the Spaniards would believe that assimilation is the just action for the Filipinos. The Filipinos who were studying in Europe during those times use this movement to ask for reforms to the Spanish Government. They organized the Propaganda Movement to serve as a way of getting those reforms.Jose Rizal was an outstanding Propagandist of the Propaganda Movement. Rizal did not support the revolution for he believed that this will not make the Philippines a better country. The Philippine Revolution freed the Filipinos from the hands of the Spaniards. Although Rizal did not actually support it he had contributed much to this revolution. His works and writings were the corner stone of the revolution and he was indeed an inspiration for the Katipuneros during those times. Rizal’s life was devoted to his country (Philippines). His works and writings were evidence for his noble act as a reformist.

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The Hunger Games and Child Soldiers: the Sad Truth

Hunger Games and Child Soldiers: The Sad Truth The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins,(Collins) and Child Soldiers are intertwined together because they are both children fighting for their lives. The children are alike because they got executed into being prisoners, that fight to their deaths and kill savagely. The children live similarly because they both have organizations or sponsors helping them get out of their situation. Lastly, the children experience the same emotions because The Hunger Games(Collins) is kind of like a realistic version of child soldiers.The Hunger Games (Collins) and child soldiers think alike because children from both scenarios are fighting for their lives through brutality, hunger, and savageness. The Hunger Games(Collins) and Child Soldiers are intertwined together because they are both children fighting for their lives. The children are alike because they are both prisoners that are forced to fight and kill savagely. The children are similar because they both have organizations or sponsors helping them get out of their situation. Lastly, the children are alike because The Hunger Games(Collins) is kind of like a realistic version of child soldiers.The Hunger Games (Collins) and child soldiers are alike because children from both scenarios are fighting for their lives through brutality, hunger, and savageness. Child Soldiers, like The Hunger Games(Collins), are very alike because they are both young children forced to fight and kill savagely. According to War Child, a reliable organization aimed at saving child soldiers, Child soldiers are kids that are under the age of 18 who are used to fight and kill in wars and for power. (warchild) Children as young as 12 years old fight and kill each other like it’s a friendly game.These children should be learning how to associate with other kids and play at the playgrounds with friends. Instead of normal childhood memories, demonic people such as Joseph Kony corrupt their minds into be lieving it's tolerable to kill. (Kony 2012, Invisible children inc. ) This flabbergasting organization Invisible Children Inc. , made Joseph Kony famous so he would get caught. According to the child soldiers global report, there is over 300,000 children in almost every country where there is warfare or conflict happening that still use child soldiers to combat. facts and figures on child soldiers) In The Hunger Games there is 24 tributes every year. (The Hunger Games, Collins). If all the tributes are added up over the years, all the myriad deaths in both The Hunger Games and child soldiers is a drastic tragedy. (collins) Child Soldiers and The Hunger Games are poor children forced to fight fiercely. If the children refuse to fight, they will be killed instantaneously. (The Hunger Games, Kony 2012) These children will do anything to survive even if it means to eradicate their peers who are in the same situation as them, or secretly be in love with someone.Katniss and Peeta, from Th e Hunger Games, are secretly in love for the cameras to get sponsors, only for survival. (Collins) In The Hunger Games, if the tributes have information about something, the capitol will kidnap them, and turn them into beasts, which then the capital tortures them to death instead of letting them live a profligate death. (Collins) For example, Peeta is kidnapped from the Capitol and is turned into a beast and tries to kill Katniss against his will, a disastrous trick from the Capitol. Collins) Child soldiers and The Hunger Games relate because both the leaders of the child soldiers,and the Capitol, from The Hunger Games, will kill the children if they violate their rules. (Invisible children Inc. , Collins) The Hunger Games and child soldiers are alike because they both have organizations or sponsors who are exasperating to save the adolescents' lives and contribute them stipulations for survival. (Invisible Children Inc. , Collins) In the Hunger Games Katniss has various sponsors se nding her food, medicine, and weapons to help her outlast, and make it out of the games. Collins) The sponsors who send items for the tributes survival, costs a great deal of money to give to the tributes,even if it’s just a crumb of bread. (The Hunger Games, Collins) Organizations trying to help children get out of being child soldiers are like the sponsors facilitating tributes. Both sponsors and tributes traverse over trying to scoop up money to buy equipment to donate. Some famous organizations, aimed at helping child soldiers get out of being a soldier, are The Invisible Children Inc. , and War child. War Child and Invisible People) Child soldiers, with the help of organizations, can get out of warfare and have education, plus return home safely. (War Child, Invisible Children Inc. ) In The Hunger Games it costs a lot to send to send the tributes gifts from their sponsors. (Collins)The reason this has to do with child soldiers is because the organizations that help child ren don't have much funds. Ann O Neil, from CNN, thinks the organizations do not have much funds to help child soldiers so they are not as effective as the organizations could be. Ann O'Neill,Cnn, Kids turned into Terrifying Killers) Collins probably got the idea of having sponsors from the child soldiers organizations. Some children who have been through the cruelty and savageness they go through, end up never getting their innocence back. In The Hunger Games, the living tributes have visions of killing each other, which end up haunting them through gruelling, unmistaken mayhem known as a nightmare, which Katniss needs Peeta to help her get through. (Collins)â€Å"I have lost all my dreams, all my hopes for the future, I feel like a dead person†, a former child soldier from the LRA says. War Child) Many tributes from The Hunger Games and child soldiers are troubled for the rest of their life after killing people. (Collins, Kony 2012 video) Child Soldiers is like a realistic version of The Hunger Games. In the novel, Katniss is poor with the rest of the districts compared to the capitol. (Collins) It is like Africa or other places where child soldiers exist with savagery. The children are barely fed and child soldiers sometimes even have to be savage and eat parts of dead children. Facts and Figures on Child Soldiers) There is not words to explain how inhumane both The Hunger Games and the thought of child soldiers are. The idiosyncrasy of the leaders is unbelievable when it results to having children fight. The reason child soldiers are taken more easily is because families live in bad areas from poverty and they get kidnapped. (Kony 2012 Video) The children are easier to prey on if they are in poverty. In one article on CNN, a child soldier said he couldn't wait to be old enough to get out of being a child soldier so he could be a hitman for drug cartels to put food on the table. Stolen Kids Turned into Terrifying Killers, CNN) This is like The Hunger Games lifers who train their whole lives to be in the games for fame. Lastly, both The Hunger Games(Collins) and child soldiers will do cruel things, because they are so troubled from the society they live in. Lastly, child soldiers and The Hunger Games both hope to get out of their situation. Child soldiers and tributes from The Hunger Games(Collins) don't fight back to their leaders, because there is hope to stop fighting or get out of the arena in The Hunger Games. Collins) Children fighting for their lives who are savagely forced to fight is the realistic version of The Hunger Games. Children fight for their lives through hardships like having the pressure of taking care of their family through getting paid of being a child soldier, or in Katniss’s case, making sure she will make it back out of The Hunger Games to be the provider for her family again. (Collins&War Child) Child soldiers and the tributes from The Hunger Games suffer many things, but in the end it comes dow n to the question of do all humans have savage secretly bestowed in them?The Hunger Games(Collins) and Child Soldiers are intertwined together because they are both children fighting for their lives. The children are alike because they are both prisoners that are forced to fight and kill savagely. The children are similar because they both have organizations or sponsors helping them get out of their situation. Lastly, the children are alike because The Hunger Games(Collins) is kind of like a realistic version of child soldiers. The Hunger Games (Collins) and child soldiers are alike because children from both scenarios are fighting for their lives through brutality, hunger, and savageness.

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T0 what extent are law graduate denied access to the legal profession Essay

T0 what extent are law graduate denied access to the legal profession - Essay Example This implies that the students who somehow decide to adopt law as a profession have to face the acute financial crises (BAG, 2005). Complains received from these types of students shows that they are over stressed and lost the charm in their lives, because after working hard and sacrificing their time, they cannot even earn enough to pay their dues on time. Besides the dues problem, another important factor that influences the mindset of law students, is rareness of pupillage for the solicitors, they think if they cannot earn enough as a solicitor then who they can? And if they cannot, then what is the need to destroy their time and money. Inequalities that are present in the education system made worse by the law professionals along with the funding system introduced. Most of the cases decisions taken by the law profession are not satisfying the condition of equality and as a result the student who deserves is empty handed. In addition to this a trend is set that the student who comes from the private school becomes a barrister and the student from state school becomes a solicitor. Private school students think to be more worthy of getting the scholarships, whereas if the actual figures are considered then 57% of students belongs to private school said that they are fully supported by their families and 34% are dependent on the loans. While in case of state school students 66% students are dependent on the loans and remained supported by their families. But still the ratio of awarding scholarships is more to the private school students as compare to the state school students, despite the fact that they deserve (BAG, 2005). Competition is present betwixt all the professionals in their respective fields. The law professionals irrespective that they are barristers or solicitors they have to compete with each other in their professional careers. Now when they pay huge dues then they feel unsatisfactory not just because of the huge expenses and rivalry, but

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Advantages and disadvantages of private labels Essay

Advantages and disadvantages of private labels - Essay Example A private label may be defined as a label that is unique to a specific retailer. According to Weitz's definition, "Private-label brands, also called store brands, are products developed by a retailer and available for sale only from that retailer (2004)." There are many categories of private labels such as, store brands, store sub-brands, umbrella branding, individual brands and exclusive brands.In order to fully discuss private labels, an original company, Macy's, has been used as an example in this essay. I would like to propose several ideas related to private labels that can help improve Macy's profitability.Macy's was founded by Mr. Rowland Hussey Macy in 1851 and established on Broadway in New York City. In 1896 the store was acquired by Mr. Isidor Strauss and underwent a large expansion during the 1920's and 30's's).Today, it is perhaps as well known for its annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, as its chain of large American department stores. Its flagship store is located in New York City, and currently holds the record for largest department store building.R.H. Macy & Co. merged with Federated Department Stores on 19th December, 1994. Federated merged its Abraham & Straus/Jordan Marsh division with "Macy's East". Federated acquired Woodward & Lothrop/John Wannamaker in 1995. In 1996 Federated purchased and dissolved Broadway Stores and incorporated it into Macy's West. The year 2001 saw the acquisition of the Liberty House chain which had departments and stores in Hawaii and Guam. It was converted into Macy's West. Bon-Macy's (Pacific Northwest) and Burdines-Macy's (Florida) were soon named as Macy's Northwest and Macy's Florida respectively. And Macy's Central Division included the Memphis and Atlanta Macy's became a part of Macy's central division. In 2005, Macy's acquired May Department stores and retained its brand name to be sold at the Macy's store. Thus, May became a private brand for Macy's. This was an important merger for Macy's since Famous-Barr, Filene's, Foley's, Hecht's, The Jones Store, Kaufmann's, L.S. Ayres, Meier & Frank, Robinsons-May, and Strawbridge's were all included in this acquisition. Later the same year Macy's announced that Marshall Field's would be acquired by Macy's and would become the company's North Division. Federated Department Stores has thus successfully eliminated much of its competition by buying them out and converting them to the Macy's nameplate. By 9th September 2006, Macy's will have approximately 850 stores in United States('s) . The CEO and Chairman of the store is Terry J. Lundgren and the CFO is Karen M. Hoguet. The vice president of Corporate Communications and External Affairs is James A. Sluzewski ( Macy's has seven divisions, the names of which are provided below; Macy's East Macy's Florida Macy's Midwest Macy's North Macy's Northwest Macy's South Macy's West The top competitors for Macy's are Dillards, Inc (DDS), J.C. Penny Corporation and Saks Incorporated (SKS). The company has a number of subsidiaries and affiliates; namely After Hours Formalwear, Bloomingdale's, Inc., David's Bridal, Inc., and the various regional divisions of Macy's. The company had 232,000 employees in the year 2006 and had a growth rate of 43.30% and ( The annual revenue of the store is 2.5 billion U.S. dollars ( Historically, private labels were inexpensive copies of original designer clothes, often a season or two behind runway fashion. In addition, most of the private labels had a homely feeling to them. However, this is not the case anymore. Trends have drastically changed in the past few years. Whereas private labels were once sold at the back section of departmental stores,

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Ethics in the work place Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ethics in the work place - Research Paper Example Kerns (2003) emphasizes on certain core values that give way to ethical behavior. Accordingly, integrity and courage; love and kindness; justice and fair guidance; wisdom and knowledge, and self control have universal appeal to influencing ethical behavior. The mentioned virtues are interlinked with each other. For example, self control is the ability to keep personal motivation in low ebb to act objectively based on the principle of justice and fairness. An ethical behavior at work place is not demonstrated just by personal integrity but it often requires courage – to do the right thing without bothering about personal consequences. Love and kindness always generate a positive feeling that not only recognize others but prevent them to do any unethical behavior. Just and fair attitude is a powerful driver for an ethical behavior. Wisdom comes through experience and when it combines with knowledge, an ethical behavior is likely to crop up by all means. These core values are necessary to promote ethical behavior at work places. Greer and Plunkett (2007) provide a basic guideline for ethical decision-making. According to them, a legally supported decision is not always an ethical decision. Firing a person due to personal grudge and for absolutely no fault of the person cannot be challenged legally; however, on ethical ground, the action is not palatable. At times, it may appear that adhering to ethical principles may lead to some negative personal consequences, even then that is the best way when seen from a long-term perspective. Russell (2014) argues that workplace ethics offer significant benefits to the organization. It helps in protecting assets of the firm. The companies such as WorldCom, Enron in the recent years are glaring examples of total annihilation due to unethical behavior by managers, top executives, accountants and auditors in large scale. Their entire assets wiped out within a few months and they had to go for bankruptcy under chapter 11

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MAT105-0801B-13 Business Math-Phase 1 Individual Project Essay

MAT105-0801B-13 Business Math-Phase 1 Individual Project - Essay Example The choice of the printer is out of the questions. Since I will be receiving resumes and other files from my clients, I really need to buy a printer in order for me to review these documents more easily. Lastly, I also required a fax phone in recognition that some of the documents cannot always be attached through e-mails noting that some clients may not have scanners. A telephone is also essential since I will also be dealing with customers through phone conversations especially if issues cannot be easily resolved through e-mails. The major problem that I encountered in my online shopping is the fact that I cannot purchase the same set of products from the three retailers. It should be noted that HP’s online website carries only its manufactured brands. Thus, the choice is limited. In order to remedy the situation, I chose to purchase products which have the same features from the three different online retailers. I also find it difficult to calculate tax rate in CompUSA as it shows zero tax rate for my zip code. Thus, what I did is to look it up in the other websites. Lastly, I cannot compare the results of my shopping list in the three stores thus, the need to calculate using an Excel spreadsheet. I believe that Table 2 best satisfies my requirement. Sourcing from manufacturer allows me to get a warranty of one year on my purchases which I can directly transact with them. Price-wise, Shopping HP also entails the lowest cost which is consistent with my goal of minimizing

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How does Juliet grow and change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

How does Juliet grow and change - Essay Example In examining these forms of characterization, this essay traces the way that Juliet grows and changes throughout the work. During the early part of the play Shakespeare depicts Juliet as largely naive to the romantic world around her. In these regards, there is the recognition that surrounding characters have first begun to express interest in Juliet. Notably, Paris speaks with Capulet regarding his desire to marry Juliet. Juliet herself, however, is recognized as largely oblivious to these advances. Juliet’s nurse asks her, â€Å"Tell me, daughter Juliet,/ How stands your disposition to be married?† (1.3.63-64). Juliet responds, â€Å"It is an honor that I dream not of† (1.3.65). Here Juliet is indicating that she has not thought marriage. Additionally, this scene demonstrates Juliet’s relative subservience to her Nurse, further attesting to Juliet’s stage of growth. Ultimately then this stage of Juliet’s characterization demonstrates that s he is naive and has not thought of a suitable romantic suitor. As the text progresses, Juliet correspondingly experiences a greater level of growth and maturity. The next substantial stage of Juliet’s growth and maturation occurs at a costume ball that is thrown. The costume ball is attended by both Romeo and Juliet. While at the beginning of the night they have not met, they will eventually encounter each other and exchange romantic words. Romeo implements symbolism and figurative language in comparing himself to a pilgrim and Juliet to a saint. He then indicates that she must kiss him to rid of his sin. Eventually they kiss. The physical action of this kiss constitutes a significant stage of Juliet’s development as it partially heralds her entrance into womanhood. While before this kiss she indicated she had not thought of marriage, following this kiss there is a significant change in her outlook. Notably, referring to Romeo, Juliet states, â€Å"If he be married,/ My grave is like to be my wedding bed† (1.5.131). In addition to providing a strong foreshadowing of the play’s fateful conclusion, this statement directly opposes Juliet’s earlier statement that she had not even given marriage a thought. Ultimately, Juliet demonstrates rapid development in this scene as she not only enters into a physical show of affection, but she also demonstrates intensity in her lust for Romeo. As the narrative action in the play occurs in a relatively short period of time Juliet’s growth and development occurs rapidly. Following her interaction with Romeo at the costume ball, he comes to visit her window. This window scene has become a seminal aspect of Shakespeare’s writing for its masterful implementation of language. The scene additionally contains significant information regarding Juliet’s growth and development. In these regards, the scene begins to demonstrate Juliet understands the forbidden nature of the romance . While Juliet is a Capulet, Romeo is a Montague; these families are in conflict, such that their romance is not allowed. Juliet states, â€Å"O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?/ Deny thy father and refuse thy name;/ Or if, thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,/ And I’ll no longer be a Capulet† (2.1.33-36). Here Juliet is asking why Romeo is a Montague. She then asks him to give up his family name, and if he won’

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Accounting and finance for managers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Accounting and finance for managers - Essay Example The Return on Capital Employed ratio is used to analyse a company's position in terms of the return or profit it gains on the funds invested by the company's shareholdersIt shows the effectiveness of the company's management It shows the effectiveness and performance of the company's management to obtain more returns on the shareholders' investment. It is of importance to the company's management as well as investors and shareholders being a performance indicator for the company. The ROCE ratio for the Glaxo Smithkline plc is 102.78%, which shows that the company has been able to utilise the funds invested by shareholders in an profitable manner.The Asset Turnover ratio reveals the management's efficiency in utilising the company's assets towards sales and revenue generation (Meigs & Meigs, 1993). It is of particular interest to company's management in evaluating their policies and the revenue generation. The Glaxo Smithkline plc's asset turnover ratio is 90%, which shows that the sa les generated by the company proved to be 90% utilisation of the company's assets. It is a sign of an above-average performance of the company's management.The Gross Profit Margin Percentage evaluates the percentage of profit earned by a company on sales after the production and distribution activities (Mcmenamin, 1999). This ratio analyses the company's profit margin before accounting for various operating costs. This ratio is of critical importance to both the management and investors, in order to keep an eye over the company's income level and profit margin. The gross margin percentage for the company in consideration is 78.83%, which indicates that the company only loses about 22% of its sales revenue in the production and distribution activities. It is an indicator of the company's gross profitability. Net profit percentage 21.7% The Net Profit Marin Percentage ratio shows what percentage of profit a company earns on its sales (Mcmenamin, 1999). This ratio analyses a company's profitability after taking into account all the operating costs. The importance of this ratio is the same as that of gross profit percentage. The net profit percentage for Glaxo Smithkline is 21.7%, which means that the company loses about more of the gross profit in various selling and administrative expenses. Therefore, the company needs to revise its operating costs in order to gain much out of the actual gross profit. Current Ratio 1.5: 1 The current ratio measures short-term liquidity of a company in terms of its ability to pay off its short-term debts and liabilities (Meigs & Meigs, 1993) (Mcmenamin, 1999). It shows how much liquid assets a company owns against its short-term liabilities and obligations. The current ratio is of extreme importance to a company's short-term creditors for the purpose of a better evaluation of the company's liquidity position. The current ratio for this company is 1.5: 1, which means that the company owns about $1.5 worth of assets to pay off its short-term liabilities worth $1. Quick Ratio 1.3: 1 Quick ratio reveals the liquidity position of a company after keeping aside the value of stock (Meigs & Meigs, 1993). Therefore, it gives a quick review of a firm's liquidity position in terms of cash or the assets that can be quickly convertible into cash. It is of particular interest to the short-term creditors and suppliers of the company, as they need to evaluate a company's liquidity position and analyse how feasible it is for them to do business with the company. The quick ratio for this company is 1.3: 1, which means that after keeping aside the value of stock, the company still has $1.3 worth of assets to pay of its liabilities worth $1. Also, the difference between current and quick ratio shows that not most of the company's capital has been tied up in stock. Gearing Ratio 78.05% The Gearing ratio is an analyser of a company's long-term liquidity or solvency (Meigs & Meigs, 1

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Community Health Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Community Health Nursing - Essay Example In the past, those applying for health insurance had to have restrictions included in their medical insurance offering if they had additional medical conditions. In South Carolina, individuals who are eligible for HIPAA can choose to acquire individual medical insurance from the state’s High Risk Pool which is required to proffer individual medical insurance to all persons, including those with medical conditions. There are also organizations such as Medicaid to cover individuals who live on a limited income and have fulfilled the requirements of the South Carolina’s Medicaid eligibility panel. Mini-Med, or Guaranteed Health Insurance, is another option for individuals that are not able to meet the requirements for personal major medical insurance. These options are attainable for most people as those who have problems with income have the option of purchasing an insurance plan which has lower premiums and a high deductible that will cover them for accidents or even major illnesses. Such individuals could also opt for temporary health insurance in order to obtain stopgap coverage when unemployed. My definition of health is influenced by a combination of factors. My education stipulates that physical health is achieved when the body is not affected by illnesses and has elements from the major food groups to oversee its continuation. However, my culture also emphasizes on the importance of spiritual as well as mental health if a human being is to be completely healthy. I live in a multicultural society, and so my definition of health is also affected by the beliefs of different cultures in my community. For instance, there are people who feel that it is very important for family connections to remain close if all members of the family are to remain in optimum health. This is because this particular community beliefs that bad relationships in the family, or strained ties, interfere with the positive energy within families which is

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Hamlet vs Agamemnon Tragedy Essay Example for Free

Hamlet vs Agamemnon Tragedy Essay Hamlet and Agamemnon are two extraordinary and timeless plays. Both plays deal with the big themes of love, loss, pride, the abuse of power and the fraught relationships between men and gods. Hamlet and Agamemnon, the protagonist of the plays that were named after them, are two tragic heroes that commit some terrible crime without realizing how foolish and arrogant they have been. Both protagonist are of higher status, and have power. However, Hamlet is more tragic than Agamemnon, for several reasons. Hamlet is a good, kind men. He is the Prince of Denmark and loved by the Danish people. Unfortunately for him, his beloved father, King Hamlet, dies. Hamlet loves his father very much, and he is deeply hurt when his dad passed away. He is even more shocked and hurt by the fact that his mother, Queen Gertrude, marries his uncle, Claudius, shortly after her husband died. Prince Hamlet sees and has a conversation with his father’s ghost. He learns that the King of Denmark was murdered by his brother, Claudius. Hamlet swears to avenge his father, and he starts to play mad so he can gather evidence and put his plan in motion. At first, he is not completely sure that the ghost was his father, and he tries to get confirmation by inviting King Claudius and Queen Gertrude to a play based on what the ghost had told him. After he is convinced that his father was murdered, he plans to kill Claudius. Hamlet is not very eager to kill his uncle, he is not happy about the situation, and he does not act fast. Agamemnon is completely different than Hamlet. He rapes Clytemnestra and murders her husband. King Agamemnon did not stop there. After he marries Clytemnestra, he sacrifices their youngest daughter, Iphigenia, to gain favourable winds to take the Greek fleet to Troy. King Agamemnon seems to be more like King Claudius. Both of them killed the rightful King, took his wife, and killed or planned to kill the Queen’s child. Agamemnon kills his daughter, Claudius plots to kill Hamlet at least twice. Agamemnon is popular, and appreciated for his battles skills and victories. He doesn’t seem to care much about other persons and values, other than his power, battles victories, and the public’s adoration. Hamlet killes Polonius when he was talking with his mother after the play. Polonius was hiding, and ears dropping for the King. When Gertrude thought that Hamlet wants to attack her, she yelled for help, and Polonius  responded, calling for help from behind the arras. In an unusual moment of spontaneous action, Hamlet stabs the concealed figure, believing it to be Claudius. The death of Polonius cased great suffering to Ophelia, his daughter. She gets a little bit mad, singing nonsense about death and sex, and ends up drowning herself. Laertes, Polonius’s son, wants justice for his father, and becomes another potential revenge hero, but unlike Hamlet, he is more determined. He doesn’t care about the spiritual part of death like Hamlet. King Claudius adds fuel to the fire, and convinced Laertes to kill Hamlet in a duel. Laertes tells Claudius that he will poisoned the tip of the blade, to kill Hamlet. Claudius promised to poison the wine in case Laertes fails to scratch Hamlet with his sword. Hamlet is not aware of this plot, and accepts Claudius’s offer to fight Laertes. During the fight, there is a switch of rapiers, resulting in both Hamlet and Laertes being stabbed with the poisoned blade. Gertrude, meanwhile, mistakenly drinks the poisoned wine. She dies and Hamlet demands that they seek out the treachery that killed her. Laertes, realizing that he and Hamlet are both dying, explains everything and blames Claudius. Hamlet kills Claudius with the poisoned sword, finally fulfilling his quest for revenge. Laertes begs Hamlet to exchange forgiveness with him and dies. Hamlet forgives Laertes. Horatio wants to drink from the poisoned wine, so he can die with Hamlet, but he is stopped by the Prince. Hamlet tells Horatio that he must live in this horrible world so he can tell Hamlet’s story. Lord Hamlet announces that Fortinbras, Prince of Norway, will be the next king of Denmark and dies. Despite the fact that in the end, Prince Hamlet, Laertes, King Claudius, Queen Gertrude, and Ophilia died, the order in the kingdom is restored. Clytemnestra is the one seeking revenge in Agamemnon. During Agamemnon’s ten year absence, Clytemnestra and her lover, Aegistheus, planned to murder Agamemnon on his return. Clytemnestra wants revenge for her daughter, Iphegenia. When Agamemnon comes back, he brings with him, as concubine and slave, the ravished Trojan Princess, Cassandra. Cassandra has the gift of prophecy, but nobody believes her, thanks to Apollo’s curse. She sees the Clytemnestra plans to kill both Agamemnon and Cassandra, but the Chorus do not believe her . Princess Cassandra prays for a quick death, a wish that would be granted. Agamemnon commits hubris. He agrees to walk on the ‘red carpet’ that has been rolled out for him by his wife, even though he  mentions it is treatment meant only for the gods. Clytemnestra preparing her husband for a bath, put on him a bath-robe she had cunningly sewn to be a strait jacket. Wearing this, Agamemnon was completely helpless. His wife butchered and buried him without honours. She does the same to Cassandra. In Hamlet, King Claudius dies, King Hamlet finds peace, and Denmark gets rid of a bad king. Hamlet is buried like a soldier, having a military funeral. In a way, in Hamlet, Laertes commits hubris as well. He dares damnation and he mentions he would kill his father’s murderer in a church. Since both Laertes and Agamemnon commit hubris, both of them die shortly after, which is the element of nemesis in tragedy. Hamartia element, a tragic error, can be seen in Agamemnon when Agamemnon enters the house with Cassandra, trusting that Clytemnestra (his wife) is in fact happy to see him. Similarly in Hamlet, Hamlet agrees to duel with Laertes, not knowing that he is going to die by Laertes hand. Hamlet was a kind and honorable person. While he wanted revenge for his father, in a way he was right to do so. He did not wanted and enjoyed the idea of killing Claudius, but he pulled himself together at the last minute, right before he died. King Claudius was guilty of murdering a King, stealing a Kingdom, a Queen, and planning the murder of Prince Hamlet. Hamlet played for his revenge with his life. Since he was buried as a soldier, and the order was restored in Denmark, the Danish people did not hate him for his sins. Also, in Hamlet, we have more death on stage. Innocent people died, like Ophelia and Polonius. Agamemnon is completely different. He raped, he killed in cold blood, he sacrificed his own daughter to win a war, and he committed hubris, and took hostage the Princess of Troy. His wife, while she might be right in a way to avenge her daughter, she was looking forward to the task of killing Agamemnon and she also killed Cassandra, even thou she was innocent. Clytemnestra and he lover, wanted to be in power and had no remorse. Hamlet is more tragic than Agamemnon, because of the innocence and remorse the major characters showed.

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Introduction On What Procrastination Is English Language Essay

Introduction On What Procrastination Is English Language Essay Procrastination is behaviour of delaying doing a task that can be done earlier but chooses to do it last minute. This behaviour problem exists in almost every aspect in our daily lives, be it in academic, financial or even in health management. Ryan, M. (2007) stated that the habit of procrastination can reach such chronic levels that it can have negative effects on their life. Moreover, take financial management as an example. Spendthrift habit or inability to manage finances properly can pose a problem. Common problems done by procrastinators are delaying payments, such as for house rental, cars and so forth. If the procrastinator does not solve this problem earlier, it might leads to bigger problems, for example, the doer may jump into an easiest solution which is to loan from unauthorized money lender. In terms of health issue, some individuals who are sick tend to overlook their heath condition and take action for it in last minute, which then might be too late for them as their health worsened. This particular case is one of procrastination behaviour problems. Apart from that, as we know academic procrastination problem is prevalence for undergraduate students. Some students who are less motivated tend to procrastinate academic tasks to the very last minute. For example they procrastinate doing class assignment, group project, studying for exam, writing academic paper or thesis. Sometimes, this type of students may finish the tasks just so they do not fail in the subject. Fear of failure, low self-efficacy and low self-competence are some of the reasons of procrastination stated by (Schraw et al., 2007; Senecal et al., 1995) extracted from (Williams, G. J., Stark, K. S., Foster, E. E. 2008). 1.1 Background of Study Though procrastination phenomenon has big impacts on our lives, little research has been done on it. Milgram (1992) has done the first historical analysis on the subject matter and argued that procrastination rises from advance societies who require various commitments and deadlines. Ferrari et al. (1995) in their book stated that this particular behaviour has already existed long ago, but it is only been related to negative connotations in line with the introduction of the industrial revolution. In the beginning, procrastination was never related to any negative interpretation as it is viewed neutrally by the society. However, from the earlier researches done, procrastination can be then interpreted as one of behaviour problem. In addition, the word procrastination comes from the Latin pro, meaning forward, forth, or in favor of, and crastinus, meaning of tomorrow ( There are various dictionary definitions of procrastination. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (Fourth Edition) defines procrastination as to put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness; to postpone or delay needlessly, to postpone doing something, especially as a regular practice (Encarta World Dictionary) and to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring (Cambridge International Dictionary of English). Nowadays, many researchers have been conducted on procrastination. Most of the literature involves university students. A procrastinator is a person who is aware that he or she has a task or an assignment to do. He or she is trying and planning to start working on the task, but continues to delay doing so. A person who has this habit is normally doing less important or not important tasks rather than the more important task. A procrastinator wastes too much time on something which gives him or her pleasure such as playing computer games or reading an update in his or her social networking website. Mostly, procrastinators keep themselves ready to work but end up avoiding the task (Noran, 2000). According to the Solomon and Rothblum (1984) demonstrated that 49% of students procrastinate in academic tasks such as writing term papers, studying for an exam and keeping up with weekly reading assignments. The habit of delaying tasks result in bad consequences, of which Tulik (2008) describes a few consequences. Firstly is fatigue in which a procrastinator keeps postponing his or her tasks and thus become mentally fatigue when the sense of accomplishment is not achieved. Fatigue lowers self-confidence and it can lead to other illnesses such as depression and sleeplessness. Secondly people who procrastinate cannot show their true potential in their studies or work. According to Tulik (2008), procrastination is linked to all kinds of negative effects; thus people who have potential and talent but procrastinate cannot show their talent or potential because they think it is just hopeless and useless to try out anything. The last consequence stated by Tulik, is that the habit of procra stinating makes an easy task very difficult, as a result of postponing the task to a point where in the end the task increases proportion and becomes very difficult to handle. Beswick, Rothblum and Mann (1998) state that the consequences of habitual procrastination are likely to be anxiety, despair and depression as the person fails to complete tasks or perform them unsatisfactorily. Procrastination also puts a procrastinator in a situation of conflict and indecision. Beswick, Rothblum and Mann suggested that procrastination also results in poor work because it was done rushed or partly uncompleted. Due to procrastination, a procrastinator wastes his or her time (by postponing his or her task), thinking that the task can be accomplished later, but lastly ends up with nothing started and missing the deadlines (Hobbs, 2008). Based on all the consequences above, it can be concluded that the habit of delaying or avoiding a task results in lower productivity, wasting time, depression, an xiety, fatigue, lower self-confidence, lower morale, and lower motivation. In Malaysia, the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia has defined several objectives for its universities and students. Some of the objectives are to produce competent graduates to fulfill national and international manpower needs with 75% of the graduates employed in their relevant fields within six months of their graduation, and to ensure that at least three of the countrys universities are continuously listed as among the best 100 universities in the world and one of the said universities is listed as among the worlds top fifty universities. Achieving these objectives, depend on the students and the university as well, and a possible major obstacle towards this is procrastination among the students. 1.2 Problem Statement At the Faculty of Education UiTM, there are plenty of academic tasks which required constant attention such as studying for exams, academic assignments, class projects, final academic project, and meeting lecturer. Thus, procrastination behaviour might be a major impediment for the students to complete the assigned tasks. Some of the possible reasons underlying this problem are that the students are too occupied with the involvement in outdoor activities, such as sports, camping and school related activity. Based on previous research, researchers have conveyed that the habit of delaying a task results in bad consequences and disadvantages. Besides that, procrastination occurs in every way in our life. Procrastination cuts down productivity, wastes time, results in low quality work, and also interrupts the emotional side of a person (Tulik, 2008). Apart from that, Klassen, Krawchuk and Rajani, 2008, state In an academic setting, poor performance, missing deadlines, low test grade and low CGPA are always related to disadvantages procrastination behaviour among people who does not manage well. There are various reasons which drive a student to procrastinate. The reason perhaps comes from the student himself or herself, influenced by other students or his/her surrounding environment around them (Noran, 2000). People including friends, close relationship, family and others can effected person to procrastinate behaviour. Furthermore, this study will investigate and defined academic task which students frequently procrastinate, areas of procrastinate and possible reasons for the habit of procrastinating among students. This research was conducted to find the possible reason that effect of the procrastination on the academic tasks among Physical and Health education students at UiTM, Campus Section 17, Shah Alam. 1.3 Significance of Study This research was carried out to identify an academic task that has the highest frequency of procrastination among the students, to investigate the frequency of procrastination on academic tasks and to identify the possible reasons of procrastination behaviour among students. The results from this research will benefit the students in which they can understand their procrastination problems and will then find solution for it whether on study skills or behavioural self-control. The benefit to the counsellors is that they can plan better solutions for procrastinators when they know how to distinguish the degree to which the procrastinators is anxious/or depressed. As for the lecturers, this research may help them to know that some procrastinators do find meeting them for educational purposes is not easy, so the result from this research may give the lectures an overview to approach the matter. 1.4 Research Objectives 1.4.1 To identify the frequency of procrastination on academic tasks among undergraduate Physical and Health students. 1.4.2 To identify an academic task that has the highest frequency of procrastination among the students. 1.4.3 To identify the possible reasons for procrastination behaviour. 1.5 Research Questions The purpose of this study will be achieved by investigating the following research questions: 1.5.1 What is the frequency of procrastination on academic tasks among undergraduate Physical and Health students? 1.5.2 What types of academic task are most preferable by students to procrastinate? 1.5.3 What are the reasons for procrastination behaviour? 1.6 Limitation of Study The limitation of this research is it only focuses on Physical and Health education students which are study only done to 60 students at Faculty of Education, UiTM, Campus Section 17, Shah Alam. Thus, the result on procrastination behaviour cannot be generalized to all other populations. However, this research cannot be used to define the pattern of academic procrastination among undergraduate students for the limited number of respondents. Longer time and larger scope of respondents are needed to conduct overall study in Malaysian universities. In addition, it because of time constraints, researcher only used questionnaire. To get more accurate data, more inclusive study method procedure must be used, for example interview, and record observation should be implemented. 1.7 Definition of Term 1.7.1 Procrastination to delay doing something that you ought to do, usually because you do not want to do it, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (2003), to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring (Cambridge International Dictionary of English). In this study, procrastination means any behaviour relating to delaying in completing any tasks. 1.7.2 Students One who is enrolled or attends classes at a school, college or university ( In this study, it refers to anyone who is enrolling in physical and health education students at Faculty of Education, UiTM. 1.7.3 Procrastinators A procrastinator is someone who knows that she or he should do and do not do it. According to (Noran, 2000), the procrastinator will work on less important obligation, rather than fulfilling the more important obligation, or (s)he may use his or her time wastefully in some minor activity or pleasure. In most cases, procrastinators keep themselves ready to work, but end up avoiding the activity. In this study, it refers to one who delays in completing any academic task including reading for exam, assignment or thesis. 1.7.4 Academic Procrastination An irrational tendency to delay in the beginning and/or completion of an academic task (Senecal, Julien, Guay, 2003) (p. 135). Students may have the intention to perform an academic activity within the desired or expected time frame, yet failing to motivate themselves to do so (Ferrari, 1998; Lay, 1986, 1995). In this study, it refers to delaying any academic task or failing to complete assigned task within given time.

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Analysis of Shakespeares The Tempest - The Epilogue :: Shakespeare The Tempest

The Epilogue of the Tempest The Epilogue of the Tempest by William Shakespeare is an excellent -- if not the best -- example of Shakespeare's brilliance. In 20 lines Shakespeare is able to write an excellent ending to his play, while speaking through his characters about Shakespeare's own life and career. Even more amazingly, he seemlessly ties the two together. In the context of the story Prospero's monologue makes perfect sense. He has lost his magical power, so his "charms are o'erthrown, and what strength [Prospero] have's [his] own, which is most faint." He is now "confined" on the Island, for his other choice would be to go to Naples and reclaim his dukedom, but he doesn't want to do that because he has already "pardoned the deceiver" who took his position many years ago. Prospero then says something a little strange, but it makes sense in the context of the story, he ask us to "release [him] from [his] bands with the help of your good hands." In other words, clap so that the sails of the boats his friends are riding in will be safely returned and Prospero can be "relieved by prayer" of the audience. All of what Prospero has said is very nice cute, but the most interesting part of this monologue is what Shakespeare himself is saying. "Now that my charms are all o'erthrown, and what strength I have's mine own" means, now my plays are over, and it's no longer my characters speaking. The "Island" or stage Shakespeare is on is now "bare" and it is time for "you" the audience to release Shakespeare and his actors from this play with the "help of [y]our good hands." Shakespeare was not only being released for the performance of the play, he was being release from his career as a playwright. But there are more reasons to clap besides the obvious reason that the play is over, Shakespeare could not allow his final play to be bad, his project "was to please." He reiterates this point by saying "and my ending is despair unless I be relieved by prayer", or the clapping of the audience and it frees "all faults" and allows Shakespeare to indulge the clapping and joy of the au dience. Finally, after we seperate the two different perspectives, we can step back and see how Shakespeare magically works them together.

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The Yellow Wallpaper :: Charlotte Gilman

In a female oppressive story about a woman driven from postpartum depression to insanity, Charlotte Gilman uses great elements of literature in her short story, The Yellow Wallpaper. Her use of feminism and realism demonstrates how woman's thoughts and opinions were considered in the early 1900?s. The theme of this story is feminism. Having gone through postpartum depression herself, Gilman?s story was strongly personal. During the time period that she wrote it, woman?s rights were limited. The character in this story felt she knew ways to recover herself from her depression, or ?baby blues?. Baby blues also known as postpartum depression is a form of severe depression after pregnancy delivery that requires treatment. Women may feel sadness, despair, anxiety, or irritability. The woman from the story wanted to get well and wanted to work. However, as a woman she was forbid by her husband to do this. Instead she was isolated from society, from being able to work, do the things she loved, or take care of her baby. The Yellow Wallpaper was written as a realism story. It showed how woman felt they had the same opportunities as men in their personal choices. In this story, the woman expressed her worries to her husband who through good intentions, required that his wife stay in bed 24/7, and not do any of the things she would normally do. In effect his wife became worse until she reached the limit. The behavior of the husband at this time was completely normal. Men were the higher power over women and women, like the one in this story, felt that they couldn?t stand count for themselves.

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Colorof Water :: essays research papers

Before I read "The Color of Water," by James McBride, I saw his appearance on 20/20, discussing his quest to discover the background of his mysterious, marvelous mother. McBride said he didn't even know his mother's maiden name, much less about her Orthodox Jewish background, until he prodded it from her because he needed it for school records. "Shilsky," she told him, impatiently, offering no further details. McBride, who is now about 42 years old, said he asked no more questions of her, but added when he was "bonding" in Black Pride with his college friends, playing bongo drums and jazz music, he'd think: "Shilsky. Shilsky. Something's funny here...". Watching him on television, such a fascinating, articulate and yet entertaining man, made me want to know more about his amazing mother. I received a copy of the book as a gift. None of Ruth McBride's 12 children knew anything of substance about her background. When they asked what color she was, she would answer, "I am no color" and say that God is "the color of water." Ruth Shilsky, whose father was an abusive Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, treated her and her mother extremely cruelly when she was a young girl in Suffolk, Virginia. Jews were discriminated against second only to blacks. But Ruth fell in love with a young black man, became pregnant by him, and was sent to live with an aunt in New York city. She never went home again. She felt much more at home in 1940s Harlem, and fell in love with another black man, having a baby and living with him for more than a year before they were wed and had several more children. They made a good life together, but he died. Ruth later married yet another remarkable black man, having more children with him for a total of 12. James was in the middle, precocious, curious, bright and at risk for becoming a street kid. But he didn't have that much time. He didn't know why at the time, but his mother made him and his siblings attend a Jewish school out of their neighborhood, feeling that they would receive a better education there. As a young man, McBride started down the wrong path -- smoking dope, stealing, hanging out with bad company. But his stern mother seemed to intervene at the right time, delivering the fear and discipline McBride needed. All 12 of Ruth McBride's children received college degrees, masters degrees, and several became physicians, attorneys and scientists. McBride has been a journalist for some of the nation's most prestigious newspapers,

Language Analysis Bullying

Girls College wrote an opinion piece â€Å"It's time for us to take a stand†, which was published In the Breadboard Leader on the 9th of December, 2013, she contends In a critical and negative tone that the young people of Australia must stand up against the cruel, vindictive and cowardly practice of bullying. Elise explains how bullying has been around since the start of time, but social media is making acts such as bullying too easy for these bullies to argue their victims and little is being done about it.Stakeholders include friends, family, workers, schools, social media, victims, and the medical industry. The target audience for this text is the victims, to encourage them to stand up for themselves. Elise opens up the article in a serious and urgent tone, explaining how serious this really is, and how little Is being done about it, strongly suggesting something needs to be done now. Social Media sites such as Backbone and Twitter play a huge role In Weber bullying, they make millions of dollars In advertising and Elise explains how It Is only fair If they use some of the money to help stop the spellbinding that their platforms allow.She draws In the audience with a persuasive technique appealing them to fear by stating â€Å"it seems that not a month goes by when we don't hear another story of a teen somewhere overseas or in Australia that has taken their life due to the bullying that has occurred on line. † Another effective technique she has used is the use of rhetorical questions for example â€Å"Can we as young people sit idly y while these companies become indirectly wealthy from the misery they help create? Can parents knowingly let their children use websites that allow such cruel behavior to be facilitated? Elise continues to explain the causes of bullying with reason and logic, stating that most bullies are highly sensitive so they bully to avoid getting bullied themselves, and making them feel the bigger person, or to compensate for some short coming In their lives. She then explains In a call and clear tone how Important It Is for the parents to educate their children that bullying s not acceptable, suggesting how can the children take a stand for themselves if they have no guidance by their parents?Elise explains more in depth how the parents need to be educated themselves, so they can educate their children that the appalling behavior of bullying is wrong. The best way to stop bullying is to prevent it, and the parents and education department play a key role in that. She explains the effects of bullying in every aspect, not only the physical and emotional cost, but the financial cost too for example it costs the tax areas money every time they have to go to the doctor's surgery.She uses evidence and repetition as a persuasive technique that Is supporting her contention effectively. For example â€Å"Based on 2009 studies, 27 per cent of students In years four to nine are bullied regularly – let' s call It one In four students. Personally I am horrified by this statistic. One in four! ONE IN FOUR! † Elise closes the article with an for themselves. She says â€Å"Remember that we the good people outnumber the bullies. Don't let the unnecessary suffering continue. United we stand, divided they fall. In the visual piece of the text there is a photograph of a young child with innocent eyes looking right up at you, with his hands up showing the words written across them â€Å"stop bullying†. The camera is angled in front and above the boy, creating a dominating effect, making the boy look more vulnerable, innocent and weak. It is a simple but powerful photograph taken by James Luckier. The effects on the stakeholders such as the victims of bullies sends out a message to them to take a stand for themselves.The effect on the bullies is that they would hopefully feel bad for what they do and actually consider thinking about stopping. In conclusion, Elise uses many diff erent techniques and tones in this argument, with a lot of logic and evidence to support her main points, so overall this is an effective persuasive piece, leaving the audience convinced to take a stand. We outnumber the bullies, they are truly the weak ones. Target audience – young people themselves, taking a stand Stakeholders – friends, family, workers, schools, social media, victims, medical industry

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E-Learning website for Multimedia

People nowadays, access the Internet or online services to acquire different and useful information. Most of them are people that want to get knowledge that are easy to learn and understand. It is very common now in our society that many people use the computer for their research purposes and to gather such information by simply surfing through the internet. One of the things that gives information and many people can acquire knowledge is the E-learning systems. E-learning system is web-based learning or known as the online training and eachings that are more simple and easy to learn.E-learning services, it enables developing of skills and knowledge by means of different web-applications and process in a particular course of teaching. Many people uses the internet to watch and to search for different tutorials that can we access to many different online services. Multimedia Arts involves the digital designing of visual elements, such as editing images, videos, audios, etc. It becomes richer and deeper because visual and narrative art are expressed in digital media.Therefore, E-learning system for Multimedia arts can give interest and opportunities by means of accessing this web-based training. There is variety of equipment on this online education that gives the important teachings that the users need to learn. General Problem How to create an E-Learning system for Multimedia Arts that enables to acquire skills and knowledge that is more simple and easy to learn. Specific Problem How to design the interface of the system? How to design the layout of the system? How to maintain the security of the website?

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Advertising, Social and Economic Costs and Benefits Essay

Tesco is in private sector, but it is a PLC, a public limited company, this is an international business, also it is in primary. Tesco is doing service by providing food to its customers. Tesco exist, so people can buy food, they do their own products also, this company exists for making profit. Tesco makes profit by selling its products or making deliveries to customers. Tesco is trying to achieve , to be the best company Our vision is for Tesco to be most highly valued by the customers we serve, the communities in which we operate, our loyal and committed staff and our shareholders; to be a growth company; a modern and innovative company and winning locally, applying our skills globally. Tesco is a global business. Tesco is a public limited company (PLC) this means that the owners of Tesco are the shareholder. North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service- This is a public sector organization, it doesn’t make profit, because it’s service costs more than the amount of money people pay them for fire. This organization exist so when the people have fire or extreme situations they call fire and rescue service and they help them. In 2004 North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority developed a new focused Vision to reflect their broader function within the modernisation agenda. â€Å"Over the 10 years to 2014, in North Yorkshire and the City of York, 125 more people will still be alive through the work of the new Fire and Rescue Service. This will be due to the Service having significantly reduced the likelihood and severity of fire and other emergencies. We will achieve this through the dedication of our staff working in partnership with other agencies in the community†. This is a local company because it is North Yorkshire. Simply summarised as – The term â€Å"125 Alive† captures the Authority’s Vision in one simple phrase. It means that 125 people who might otherwise have died in an accident will be alive because of preventative action taken by the Fire and Rescue Service working in partnership with other agencies. The target will be achieved by a steady reduction year on year in fatalities in road traffic collisions and fires. The aims and objectives of this organization are to help people to rescue them away from dangerous things, and also to remove the fire away, so the people will be in safe. They are trying their best , so they will be the best from their competitors. P2 â€Å"describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting organisations† M1 â€Å"explain the points of view from different stakeholders seeking to influence the strategic aims and objectives of two contrasting organisations† Stakeholders: A person, group, or organization that has direct or indirect stake in an organization because it can affect or be affected by the organization’s actions, objectives, and policies. Key stakeholders in a business organization include creditors, customers, directors, employees, government (and its agencies), owners (shareholders), suppliers, unions, and the community from which the business draws its resources. Stakeholder Grouping| Interest| Tesco PLC| NY Fire & Rescue Service| Consumers/customers| They want high quality, value for money products. Customers often identify with the brands they buy. They like to see improvements that give them better value for money. | People who want to buy high quality food or other staff| This are the local people in the local area who wants to take the fire out| Employees/workers| The company provides them with a salary/money to live (a livelihood). They seek security, promotion opportunities, job satisfaction and rewards. | This are the workers in the stores, they are interested in security| This are the firemen, their job is to rescue people and to remove the fire for safety. | Suppliers| They want steady orders and payment for supplying stock. They also want to feel valued. People which supply different staff like water, food, drinks etc. They do it because they are sure that Tesco Is a successful business and if they are successful so they have a lot of profit , and suppliers are sure in Tesco and they have more orders cause Tesco has more customers| People, who supply the equipment, like the extinguishers. | Owners| They may be a sole trader or in a partnership. In a company it would be the shareholders. Often thought to be the most important stakeholder. They see themselves as the principal risk taker. They want to see share of profit increasing and the value of the business rising. So the owner of Tesco is the shareholders, they are interested in success of their business, they want Tesco to be the best, as every shareholder does. | The government is the owner of the NYFRS. The government wants to succeed this organization in their job, so people will be in safe. | Trade Unions| They represent the views of the employees of the business. They want higher wages and better conditions. | They want Tesco to be successful, because if Tesco is successful, so workers conditions will be better, because this stakeholder is interested in employees comfort and life. They are interested in firemen success and conditions, wages etc. So if firemen start to rescue people or removing fire more and more, so they could get salary and this is good for Trade Union, this is what they want. | Employer Associations| They are the employer’s equivalent of the TU. They represent the employer’s interests in specific associations. | Basically this stakeholder is equivalent Trade Union, they have quite the same interests, they also take care about the workers, but in specific way. | They are looking for the comfort of the firemen, in specific associations. Local communities| The actions of businesses can have a big effect on communities around them. They want improved facilities and provision of jobs. | Local communities wants Tesco to be considerate about the people who live nearby, considerate about the emotions and feelings. | This are the people who live near by the fire rescue service base, so when they have an emergency call they start to drive fast and a lot of noise etc. People want them to be considerate about them and to think about them, that people could be sleeping now, or doing something different when they can’t be disturbed. Governments| They want successful organisations which contribute to economic growth and provide jobs and tax revenue. They also like businesses that contribute towards the welfare of the country’s society. | Government wants Tesco to succeed, so the economy of the country would improve more and more, and more employees would be needed as the company will grow, so less unemployed people would be. | The government wants to succeed this organization in their job, so people will be in safe, and the country’s level of popularity would increase. Tesco: 1) Owners 2) Workers 3) Supplies 4) Customers 5) Government NYFRS: 1) Government 2) Workers 3) Suppliers 4) Customers 5) Local communities D1 â€Å"Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in ONE organization Tesco: 1) Directors – To be as strong in everything we sell as we are in food Directors are the stakeholders which have the most influence of the Tesco, because they can do everything what they want with the business, because it is theirs. They have ultimate control and power. If they want for example they can change the name from â€Å"Tesco† to something else etc. 2) Workers- To build our team so that we create more value Workers are the second most influence stakeholders in Tesco. This is because if there is no workers so the business can’t grow at all and it will fail, no workers, means no job done. But also if the workers would leave the Tesco, it is not such a big problem, because â€Å"Tesco† is well known successful business, and a lot of employees want to work for them. 3) Customers- To grow the UK core Customers are 3rd important stakeholders which have influence on Tesco. So if there would not be customers the business would not be able to make profit at all, so customers are also really important part of each business. If the Tesco loses the customers , so they will go to theirs opponent businesses, such as â€Å"Asda† and â€Å"Sainsbury’s†, and this could be because their would be not enough workers, or the customer service would be at low level. 4) Suppliers- To put our responsibilities to the communities we serve at the heart of what we do. Suppliers are last important stakeholders with influence on Tesco, because if the suppliers wont supply any products so Tesco would have to use its own products, but that wouldn’t make a lot of profit, and won’t be sustainable. If â€Å"Tesco† loses the suppliers, it is not a problem, because there are a lot of suppliers which are free and waiting for their chance, but if the suppliers were too good, this would be sad. P3 â€Å"Describe how two businesses are organised† TESCO: Span of control: The number of subordinates that a manager or supervisorcan directly control. This number varies with the type ofwork: complex, variable work reduces it to six, whereasroutine, fixed work increases it to twenty or more. Chain of Command: The  order  in which  authority  and  power  in an  organization  is wielded and delegated from  top management  to every employee  at every  level  of the organization. Instructions flow downward along the chain of command and accountability  flows  upward. The chart shows that Tesco has a different level of workers in its organization. These shows the mangers and members, whom they control. The managers take responsibility of what their assistants do. Manager of one job can’t control the assistants of other job manager, so everything is equal. The boss of everyone is the store director, after him is regional manager as you can see, and later is the store manager, and only than other managers of different jobs, and on the bottom of the chart are all of the assistants of all of the mangers. So in Tesco and in all other businesses the member of the working team can’t control anyone above him, or anyone or the same line, he can control only the people who are under him. It is very hard to control big organization. So, it will be better to break the organization into smaller parts. There are 4 main ways of breaking a business down into smaller sections: 1) By Function- What is the sense of each section? 2) By Location- Where is the section situated on the map? 3) By Product- Which service does the section belong to? 4) By Process- A customer staying approached on the other customers who are interested in Tesco. There are 2 main types of organizational structure: 1) Tall 2) Flat The difference between this two is that tall has more levels than flat , however in Flat Mangers there are wider span of control. . So, we can say that Tesco has Tall structure, because in Tesco’s Organizational Chart has a lot of levels. North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service: It is really hard to understand who is who, who is controlling whom, the table is a bit messy, and so I created a better one for you: But on Structure of Commission we can see that Director General has two lines. First, is that he should control 3 Directors, Corporate and Forestry, Central Services (HR, IT, Finance), Business Units, Forest Research. The North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is looking so different comparing to Tesco’s. . In Forestry Commission General Director works with more employees, however in Tesco Director works just with managers. But The North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service’s type of organizational structure is Tall, because it has many lines. And Forestry Commission is organization by Location, because they are separated on different locations, they have 3 directs in same country. Task 2 1) Finance addresses the ways in which individuals, business entities and other organizations allocate and use monetary resources over time. It helps Tesco with finance. 2) Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. ) The act or process or producing, bringing forth, or exhibiting to view; as, the production of commodities, of a witness. That which is produced, yielded, or made, whether naturally, or by the application of intelligence and labor; as, the productions of the earth; the productions of handicraft; the productions of intellect or genius. 4) Customer S ervice is the commitment to providing value added services to external and internal customers, including attitude knowledge, technical support and quality of service in a timely manner 5) Sales- Total dollar amount collected for goods and services provided. While payment is not necessary for recognition of sales on company financial statements, there are strict accounting guidelines stating when sales can be recognized. The basic principle is that a sale can only be recognized when the transaction is already realized, or can be quite easily realized. This means that the company should have already received a payment, or the chances of receiving a payment are high. In addition, delivery of the good or service should have taken place for the sale to be recognized. ) Human resources- is a term used to describe the individuals who make up the workforce of an organization, although it is also applied in labor economics to, for example, business sectors or even whole nations. Human resources is also the name of the function within an organization charged with the overall responsibility for implementing strategies and policies relating to the management of individuals. Task 3 I will tell now, what makes Tesco and Forestry Commission similar an d what makes them different. Firstly, they both have General Director, and he has helpers. But in Forestry Commission General Director has more employees (they are: 3 directors and other staff members), however in Tesco, Director has just one helper. Secondly, this two organizations have two different, smaller parts. Tesco has broken down on process and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service by Location. Last thing which I want to say is that, they have the same type of organization – it’s â€Å"Tall†. They have many levels and lines, which helps them to control their business. P4 â€Å"explain how their style and organization helps them to fulfill their purpose†

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American Medical Association AMA

Amongst the midst of the ancient remains of a mastodon (Mammut amercanum) inside the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, more than two hundred fifty delegates from twenty-eight states met in May 7, 1847 to form a national convention of medical practitioners as response to the resolution of Dr. Nathan S. Davis (1817-1904) in the New York Medical Association. All affirmed Dr. Davies’ vision and agreed to the founding of the American Medical Association with Dr. Nathaniel Chapman as its founding president (â€Å"Founding of the American Medical Association,† 2005).Since then AMA has been the leading organization in promoting the medical science and consolidating the doctors and their patients. Among its goals are to centralize scientific advancement in the field of medical science, to set standards and establish rules for medical practice and education, and to improve public health. The AMA’s Strategies To achieve their goal to consolidate sci entific advancements in the field of medical science, they institutionalized the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 1883. This publication became the largest publication for a weekly medical journal in theâ€Å"33183073 American Medical Association AMA† â€Å"Page # 2† world and became a forum for members of the medical society to communicate easily with each other and learn of the most recent medical discoveries or research in the science of medicine (â€Å"American Medical Association,† 2006). In the advent of computer technology and the internet, they gained new means of relaying new discoveries and data to their members and even to non-members alike. In their official website, the association provides links to electronic editions of JAMA.Also they provide a means for patients to find the right physicians to help them with their health problem, together with their location and availability trough the â€Å"DoctorFinder† feature of th eir website (â€Å"DoctorFinder,† 2006). To attain national recognition and to increase its membership, the AMA in 1901 decided to reorganize the association and create a more effective national body by enabling each state medical society to have equal representation. They then established the AMA House of Delegates (HOD) as the legislative body of the AMA (â€Å"American Medical Association,† 2006).This permitted the organization to increase its number and relevance with respect to the national medical society. The establishment of the HOD increased the organization’s influence in the medical society enabling them to make decisions that are respected by all medical practitioners. According to the US History Encyclopedia (2006), the AMA recommended the implementation of severe standards of medical training in schools and was the one who established the original Code of Medical Ethics in 1847 and provides a lead role in the development of the American Code of Med ical Ethics until today.In regards to their mission to improve the condition of public health in America the Association took part on numerous public health initiatives such as the declaration of â€Å"33183073 American Medical Association AMA† â€Å"Page # 3† alcoholism as an illness in 1956 and the recommendation of a nationwide polio vaccination in the 1960’s. Recent efforts of the organizations to promote the Children’s Medical Health and Medicare Protection (CHAMP) Act in congress show the AMA’s intention to help improve public health by making public care affordable to less able patients or citizens.Their support for CHAMP is consistent with their vehement campaign against the reduction of Medicare funds that would greatly increase the cost to beneficiaries of the insurance system and reduce their access to care (â€Å"Tell Congress to pass the Children's Health and Medicare Protection (CHAMP) Act,† 2007). These, together with numerous other efforts, not mentioned here, by the AMA are vital to the improvement of the American public health and the medical community as a whole. ConclusionThe AMA is fighting a continues struggle for the improvement of medicine as a science and the development of public care so as to continually give patients the proper attention that is due them. Their success in the elevation of the status of the medical science and public health in the USA is their contribution to the American society as a whole, and this allowed the United States to be one of the worlds leading countries in the field of medical science. References American Medical Association. (n. d. ). Encyclopedia of American History. Retrieved August 02, 2007, from Answers. com Web site: http://www. American Medical Association. (n. d. ). Encyclopedia of Public Health. Retrieved August 02, 2007, from Answers. com Web site: http://www. answers. com/topic/american-medical-associatio n DoctorFinder. (2006). Retrieved Aug. 2, 2007, from http://webapps. ama-assn. org/doctorfinder/home. html Founding of the American Medical Association. (2005). Retrieved July 28, 2007, from http://www. ama-assn. org/ama/pub/category/12982. html Tell Congress to pass the Children's Health and Medicare Protection (CHAMP) Act. (2007). Retrieved Aug. 2, 2007, from http://capwiz. com/ama/issues/alert/? alertid=10078856

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Ugly Discrimination by A.S Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ugly Discrimination by A.S - Article Example However, the article also mentions that since unattractiveness is one of the features that can be partially controlled by people themselves; they tend to spend lots of money trying to look attractive. In my opinion, the research findings are legitimate because employers do tend to keep factors such as race, gender and appearance in mind before deciding on a suitable employee for their organizations. Since these employers do not have any means of assessing the abilities of a potential candidate, they resort to past experiences of certain races or genders to infer future performance of candidates. Furthermore, cleanliness and good appearance leave positive impressions on employers, which in turn create a bias towards clean people. However, this does not imply that such discrimination is acceptable. Most successful companies claim to be equal opportunity employers, boasting a strictly ethical selection process and work environment. Discrimination in any form negates this claim and hence should be eliminated. Appearance, race or gender does not ensure an able and successful employee. Recruitment should only be carried out on merit based on qualifications and experience only. The article has successfully highlighted an important issue that is currently widespread. This issue has forced potential candidates, and current employees, to spend a great deal on ensuring that their looks and appearance are perfect.

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The American History in the Roaring 1920s Essay

The American History in the Roaring 1920s - Essay Example These consolidations led to more growth which benefitted most Americans including women. The American younger generation influenced the growing middle class to discard traditional values, especially those that discriminated against women. College students adopted a drinking habit and attended wild parties. Women enjoyed more freedom and would take part in advancing the national course. Sources of prosperity The sources of the 1920s prosperity consisted of four main factors which were: consolidation mergers; second industrial revolution; assembly line mass production, other growth areas and income misdistribution-sick industries. To begin with, the first consolidation merger had happened during 1895-1904 and the second occurred during the 1920s. In the era of the 1920s people were becoming used to big business and they were no longer a threat to them. Big businesses offered their employees benefits which helped them with health insurance. One struggle that starter businesses faced is the problem of Oligopoly, which one industry controlled three businesses. These practices made the business world less competitive. Second Industrial Revolution involved mainly the Henry Ford Company (1903) which produced their most famous model which was called â€Å"Model T.† The company made this model for over twenty years. Cars during this time were expensive to make and very little people could afford them. Car prices were about $850 during 1908, because Henry Ford wanted cars to be available for people. Through this mass production of cars there were three innovations: Assembly Line, raised wages, and credit. The assembly line for workers was a complete change in their work force it speeded up the process of making cars. Before the assembly line, it took twelve hours to build a â€Å"model T† but after the assembly line, it took one and a half hours to make a car. By 1927 the price of a car dropped to $290, which was two months of your work wage if you were a wo rker at Ford. Secondly Henry Ford raised his workers wages to five dollars a day to keep his workers in the job. Credit, was the last innovation: people were buying everything with credit by the 1920 credit left everyone in debt. The credit allowed people to get what they want on loan. By 1929 in the United States 80% of all American families owned a car which was 1 in 4 people. With the General Motors Company also growing in size, people were able to purchase cars in different colors, which led to some social consequences. Automobiles helped the rural people by breaking down rural isolation, gave country people access to towns and cities and even doctors. The coming of trackers helped increase food production. The consequences of automobiles is it made Americans mobile; it allowed people to find jobs that were further from their homes and people could go wherever they wanted to. Cars were a form of entertainment: they helped to change daily habits of most Americans, premarital preg nancies increased, and cars were being used by criminals. Additionally, other growth areas consisted prosperity: It consisted of ancillary industries such as steel, oil and rubber, which were industries that were dependent on car industries. The multiplier effect was one job in the car industry would be equal to more jobs in steel, oil and rubber companies. Federal government invested in roads and highways and the second growth area was electricity which was first used

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Word Reappropriation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Word Reappropriation - Assignment Example It was just an innocent word that conveyed just that meaning of something "odd" or "unusual". This was the normal meaning for the word until about a century ago. But "queer" began to be the disparagement for homosexuals and lesbians since then (Irvine, Martha). How do some words and nouns change meaning They say, it is all in the mind. The mind is the source of all things, good and bad. You accept what is good and leave aside the things that are not so nice. However, socio-political or socio-economical situation does not pay homage to such noble acceptances or rejections. These words become outright evil in the minds of people and they are so treated with abomination and hatred that it becomes another synonym for the devil himself. Otherwise, why would they generate caution and circumspection to such an extent that their usage begins to draw ire and consequences! "For example, the marks REDSKINS and REDSKINETTES as applied to football entertainment services, and MOONIES as applied to a doll that exposes its buttocks, have been criticized as disparaging Native Americans and religious followers of the Unification Church, respectively. But in each of these examples, the applicant seeking trademark protection was not a member of the disparaged group; rather, the applicant was a nonmember, attaching a historic slur to a product targeted toward the general public" (Anten, Todd). Hence, as a rule of thumb, it is generally accepted that when a word associated disparagingly with a group is put forward for something serious like legal clearance for registration, such words are counted as being derisive of a group, it may be any group, and these words have to be expunged. But the question arises. Why must these words be expunged What is wrong in them They are not bad words. These words express a meaning. They may sound derisive to some. But they are understood to stand for something that may be noble. They need not stand for the gospel truth when they are mistook for something that may differ from their original meaning. We all know what is "bitch". The word has evolved to an extent that is exists in an out-of-shape form. I readily understand that a bitch is an odious woman. Yes, that is bitch! It is that woman I do not care about. She is a bitch! You tell her anything she will believe. She is a dirty woman! So she is a bitch. Unacceptable as this word has become, it is bandied about in all hue and shape with chivalrous regularity. The word may be synonymous with infamy. But its reach has scaled dizzying levels. One may not feel overwhelmed or ashamed when it is associated with none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton (Zeisler, Andi). This sounds hilarious as well as hegemonic. The same group that is using a word for an international figure has also discarded the original meaning for "bitch". Call it a she-dog. Do not call her a bitch. The bite in the word "bitch" has turned so nasty that it has assassinated its original owner. Word misappropriation Word re-appropriation goes hand in hand with word misappropriation. Not that it is intended to be misappropriated. But the process of gradual re-appropriation has

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The Future of Nursing in an Evolving Health Care System Research Paper

The Future of Nursing in an Evolving Health Care System - Research Paper Example The report recommended nurses to join the talks regarding the transformation of healthcare service delivery by giving them a greater voice and control in making reliable and effective decisions (RWJF, 2012a). The main objective was reforming the healthcare delivery approach, and ensuring patients received better and reliable care at much lower costs that they could afford. To make service delivery more affordable and efficient, nurses had to be the focus in all deliberations; they are much closer to patients in healthcare facilities. Such were the proposed strategic decisions to transform the future of nursing in improving healthcare delivery. The IOM report on the future of Nursing was of much importance to the nursing profession. Nurses have varying levels of education and competencies raging from the licensed practicing nurses, who in most cases are in contact with patients in nursing homes, to nurse scientists who are actively involved in research work on how to improve the care of patients and improving the nursing profession. The IOM report considered all classes of nurses across education levels, roles, and settings in envisioning the future of the profession (Institute of Medicine, 2010). ... Â  states, with regulations related to the scope of practice defining what activities a qualified nurse has to perform, all which affect different nurses in different ways (Institute of Medicine, 2010). Moreover, the recommendations of the IOM committee sought to improve the nursing profession by recommending that nurses had to achieve higher levels of education and training by going through a much-improved education system with seamless academic progression (Institute of Medicine, 2010). This was aimed at ensuring nurses are better equipped to deal with the rapidly changing patient needs, which are becoming more complicated. By advancing their academic levels, nurses would be better equipped to deliver high-quality care with competencies such as leadership, system improvement, health policy, and research and development being injected in the nursing profession. According to the Institute of Medicine (2010), the purpose of the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action intended to guide the implementation of the recommendations by the Institute of Medicine report on the Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health; a report that was considered a blueprint in the medical sector. It was taken as the roadmap for future direction and actions in the nursing sector, towards making the recommendations of the committee a reality. The campaign aimed at enabling and preparing the nurse to lead changes within their areas of operations, advancing and improving the nursing education, removing barriers in nursing practice across the states, fostering an effecting interprofessional collaboration between various stakeholders, enabling an infrastructure for data collection in interprofessional healthcare staff, among other reasons (Institute of Medicine, 2010).

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Publishing industry Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Publishing industry - Research Paper Example This factor affects the copy editing and graphic design stages of development. In these stages, marketing and art departments design the product including page size, type and style, layout, and graphics based on the needs of the target market. The current market for publishing products requires digitized books. Therefore, publishing industries are now developing digitized books in order to meet the needs of the target market. The third economic factor affecting the publishing industry is competition. This affects the marketing stage. There are many firms operating in the industry; hence causing competition and reduced sales volumes for existing members of the industry. Finally, the overall economic performance of the country in terms of GDP, Inflation and economic growth affects the industry. Increased GDP means increased purchasing power for the consumers of published products; hence profitability of the industry increases. Inflation causes increase in prices of products and services, including the prices of publishing services. Increased prices then cause low demand, reduced sales and diminishing profits in the industry. Publishing industry has existing firms, and also potential entrants. In USA and Canada, some of the existing firms include: Random House, HarperCollins Publishers Inc, Penguin Group, etc. The existing firms erect barriers to entry of firms using research and technology. The existing firms develop innovations and technologies that are difficult for entrants or other firms to imitate (Siegfried and Evans, 1994). This prevents other firms from entering into the industry successfully. For instance, some firms provide information electronically in order to retain its consumers; hence new entrants find it difficult to get customers. One of the incentives of entry into the industry is expected growth. Another incentive of entry is demand growth. The barriers to entry include: cost differences, economies of scale, limit pricing and excess

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Statistics Homework Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Statistics Homework - Assignment Example When it comes to making forecasts using multiple regression, we must consider not only whether each independent variable value is reasonable by itself, but also whether the chosen combination of predictor values is reasonable. From the multiple regression, it is possible to compare the slopes of two or more regression lines and test whether the  slopes  and intercepts are significantly different". The null hypothesis could read that the slopes for the two groups are not significantly different. We compare the p-value with the If p-value< we reject the null hypothesis and conclude that conclude that the slopes for the two groups are different. From the figure below, R-squared value is 0.09232 implying that only approximately 9.232% of variation in price is explained by carA. The coefficient of carA on the other hand is -28463, this shows that the price of cars with no garage is much more, those with garage are -28463 cheaper. From the figure below, R-squared value is 0.01968 implying that only approximately 1.968% of variation in price is explained by carA. The coefficient of carA on the other hand is -14845, this shows that the price of cars with one garage is much more, those with more than one garage are -14845 cheaper. From the figure below, R-squared value is 0.1549 implying that only approximately 1.968% of variation in price is explained by carA and carB.

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Application of Theory Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Application of Theory Paper - Essay Example The theory makes use of the fourteen components which are solely based on the wants of human beings. The theory works on two major assumptions which are â€Å"Care givers also known as nurses have a responsibility of looking after the client until they are in a position where they can adequately look after themselves’ and â€Å"Nurses are always on the look and selfless in ensuring that the patients recover for their ailments† and lastly â€Å"Nurses will be more effective when they obtain an undergraduate certificate in both arts and sciences†. This paper will examine the problem in nursing leadership by providing scholarly evidence to support the issue. In addition, it will present one strategy and the concepts and principles where the nursing theory are applicable, provide a rationale for the chosen strategy and one ethical strategy for the theory. Nursing leadership has been an emerging issue over the years because of the numerous challenges which various sectors of nursing encounter. Globalization in today’s society has really changed the shape of nursing and nurses across the globe require effective leadership to maintain to the required standards and generate a new generation of nurses. Quality in many health cares is determined by the efficacy of the leadership available. On the other hand leadership is extremely essential in all institutions or organizations. It can be defined as the process through which goals are identified by providing accurate support and motivation(McEwen & Wills, 2007). Nursing practice requires accurate evidence that is only obtained through extensive research. Putting together the evidence collected into nursing practice is necessary for quality to be achieved in the nursing filed. Therefore the behaviors of most health care providers have been wanting as they have not been able to accurately determine the kinds of involvement needed to

Understanding Educational Research & Assessment Essay Example for Free

Understanding Educational Research Assessment Essay The purpose of this research is to determine the influence of technology on achievement in the public school system. Using technology is not a new form of teaching in the school systems, but the question are how effective is technology in the classroom and does it really help in some academic subjects. A classroom teacher has to use different learning methods in order for the students to understand the concept being taught. Unfortunately, computers cannot teach some academic areas such as literacy skills, math skills, writing and reading skills. Using technology can enhance learning in the classroom by helping the teacher generate ideas to keep students motivated to do their work. Sharon Judge (2005); tested the connection between academic success among young African American children and their access to computers in their school and in their home. Her study focuses on 1,601 African American public school children who went to kindergarten and first grade. The results show that access to a home computer, computer areas within classrooms, child to computer ratios, software, and computers in schools were certainly correlated with academic achievement. In addition, constant use of software for literacy and math games were positively connected with academic success during kindergarten. High achievers that used software for literacy and math more often than both low and average achievers put together during kindergarten. Sharon Judge (2005) also examined the fast expansion of children access to computers and the internet in the United States is extraordinary. As of 2001, statistics say that about three-quarters of children between the ages of five and seven use computers at school, and fifty-six percent use computers at home. DeBell Chapman (2003). On the other hand, countless studies were written about the topic that showed that technology access and use in U. S.schools is a bit negative in schools serving Black, Hispanic, and low socio-economic status (SES) students who tend to have the lowest access to, and the most remedial usages of new technology (Becker, 2000; Dividing Lines, 2001; Wenglinsky, 1998). In addition, an important gap exists in home-computer ownership and Internet access between African American and white households (DeBell Chapman, 2003; Fairlie, 2002; Puma, Chapin, Pape, 2003; Solomon, 2002). Research Design/Methodology The purpose of this research is to determine how the influences of technology benefit the achievements in the public school system. The study methods will include information that was written in the region of study, the information will consist of several scholar articles and the influence of technology achievement in public schools. The research will include how technology usage in the classroom affects students and how technology improves the overall performance in the classroom. A scholar article is a professional paper written by a specialist in a given branch of knowledge. This data includes all the reviews of the scholar articles that were written by the specialist in a particular subject of information.