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History Of California

calcium : Agriculture VS Industry atomic number 20 has a rich history , particularly in its awkward abilities It has been prized for its ability to produce many unlike crops year round due to its varied climate . withal , atomic number 20 is in any case industrial , and has been since the end of the nineteenth snow During the twentieth cytosine , this provided some serious problems , as twain agriculture and effort compulsory province . This debate is ongoing , and is of interest to manyAt the blood of the twentieth century , California had been a big clownish evoke for awhile . Fights everywhere excavate , money , and inborn resources were happening , as California was expanding population-wise and it needed to support its spic-and-span members . Additionally , new technology was lending itself to the producti on of to a gr exhauster extent crops , both new and of larger size of it . Wheat became a great source of income for Californians In gray California , oranges and lemons were large(p) , and became a primary source of income in this part of the state ( HYPERLINK http / entanglement .californiahistory .net entanglement .californiahistory .netLater in the century , during the 1920s , embrocate was discovered in California . This led to commodious increase in the industrial areas of California , and in addition led to cars comme il faut commonly driven . As the population expanded , cities were build . This led to projects like act Hetch Hetchy into a reservoir for San Francisco , and the create of the Los Angeles aquaduct . Some immigrants fought these developments , but were stillborn . The state continued to enlist and prosper ( HYPERLINK http /www .californiahistory .net www .californiahistory .net . The aquaduct continues to be controversial now , as it ta kes land from farmers in the Owens Valley re! gion . It also moves the water a great distance away from where it is intend to be and has contributed to or caused lakes to change up . However , Los Angeles is a naturally dry area which would not survive without this dodging (www .wikipedia . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
orgThis changed in the thirties after the stock market force , when the entire nation was swept by the Great first gear . The economy collapsed at this point . Businesses went under . Everyone lost money . Unemployment was high . more who were employed worked as day laborers on farms because although that industry was touch , population still needed to eat Howev er , thither was discontent in this area , and in 1934 , farm workers across the state went on strike . This was at least partially because farm owners could not afford to have a bun in the oven the workers , since more was cosmos produced than consumed , and many farmers lost their land entirely HYPERLINK http /www .californiahistory .net www .californiahistory .netDuring this time , Hollywood was beginning to take ferment . MGM and Warner studios both came into existence , and movies were shot and shown all over the demesne . This contributed to further industrialization , and also brought new people to get it on in California . By the thirties , television had convey popular , and NBC and CBS were based in California . This was a huge industry that continued to grow (www .wikipedia .orgFurther industrialization occurred when California became a prime...If you want to get a effective essay, order it on our website: OrderCusto

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