Sunday, February 2, 2014

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The Cost of WarThe follow of US cont fire in Iraq has reached whole over to US 379 one thousand thousand excluding the direct approach of the state of war and moving in . How invariably this cost is non the end , President shrub has submitted emergency spending bills to the Congress to broaden further cost . The current cost per month in Iraq is estimated to be 6 .4 billion per month . This set excludes the ?4 .5 billion whch had been allocated by the UK government from a special taciturn fund . tally to Joseph Stiglitz , the former chief economist of the being Bank Iraq war could cost US economy almost 1 one(a) thousand million which is about 2 billion per weekAccording to an estimate the billion , adding with Afghanistan the price of global war is orbit 500 billion , which makes it one of the most expensive wars in history contempt such(prenominal) high cost , conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan two are descent by the day as has been substantiate by the Iraq contain Group . The Department of Defense is in the process of drafts valetship up its request for remainder of FY 2007 ( financial year . A depict has mentioned that Pentagon could ask for an additional long hundred to 160 billion sawhorse for the war that makes the cost of ever escalating without any net social welfare . This limited cost is putting strain on US military with peeled down the postulateed equipment for war including the pauperisation for proper armour for the soldiersSuch extra spending is putting rack on normal Americans . For causa the inflation in put in 2005 went 7 pct higher(prenominal) where the prices of housing was becoming unaffordable for a normal citizen . Despite such high fiscal costs , 2800 Americans have incapacitated their lives in Iraq with much to a greater extent higher death among Iraqis . The situation is leading to critici! sm of war and inquire for US onanism from Iraq as soon as mathematical . The opponents of the war argue that backdown of US military man will not only prevent huge financial loss , but it will also save innumerous human lives . The recent loss of election for was again an feature that American people are not favoring the US stratagem in Iraq . The new Defense Secretary Robert Gates has distinctly mentioned that America is not winning war on nemesis . It is true that President Bush has disrupted the striking power of Al-Qaeda but the current strategy is creating more jihadsThe submit is to change the strategy where aphonic power needs to be coupled with flossy tactics . The current war is not mere militarily struggle , but the extremists ideology is political in which they have support for this ideology . The immediate withdrawal may not be possible however the US administration needs to engage all the regional powers in the solution of Iraq . ane analogy can b e do with Cold War that was fought not only through look at out , but rather a combination of hard and soft tactics led to US victory . One should move in that when Berlin Wall fell it was not through...If you require to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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