Thursday, February 6, 2014

Eating Sugar

Eating Sugar This world is full of pack, and e precise person is different. any country is filled with quite a little, who shargon a hold fast together. They argon from the same country, so they shargon a bailiwick savour and they share a language. When people from another(prenominal) countries, inspects other places than home, it is sole(prenominal) natural to feel insecure. And for the natives, it is normal for them to feel distrust towards the tourists visit their country. It is hard to endure something if you feel distrust towards all the people you meet, because when your promontory is closed to what is out there, you cannot on the loose(p) up, and set out life. If you unmannerly up your disposition, e very(prenominal)thing will become brighter and better. In this short story, we are introduced to a family. The family consists of a father, mother and a daughter. The family is in Thailand, on a trip. The narrator in this short story is omniscient, because h e knows what they are thinking, and what they feel. The mother, Eileen, is very cautious and uptight by humanity out there in the rainforest. Eileen found Thailand stressful, and wasnt shamed to show it. [] Her constantly-expressed anxiety. [] (P 1 ll. 19 20) She does not loosen up, which is then she cannot enjoy the experience of being in another country. She finds Thailand as a stressful place, but that is because she cannot open herself up and experience a different place, other than home. Around the four men, she is very afraid that something bad will happen to them. Eileen is afraid of cause something new, and just wants to stay in her safe place. I dont like this, said Eileen. There was a tremor in her voice. Anything could happen. That was what she meant. Anything could happen. And she was right [] So many surprises. [] A wit that was contradictory, incomprehensible.(P 2 ll. 73 76) She feels that she is different from those people, the four men, because her min d is different. Text 4, Trust Between Cultur! e: The Tourist, tells about her brain opposite...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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