Thursday, February 13, 2014


Pia reach Piaget saw cognitive development as an adaptational process. They in sets learn to a greater extent(prenominal) most their environment and adapt. Children go by dint of four tiers. The preoperational academic degree is the here and now stage, and children go through and through this stage between the ages of two to septette. Children’s representational thought grows in this stage, but they make water problems with logic. The concrete operational stage is the ordinal stage, and children go through this stage between the ages of s nevertheless to 11. Children’s thought is more like an adult, and they are overmuch more logical. Preoperational children are inefficient to conserve. Conservation is the understanding that even when the outward-bound appearance of an determination changes, it does not mean the physiologic characteristics have changes. Children have a problem with this because their thinking i s rigid. They tolerate and think of one scenery of a situation at a time, and they focus on the way things appear at the moment. Concrete operation...If you want to get a full essay, project it on our website:

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