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NAME: Ricardo Kinlocke Course: General Business law subscriber: Mr. Sands Elements of fusion: 1. Respect 2. Transparency 3. Accountability 4. divided up values 5. shared values 6. communication that is understood by exclusively interested parties 7. cooperation and the ability to listen and to hear 8. share-out and learning 9. the cross fecundation of ideas 10. Partnership is inclusive, non one-sided Elements of a slue: 1. Offer An turn is delineate as the verbalism of the willingness to enter into a bargain so made as to justify an otherwise person In thought that his agree to the bargain is invited and will conclude it. 2. word sense acceptation of an offer can occur in several ship canal: Acceptance of an offer is a manifestation of assent to the terms in that location of made by the offeree in a manner invited or required by the offer. An acceptance moldiness not swop the terms Of an offer. If it does, the offer is rejected v A material change in a proposed rationalise constitutes a counteroffer, which. Must be authoritative by the other party 3. Legal Purpose The objective of the contract essential be for a legal subroutine. For example, a contract for sinful distribution of drugs is not A binding contract because the function for which it exists is not legal 4. Mutuality of Obligation This element is as well as known as the meeting of the minds. Mutuality of obligation refers to the parties common Understanding and assent to the facial gesture of their agreement The parties must(prenominal) agree to the uniform thing, in the same Sense, at the same time. The determination of a meeting of their minds, and thus offer and acceptance, is establish on the Objective standard of what the parties said and did and not their infixed state of mind v . Unexpressed subjective liveliness is irrelevant. In determining whether mutual assent is pr esent, the court looks to the communications! between The parties and to the facts and circumstances...If you ask to get a full essay, found it on our website:

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