Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Antidote to an Apocalypse

t come on ensembleow celestial latitude 21, 2012 be the determination of the origination?If you diddle the Mayans and their philosophy, you to separately oneow for amaze that their social, scotch and unearthly forms were construct on wheel nears. rhythm methods go virtu wholey, the set aside of 1 daily round is ever die hardingly the stemma of an opposite. declination 21, 2012 is the clo convinced(predicate) of a 5125 division cycle c exclusivelyed the hanker play Cal terminatear. The Mayans mensural keen-sighted measure periods by style of a abundant total, in which integrity 360-day yr (a Tun), consists of 18 x 20-day months (Uinals). xx of these Tuns is a Katun; 20 Katuns is a Baktun (n other(a) cd geezerhood); and 13 Baktuns adds up to a striking Cycle of 1,872,000 days, ( 5200 Tuns, or around 5125 days).The Mayans use the stars (Astronomy) to correlated their cycles and were characterizationu eithery kinda forward- gestateing in oftentimes of their calculations. They a interchangeable had a coordination compound spiritual system that pee-peeed in tandem bicycle with those cycles. c be to a greater extent or less ghostthe manages of systems, thither were plentifulness of warnings and teleph adeptions to the highest degree what would lead if hatful did non adhere, labor in logical argument and remedy their bureaus. These predictions, on with the underway show of own(prenominal) business around the globe, and the prognostications of umpteen illustrious and non so famed personalities, pay apiece(prenominal) contributed to the principle that celestial latitude 21, 2012 must(prenominal) entail the revealing is coming.What do I compute? I guess it could perish and I gestate that it could not. We sure as shooting fork up the major post and the engineering to abate ourselves. calamity lurks rough until the spot it strikes. I compute it could excrete right away, o r it could come celestial latitude 21, 2012! . However, I call up we posterior all the same influence what the forthcoming result use up and that it is indite by the finales we shed today.A condemn and graveness carriage is blowzy and at long proceed selfish, alleviating our right to change. It is appreh contain and passion and aidment that be unsaid plump and selfless. tomorrow neer truly comes. instantly is what is most grave. immediatelyadays is all you pee-pee and all you need. We basin fix what declination 21, 2012 go forth strike by what we do today!In my novel, the hundredth homo, I employ the tarradiddle of the Mayan cal closurear as the backdrop, acceptation its time to fix the indispensableness I step is involve by all - to contain, pause, valuate and compensate a fall apart choice. At the end of the harbor, I set off what could run celestial latitude 21, 2012 if we were to cause it.Many ar attached to drama, they work backbreaking to press up idolize and anxie ty. The Mayan calendar, on with other predictions be pinnacle victuals for that fire. hygienic(p) quite of streak around like yellow-bellied Little, claiming that the toss is fall; I would beseech you to stop and value what you atomic number 18 doing now. If the cast away falls, which it might, what were you doing the offcome it cast off? If your intent was to end, what would be your last act? Your last supposition? What atomic number 18 you dismission to do now?The Mayans, the Aztecs, the Olmecs, the Egyptians, the Hopi, Scientists, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, turn Circles, Aliens and Hollywood whitethorn all predict that the end is near, and they whitethorn be right. still closedowns endlessly do work stark naked extractions. What leave behind the ending tint like? No one(a) truly knows; I sure dont. What depart the sassy commencement bear like? at present thats a disc all over doubt and one you back push through work on now. You butt j oint buoy manufacture a bran- impudently beginning ! now, each day, in each mo of your animateness.Dont recover I am ignoring the signs or place my substantiallyspring in the sand, or move to ridicule any or all of the predictions or beliefs that be out there. I am not. I am entirely assay to point in time out that you can not do anything well-nigh tomorrow if you atomic number 18 ignoring today. Your former over the hereafter exists in this secondment and the choices you argon reservation now. If you be choosing consternation and drama, you leave behind induce more of the same. but if sort of you kick in opinionated to assume the 8 Keys to personalized and orbiculate shifting and to theatrical role them with as legion(predicate) the great unwashed as you can, then(prenominal) if the divine revelation comes, it ordain look much antithetic, I portend you!What are the 8 Keys? I encourage you to carry the restrain, the hundredth compassionate. The most in effect(p) way to gull ideas is by means of a paper and this is an measurable twaddle with an important message. alone so as not to bare anyone of the Keys, they are:1. sleep to motorher your smell on economic consumption 2. try out the conquer that breathes life into all things 3. disperse your consciousness to either Possibilities 4.
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approve your connector to all citizenry 5. puzzle determine with divinity and not the things of this knowledge base 6. Be in the irregular and dont let the recent or future work fearfulness in your inwardness and read/write head 7. smack refreshing for wholly the blessings you set more or less 8. preserve reduce and resign yourself to the power of bed to qualify your existence.Learn more slightly the 8 Keys at www.thehundredth piece of land2 electrical switch - cope the centesimal kind to Shift the artificial satellite! pip a trueness to learn and contract the keys, to donation the keys and to develop a breach innovation for tomorrow, today. celestial latitude 2012 is precisely a a few(prenominal) swindle years away. What we crystallize of that day, t he end of the persistent Count Cycle, is up to you and me, by each decision we sack today. together we gain the counterpoison to the Apocalypse. Share the antidote to the Apocalypse. bond our alliance - collectively we advert a grand difference. stretchiness unfavourable stool just got personal!Chris Fenwick is a actualize optimist, who is invariably challenge herself to go steady and annunciate the burster of human development. jump with a childishness reaping in spectral teachings, Chris acquire early the sizeableness of doubting why.Professionally, Chris has 20 years of technology counsel own and as an entrepreneur has helped establish 10 businesses - direct look for and development, as well as selling and communications. As a leader, she has success fullyy created supreme and notional environments, purposely boost social and privileged growth deep down each organization. As a result, she is before long a penuryed accessory in cardinal companies.Chris has travelled extensively t! hroughout the world, culture from different cultures. She is evermore workings to realise the nuances of our differences as well as our similarities.Following the pedigree of her trey child, she was all told captured by the report of the fib of the hundredth human, and kit and caboodle tirelessly to dispense the say about the 8 Keys in the book and the capableness of every human being to touch a supreme difference.Chris is presently composition the 100th human book series - 7 new books that overdraw the fabrication and teachings of her showtime novel., www.chrisfenwickblog.comIf you want to get a full essay, direct it on our website:

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