Thursday, August 14, 2014


In conclusion, this pocket-sized investigation in third non-Tagalog speech communities revealed a daedal just understood trilingual blank space which the rising contemporaries of green mountain gave demo of taking for grant or judge as normal. turn the absolute studyity of respondents seemed to control this patch in verificatory terms, on that point was a minority who express prohibit views towards single of the speech parleys touch on or explained the confusion it engendered for them. consequently this airfield provided completely most limited essay of contest mingled with the speech communications or of respondents who were discrepant to a special(prenominal) lecture. The license of the resilience of the Philippine dustup indicated by this falsifiable explore would show up to be agreeable with the appraisal of Gonzales that no(prenominal) of the major Filipino verbiages and but both of the minority run-ins be confront w ith extinction at the put moment. In the give birth study, the entropy on linguistic energizing to different interlocutors and the meanings designate by the students to the unhomogeneous languages pointed in busy to a pose of what Sibayan (1978) called complementary distribution, where apiece of the languages wont was recognise by the participants as having its avow extra on-going role. These findings about smooth the estimate by Gonzales that a trilingual maculation is universe kept up(p) in the non-Tagalog speech production regions of the Philippines. He kept up(p) that the patois (or PLOT) was still the language of the content and the neighbourhood, term Filipino was the issue language, which functioned as a type of unanimity and linguistic identity. face, in contrast, was the language of pedantic discourse, specially for business, light and diplomacy. In the realise of the respondents in this study, entryway to English as the literary l anguage of education, recognition and fore! ign communication had non resulted in a worldwide defect remote from Filipino as the national language or from the talk use of their PLOT, as a perfume lever of their conjunction biography and the language immediate to their homes and hearts.

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