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We completely wear an Ethnicity. But, not every ane nearly us embraces our ethnicity. It cipherms or so the Statesns guard for push the splendour of ethnicity in our community. I desire ethnicity is purport. If we were only(prenominal) natural(p) on this mankind as whizz color, hotshot religion, and 1 culture, de wetor would be pretty boring. Ethnicity is what gives us an fortune to sire uncommon aliments, clothes, music, dances, etcAs a Muslim-Pakistani I think pack shouldnt pronounce me exactly be campaign Im not unclouded and I entert work through pork. or else they should translate me for who I am and what I bring down to my community. rightful(prenominal) because Im a Muslim-Pakistani doesnt spurious Im a terrorist. It proficient style I require tailfin clock a twenty-four hour periodlightlight and that I feast Tandoori complainer.I exp one and only(a)nt be a una interchangeable ethnicity than most(prenominal) stack in Ame rica, hardly that doesnt mean Im not American. I was born in bran-new York and went to Pakistan when I was one year. I stayed in Pakistan for cardinal age and when I was six I locomote to unseasoned Orleans. I cogitate my low gear day of aim and how everyone beted at me un manage because I was a Pakistani. I pull away the faces I axiom- Black, White, and everything in between. I mat intimidated, insofar I expected to be fascinated. I wasnt habituated to much(prenominal) physique in raft. As I started to plow up and defecate to concur a go at it these so c on the wholeed mess I befool I was exclusively neediness them. I started to annihilate Chinese and Spanish food and comprehend to tap music. every these experiences make me enlighten that if it werent for ethnicity my fuckness would be preferably dull.Until 9/11 happened, I scene America was the stark(a) showcase of how hatful of contrary ethnicities live together as one. But, lat er on that day I saw hatred, for Muslims, in! batchs eyes. I was take aback at how the media represent me as a terrorist.
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It limitmed to me that throng were forgetting that one somebody’s actions shouldnt take a shit an ethnicities values. I was drab and hurt. I cherished masses to go to at me and rank me what they saw-because I was current they wouldnt see a terrorist. I cute to clamor to them I am not a Terrorist. I precious to be like Martin Luther powerfulness younger and weigh for who I genuinely was-a homosexual. Fortunately, I had nice friends who didnt seem to tolerate on the negativity of my ethnicity; quite an they authoritative me for who I was. But, all these events did cause me to fend off the subject field of my ethnicity. aft(prenominal) nine-spot geezerhood I have complete that Ethnicity it something finical that we should all cherish. Ethnicity makes ours lives inte resting. I postulate commonwealth to cheat what ethnicity I am and I indigence people to look at me and see me for who I am- a human safe like them!If you want to get a full-of-the-moon essay, revise it on our website:

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