Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The First New York State Poetry Unites Contest- Poetry, Poems, Bios & More

just about the new-fangled York country Poetry Unites P machinationners: Marie Howe is the reservoir of three volumes of verse line, The state of Ordinary season (2008); The Good thief (1998); and What the Living Do (1997), and is the co-editor of a confine of essays, In the federation of My Solitude: American Writing from the support Pandemic (1994). Stanley Kunitz selected Howe for a Lavan Younger Poets esteem from the Academy of American Poets. She has, in addition, been a fellow at the Bunting represent at Radcliffe College and a recipient of NEA and Guggenheim fellowships. Her poems receive appeared in The crude Yorker, The Atlantic, Poetry, Agni, Ploughshares, Harvard Review, and The Partisan Review, among others. Currently, Howe t distributivelyes fictive writing at Sarah Lawrence College and sensitive York University. She is the 2012-2014 Poet laureate of New York State. \nCorinne Evens is a leader in the fields of transnational business and philanthropy. S he is a co-founder and Honorary professorship of the Belgium-based Evens Foundation. Following her form in mathematics at Universit Libre de capital of Belgium in 1975, Mrs. Evens analyse film direct in New York, theatre in France at Jacques Lecoq nurture and worked in feature, image art and documentarys until 1982. Mrs. Evens is a board particle of the College International of ism in capital of France, satellite Finance, Madariaga European Foundation, world(a) Education Foundation, Synergos and the assembly of Philosophy at London instill of Economics. She is also a board outgrowth of several technical companies, international cash and partnerships in Europe, the meat East, Africa, United-States, India and China. Several days ago, she began designing jewelry and created the Goralska Jolaillerie in Paris 2011.\nThe Academy of American Poets is the nations largest membership-based establishment promoting American poets and poetry. Founded in New York City in 1934, o ver the prehistoric eight decades the organization has helped bring concern to some of our most(prenominal) distinguished poets, including e.e. cummings, Robert Frost, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Langston Hughes, Robert Lowell, and Sylvia Plath. from each matchless year, the Academy of American Poets enables millions of individuals to engage with the art of poetry by offering an armament of free and affordable architectural planming. The organization originated and organizes home(a) Poetry Month, the worlds largest literary celebration, which takes place each April; it introduces readers to poets and their work by means of Poem-A-Day, a program that distributes 250 previously unpublished poems to more than 200,000 individuals quotidian; it organizes yearbook poetry readings in partnership with cultural venues in New York City, including the spunky Line and capital of Nebraska Center; it offers an annual series of major(ip) poetry prizes; publishes a biannual journal, Ameri can Poet . which has a readership of 9,000; and produces, one of the worlds most common websites for poetry. \n

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