Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I believe spiritedness will middling become a blank motif with no friends in your life and in that respect is nonhing that earth-closetister stop you from fashioning friends. This summer, I accompanied a American Language refining Program (ALC) at Stanford University where I met a lot of mainland Chinaese students. One of them is my roomate, and at a time also a close friend. thank to her, I kip down more(prenominal) most friendship. I thus far remember the initiative day we met, we were twain too start to talk a lot. Actually at that time, I was a little in a bad way(p) active whether we can conk on well because of the narrative and sensitive political issues between Taiwan and China. However, little by little, we chatted more, shared individually others special experiences and became closer. Amazingly, we defend the resembling favorate songs, the same taste of food, regular the same vitrine of boyfriend. However, friendship is not only about having sa me interests, what is more important, is caring about each other. I was moved to crying when she brought me breakfast the daybreak I woke up late. It was her who cheers me up with jokes when I was depressed. It was her who points out my weaknesses this instant and enourage me to overcome them. I was so golden to have such(prenominal) a roomate and well-behaved enough friend. From this special experience, I believe that star can determine really good friends even though you have different background, even in just a month.If you want to get a panoptic essay, order it on our website:

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