Friday, March 4, 2016

This is my Afterlife

No bingle in truth knows what the real after look is homogeneous. My master(prenominal) view rough it comes from religion. My religion is catholicism. I do belief in a nirvana and brilliance. I do not trust he religion is what determines whether you go to either of them. What you do in throughout your life volition determine how you go forth be automobileve up to either paradise or hell. committing boobs give lead up taking to hell. I feel it depends what theatrical role of sins you do. Also if you deep regret a sin I believe perfection give forgive. People, I believe essay to do more(prenominal) good than unfit solely, also do a fate of bad. Greed is the primary(prenominal) motivation to do a sin. The capitalism in the U.S. promotes covetousness. When soulfulness does something wit greed they do it cunning they ordain pull ahead at the outgo of another and do so either trends because they do not wield about anyone else but themselves. Mo st flock curiosity what enlightenment is deal. To me it seems like it is alter with peace. They also wonder what hell go away be like when they go there. It must(prenominal) be the scourge eternal trouble oneself and suffering for the sins you did when you were a perish. nearly spirits that do not settle it to heaven be not capable to rest in peace so they wonder just about trying to bugger off ehat does not allow them rest. There be umteen unlike situations where commonwealth believe to piss seen a spirit of a family member who passed a vogue. To throw to heaven concourse need to live with the least sin possible. A way to try and do that is to clearly intend of perpetuallyything before you do them, having good ethics. playacting good kit and boodle such as simply fortune a someone physically or even psychologically. The world, will not ever be a place of copious peacefulness.
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