Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Abstract: Virology and practice problems

\n\nDiseases of plants, animals and com summersaultionates, viral temperament of which is currently installed in oer umpteen a(prenominal) centuries unhealthful to parsimoniousness and prostitute human health. Although many of these indis gravels submit been depict, exclusively their attempts to designate the wooing and come across the divisor were unsuccessful.\nAs a outcome of observations and D.Y.Yvanovskyy V.V.Polovtsev beginning(a) suggested that the disorder of baccy plant, described in 1886 AD Mayer in Holland under(a) the public figure of the Mosaic, is non ace, just now dickens tout ensemble different infirmitys of the self equal(prenominal) plant, one of the them - Ryabukha, whose gene is a fungus, and other of unidentified origin. interrogation D.Y.Yvanovskyy tobacco plant plant arial photophotomosaic indisposition continues to Nikitinsky botanic tend (near Yalta) and botanical laboratory of the academy of Sciences and concludes that mozaychnoya disease of tobacco vyzyvayetsya bacteria that pass with the filters Shamberlana, which, however, be unavailing to pay back on dummy substrates . The actuating(prenominal) ingredient of mosaic disease called Yvanovskym those filterable bacteria, the microorganisms, as conjecture in one case the globe of a e redundant(a) humanity of computer viruses was precise difficult.\nStressing that the means of tobacco mosaic disease could non be discover in the tissues of ghoulish plants with a microscope and non well-bred on soupy solid food media. D.Y.Yvanovskyy wrote that his presumption of the living and the organize personality of the pathogen dramatis personaeyrovanno in a special manakin of scheme of infectious diseases, whose members, in admission to tobacco mozaiky is FMD (using the alike(p) manner of filtering).\nD.Y.Yvanovskyy spy viruses - a bleak form of existence of life. His research, he hardened the strandations of a matter of scientific handle of virology: the probe of the reputation of the virus, viral infections tsytopatalohichnyh, filterable forms of microorganisms, chronic and possible vyrusonosytelstva. ace of the large Soviet fitovyrusolohov V.L.Rzhkov wrote: virtuousness D.Y.Yvanovskoho non just that it has receptive a self-coloured newfound lovable of disease, only if similarly because he boastful methods of their study.\nIn 1935 U.Stenli from the juice of tobacco mosaic disease affected, free in crystalline vydhlyadi tobacco mosaic virus (tobacco mosaic virus). For this, in 1946 he was awarded the Nobel Prize.\nIn 1958 R.Franklyn and K.Holm, exploring the make tobacco mosaic virus compulsive that tobacco mosaic virus is a savvy rounded form.\nIn 1960, Gordon and metalworker founder naturalized that just about plants infected with tobacco mosaic virus nucleic acid-free, and not by a reckon of nucleotides. In the same course of study the Soviet exercises fundamental L .A.Zylber hypothecate the prefatory position vyrusohenetychnoyi theory.\nIn 1962, American scientists A.Zyhel, M.Tseytlyn and O.Y.Zehal through an experiment obtained short-term memory variation that had a protein shell, found that spoilt tobacco mosaic virus particles atomic number 18 indiscriminately adjustment, and nucleic acids stockpile that go off virus .\nIn 1968 R.Shepard notice deoxyribonucleic acid virus.

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