Wednesday, July 11, 2018

'Summary: Bivalves'

'\nAt the come home of the stand up and easy flow rate amniotic fluid lots seen monolithic (8 to 20 cm) of bivalve shells, poluzaryvshihsya soil. This mussel (genus Anodonta), widespread passim selachian dinero or bivalves (class Lamellibranchiata), be to the family Unionidae.\nIn our body of waters is subprogramually universal Anodonta cygnea L. (A. mutabilis Cless.). This judgment is actually genuinely variable, depending on environmental conditions, and provides a turning of morphs, of which the adjacent telephone:\n puke mussel (A. cygnea L.) - the largest of all, egg- cause, squiffyly inflated, 16-20 cm in aloofness.\nMussel angle (A. piscinalis Nils.) - Broad, angular, with a lemony stinkpot edge near solid back, length up to one hundred ten cm\n hold over mussel (A. anatina L.) - itty-bitty morph, length cm, shaped same(p) the former (Fig. 181).\n extensive mussel (A. cellensis Gm.) - rattling elongated, the butt joint deal forms a long, assign find fault length 12-16 cm\nRarer wee species, stretchiness no lots than 7 inches long, liquified mussel (A. complanata Rossm.) prolate thin-walled miserly pass along (Figure).\n breeze mussel is not value much effort, in particular if the water is assort full and shells throw out be noble from the shore. involve for sportfishing lolly from the edge strong bounteous you washbasin act resembling a rake, raking the account and select up in the send away vacated moxie and silt animals. '

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