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Exas Philippines, Incorporated Company Case Essay

Exas Philippines, Incorporated is a privately owned c aller-up by Japanese investor and run and managed by Japanese consultants and experts. Its important business since the give of their mformer(a) fellowship are coat STAMPING PRODUCTION (transient or manual and modernised dieset) and TOOL and DIE DESIGNING, PROCESSING and VALIDATION. I belonged in these two crosswayion businesses.Our form receives customers return technical drawings. We make legal instrument and die design as pedestal for quotations then customers feedback for approval for the design price. whence processing finds on metal separate component move of the go jut(s). Assembly leave dramatise of the processed tool and die. Validation follows to bring back engineering samples based on specifications required. erst the delivered samples are approved in their kris assembly, mass intersection pointion ordain follow at our metal stamping production area.Today, Exas Philippines has been adopting seve ral(prenominal) methods and techniques to add and remediate its methods of productivity and character reference that is far better than existing technology. This suppuration however, fully sustained daily activities that fall upon daily production output of the manufacturing intentness including transportation. In fact, the effect of certain method and process shows as one of the largest components that helps the company to be to a greater extent competitive in the market today. Within it, this methods and innovation plays a main role in square(p) customer demand developing effrontery and confidence among others.One known product that this company produced is MAIN plate, a metal stamped part that serves as the major component of digital camera to be assembled in Pentax Philippines, one known customer of ours. Among other parts suppliers, Exas Philippines remains one of its biggest and believe plastic molding and metal stamped parts supplier for al most(prenominal) a decade . pull and confidence we did to sustained and keep for upcoming partnership ahead. In this matter, some market, someway develop a unique and legal process approach in all its product and serve. In such, inquiring in the raw and state of the art tools and machineries, successful focus program and alter process which could invite investors and potential customers in general.Moreover, products and services offer uprs in an commit market like us, take up to innovate and enhance operation to the level best employ of resources and constitute to be more competitive, especially commercial value of our products and services were greatly controlled and dictated by our customers. Where at point, it is a need for the manufacturing industry to forecast total profit prior to producing or launching a certain devise through extensive process evaluation and analysis of every aspect of manufacturing and someways build and innovate unique and well-develop processes.Since main plate m anufacturing process and apostrophize take aways set need to be considered and meliorate, moreover, it has the longest and overmanned process to date as evidenced by the results of the operation production and delivery during the archetypal two months. And with the companys identify for Continuous Improvement and Process optimisation, the investigateer conducted this issue for possible remedies and sum of money which has to be developed to improve this shortsighted achievement process operation.CHAPTER ITHE bother AND ITS SCOPEII STATEMENT OF THE problemThe study helps to improve the present methods to be more efficient and productive. Thus, it is the goal to hone production output of Main photographic plate. The study conducted specifically and systematically to provide break up to the following1) Are the present methods or set up efficient in name of the following? 1) Process lay-out activities patent for cheaper and safer process. 2) Process flow chart implem ent specifies steps required in terms of lay-out cost. 2) Can the material be improved for cost analysis?1) Pricing2) fabric kind3) Material rejection or scrappage3) Is the custody available sufficient enough?1) manpower vs. Process lay-out2) Manpower vs. Machines3) Man-hours requirement vs. exertion plan4) Machineries and fixtures fully utilized?1) tug stamping machine utilization per day2) judicial system drill for chamfering and tool bits utilization3) pneumatic tool grinder, cutting and polishing tools utilization4) Degreasing Machine Utilizationb) What would be the marriage offer to modify or improve the elevated cost of production of Main Plate in terms of ? b.1) Labor cost b.2) Machine and Equipment set up c) How would readjustment of the process benefits the company, the department, the employees, the valued customer as well as the researcher?II SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDYThe study helps the company understand the nature and true cost of civilise and reducing unnece ssary costs, and equilibrise processes in the line to make work flow smoother. It also helps the company to be more competitive in an open market, passing productive and profitable in return. Also using effective techniques that leave enhance processing epoch will eventually increases productivity with little cost, less manpower and man-hour requirements. This study serves as the guidelines for the manufacturing department to even up man and machine effective planning, established term and motion standards to improve production planning and material planning in general.It will also provide relevant information in subsiding financial statement, resource allocation and product estimating cost and value. For the employees, it will boost their morale for work since there is that proper division of work load, improve their working conditions and environment. This will also benefit me since I record time and motion study from this project. I could apply this at my working sect ion, at my home as learning for my family for time management for better results. To the companys valued customers and business partners, the assurance of on-time deliveries with significant high quality product is highly guaranteed.CHAPTER IITHE DATAScope and demarcation lineThe study conducted by the researcher is counselling mainly on ten (10) opposite processes involve in producing MAIN PLATE product. The following are the processes 1) Blanking 6) Flattener 2 2) lancinate 7) Tapping 3) Chamfering 8) Degreasing 4) Flattener 1 9) Visual Checking 5) Polishing 10) utmost Packing The entire processing of the product is the main scope of the project where most of the critical problems has been found and identified. The primary targets of the research are to established standard time and methods to be followed in the processing of the verbalise product as well as to improve productivity and reduce manufacturing cost.The project involves considerable cost . Some of them involve a large number of activities which must(prenominal) be carefully planned and coordinated. in that location are few which can be completed on time, cost and performance targets. Furthermore, another aim of the study is to determine how profitable are the new and improved methods established by the researcher.

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