Saturday, January 19, 2019

Ukrainian Wedding

The traditional Ukrainian matrimonys differ in details, entirely all of them follow the same figure of speech in the order of wedding actions. The very first action of the Ukrainian wedding is a formal engage workforcet. The groom invites two married men (they call them starosty) to visit the base of the bride and to request her parents for her hand in marriage. The wedding ceremony starts at least one week after engagement. normally on Thursday or Friday they bake special wedding rite bread korovai. earlier the wedding both groom and bride have disperse parties with their close fri terminals.At the girl party (divych vechir) they make a ritual tree (giltse). Together with korovai it stays on the wedding table as a symbol of youth and beauty of the bride and groom. Saturday and Sunday are the long beat of the church building service or the main civil marriage ceremony. Before the church ceremony, the bride, the groom and their families meet at the home of the brides parent s for the blessing, the blahoslovenya. At the blessing, the parents submit their approval and true wishes for the couple. The virtually touching and important moment to the couple, their parents, friends and relatives is the church ceremony.The priest blesses the new family for happiness, health, luck, faithfulness, understanding, love and respect for each other. Gods blessing is the to the highest degree important blessing for the new family. After the ceremony the groom takes the bride to her parents home and returns to his own home. Both families have meal with their friends and relatives. After meal it is time for the groom to take a wedding train (poizd) and bring his bride to his home. The most joyful, surprising and unexpected things may happen this evening.There are many fun wedding party traditions involving everybody. Little children adore weddings of their older child or brothers, because this is the time for them to steal a brides shoe and consequently demand any r ansom for it. The party takes place in a restaurant, cafe, at the home of the bridegroom or bride. All the guests come with gifts. The give voice Vesillja is derived from fun. The wedding (vesillya) was meant to be fun for the young couple too, but the newlyweds in antediluvian patriarch times did not have the right to racket anything bitter.They ate honey, bread and they had a little wine for the evening, but vigor more. There is usually a master of ceremonies, the starosta, who plans the party with toasts, endless jokes and games, make sure that every guest is involved. Dancing continues often until morning. At the end of the wedding party guests sing the song called Mnohaya Lita. It is a song of good wishes and means many happy years. Time changes, so do traditions. But even today every wedding in Ukraine has the elements of the ancient rituals preserved by people memory.

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