Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Mathew and his Amazing Journey to Break my Heart :: essays papers

Mathew and his Amazing Journey to Break my Heart Look at how his hair curls down on his forehead Isnt that so cute? I whispered to my best friend jenny ass who was seated under give eared to me. jennet and I have known each other since we were in diapers with teething rings. I could predict what she would do or say it was til now found that I could tell what she would be wearing that day, without her even rotund me. We were both exactly alike also in love with Mathew Jackson, in love with NSYNC, in love with the color pink, and the list went on. I relieve have memories of the pink hats we had that matched our pink dresses that we wore on Easter. And the Barbies we played with in Jennys pink dollhouse. Even the coloring books we colored completely pink. I also still have trillions of best friend necklaces Jenny and I bought and trillions of letters that spell out JENNY AND VALERIE ARE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. So this is why I could tell you that Jenny would agree with my comment nigh Mathews hair. Yes it is she whispered. We were still astounded to be in the same board as Mathew Jackson, the just about hand any(prenominal) 8th grade boy I take that back, the most handsome middle-school boy we both had ever seen. He was an accomplished student and athlete. He had everything and anything a guy would ever want, by all odds a perfect 10. He was the president of Green Valley pose School. Which explains what we were doing in the same room with him. He was spill over some of the fundraisers we could do to raise specie for our trip to Washington D.C. in April. When Jenny and I found out that Mathew was going to be present on the trip, we knew we had to be there. The calendar on the wall told the month to be February, and if we skipped a few pages to April, D.C. TRIP was marked in red and yellow, our school colors. We were going to be riding on a train all the mood from Tennessee to Washington D.C. I wanted to raise a lot of money to hel p my parents out as much as possible, not to mention get noticed by Mathew, who was at the top of the fundraising committee, for raising the most money.

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