Thursday, February 14, 2019

Men Giving Birth? :: Biology Essays Research Papers

manpower Giving Birth?A leading British fertility expert, captain Winston, says it should be possible for a man to carry a foil to term and then deliver it by a Caes arean section. In Winstons view, modern medical technology pull up stakes soon allow transgender young-begetting(prenominal) couples to bear children, or allow a heterosexual male to carry a child if his wife is unable to for medical reasons. antheral pregnancy would certainly be possible and would be the same as when a woman has an ectopic pregnancy -- outside the uterus -- although to carry it, youd have to give the man lots of female horm atomic number 53s, Winston told the Times. He will outline the concept in his new book, The IVF Revolution. IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. Winston acknowledges that there could be a few problems with the technique. Among other things, the man could experience internal bleed -- and he might grow breasts. I dont think there would be a rush of people wanting to implemen t this technology, he said. (1) Presently, researchers are now busy perfecting a reliable birth-control drug for men. A five-year study, conducted by the ANZAC Research Institute in Sydney, involved 55 men victimisation hormonal injections and implants as birth control. None of the mens partners conceived and there were no side effects compared to other trials, which have been terminated due to unforeseen problems. The antifertility works by inhibiting sperm yield through injections of progestogen every three months. Since this hormone also reduces the sex drive, testosterone had to be planted under the mens skin every four months to maintain their libido. later on a 12-month period, participants would stop the treatment to recover their fertility. This is the first time a reversible male contraceptive that will suppress sperm production reliably and reversibly has been fully tested by couples, Professor David Handelsman, the studys director, was quoted by Reuters as saying. Me lissa Dear, a spokesperson for the Family Planning Association, told CNN that she thought it was unconvincing that the final product would be marketed in the form of an injection. Its too unskilful a method, she said. This study has brought the reality of the male contraceptive pill one step closer, but we need to look at combining twain hormones in a tablet form. She added that although the Family Planning Association welcomed the news, she anticipated that it would be five to 10 years before a male contraceptive was available commercially.

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