Saturday, February 16, 2019

My Educational Philosophy :: Philosophy Education Teaching Essays

My Educational PhilosophyI believe that tikeren atomic number 18 like sponges eager to absorb the knowledge we take aim to give them. It is up to us as teachers to make sure they are given the lay information to develop into individuals that sess function in todays society.Undertaking this responsibility, you have to prepare. In doing this just look at corporeal support and is it just sitting and memorizing? No. In real life you are actively involved in what you do. I believe that the teaching process needs to be an active learning experience. If a child is actively involved in learning he provide agree much more. An example of this is when I taught Pre-school and we were learning the parts of the body. Five proceeding after telling the children the polar parts of the body just atomic number 53 child could remember where his shin was. So, I went into active teaching by nisus, using the song She waded in the water. In this song, you point to the different parts of the body that get wet. The next day, most of the children still remembered the song and could point to the correct parts of the body. You can actively involve the children in the learning process by scientific experiments, cooking, song, dance, games, contests, puppets, reenactments and the list goes on and on. I feel that planning your lessons to include many of the senses is very valuable in the learning process. In doing so I realize it will press more time and effort but it will be come up worth it to reach the children in ways that will involve them actively in the learning process. By doing this keeping the attention of more of them and in the long run they will retain more of the material introduced to them. Memorizing is a very important part of the learning process, but sometimes you can memorize and have fun doing it.I feel that positive and timely feedback is very important. This includes papers graded and handed back promptly. I will allow questions to be ans wered concerning the results on the papers graded.I feel that a childs input is very valuable. You can learn a lot about a child by listening to him.Parents have a very important role in the development and reading of the children.

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