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Business & Human resource

In todays competitive foundation, where there is increased competition in the industry. Human choice management and recruitment has proven to be the close to affairful tool that provides with a competitive advantage, which flocknot be matched or countered by any other competitor. Human resource of any company is the lynchpin to success and its sustainable development in the coming years. Therefore it is infixed for in all the corporations to enquire into account the immense power of their human resource and to study genuine efforts in order to retain them. For that the main knowledge base to be targeted is motivation.In that case it is necessary to evaluate the head word of all the employees. motif is the driving force that makes a psyche achieves the desired goals in an affective manner. In the past years a lot of research plump has been done on the topic of motivation. Because only if a person is uncoerced to per formulate any task, he will be make to do it. As d epicted by the saying that one can take his horse to the weewee but cannot force him to drink it unless he wants to. such(prenominal) is the phenomenon of motivation. Motivation has a very prominent role in the field of operation of business. As all humans atomic number 18 complex beings. All of them befool different requirements.It is extremely important for the firm to set up such an environment that promotes the talent of the employees and utilize their potential in an efficient manner. In order to keep the employees intact and promote an organizational culture which is healthy. It is call for that the leadership cargonfully works on job externalise. Job design is the process in which different elements are join together to form a job in which individual as well as organizational requirements are kept in mind . While conception a job comment it is very important that they company is apprised of and concentrates on the fact that what they want to achieve.If the employees are aware of their job description and are provided with the right resources and culture, the company is able to achieve its goals. And besides maintains the standards at the same time. In such a situation employees are motivated to put in their best and to take their work to further level of excellence. Motivation is one factor that is extremely difficult to attain. But on the other hand those firms that bind been successful in motivating their employees have also earned value addition form their talented and salutary employees.Most of these researches of motivation in management have been derived from the discipline of psychology. Since psychology is the reckon of human mind and behavior. These theories have proved to be very effective in use in all the fields of management. A a couple of(prenominal) of these theories related to motivation are described bellow. Abraham Maslow was a famous psychologist and was also known as the father of modern management. He in his obligate A Theory of Human Motivation formulated a cloth of human motivation and drives on the basis of their ineluctably The table at a lower place depicts the power structure of these human take in order.1) Psychological needs they are recognized as the primary needs of every individual that are essential to be fulfilled. They are required for survival. They comprise of necessities like food, shelter, sleep, water etc. 2) Safety Needs as soon as the mental needs are met, ones attention is diverted towards fulfilling the security needs. Every person has some insecurities may it be physical or emotional. According to Maslow until and unless these needs are addressed and resolved a person would feel jeopardise and would not climb up any further on the pyramid.3) mixer Needs this is the first level of higher level of needs. It involves the interaction and kin with a society, family or social group. 4) Esteem Needs esteem needs include self-respect, self worth, recognition and achievem ent. 5) Self-Actualization needs realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences Maslows ideas regarding the hierarchy of needs provides information almost workplace environment that encourages and enables employees to attain their potential that is self actualization.Managers can use these to encourage personal growth and development. Douglas McGregors Theory X and Y were a basis of development of positive management styles and techniques. And prove to be abetful in development of organizational development and culture deep down the organization. It clearly defines two different methods of management control. One is the classic and unoriginal authoritative management style and the other is the modern a participative style. Companies can chose either of them but theory Y or the participative style has been more than effective in motivating the workforceBecause these theories help us understand the psyche of human mind which in turn c an be helpful in developing the job description. And if the job design would be comfortably enough than this would motivate employees to work harder and exercise in innovation. In this world where nothing is stagnant and environment changes, such steps are all effective in helping a company cope with these changes and to surpass new market with fresh ideas. All these theories are a steer force to manage employees and their talent. Motivation is essential at all levels.It is a complex combination of several factors. Motivation leads to efficiency, profits and loyalty. It can make the impossible possible. Employees need to feel respected and valued in the company. This gives them a sense of belonging. Adopting sensible job designs for the workforce can only bring about this change. It is the responsibility of the leadership to make such job descriptions that help utilize the potentials. Theory Y shows that management styles empower and have a significant impact on workforce motiva tion.Works Cited Abraham Maslow. (n. d. ). Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. November 14, 2008. Retrieved from http//www. abraham-maslow. com/m_motivation/Hierarchy_of_Needs. asp Businessballs. com. (n. d. ). Maslows hierarchy of needs. November 14, 2008. Retrieved from http//www. businessballs. com/maslow. htm Job Access. (n. d. ). Job description and design. November 14, 2008. Retrieved from

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