Sunday, March 17, 2019

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educational Philosophy Todays educators atomic number 18 setting the pace for their learners tomorrow. Educators are expected of so much more today than they were twenty long duration ago. It is the teachers responsibility to provide their students with an education as well as a personal identity, and a sense of comfort. Every student that walks into a school agency contains a incompatible set of needs that their teacher must meet. The educational aspect of teaching is a given, but the teacher must to a fault aid their students in being individuals and appreciating who they are and where they come from. Teachers must likewise provide comfort and security for their students. The more comfortable that a student feels with their teacher, the more apt they will be to share issues they are seek with in their lives. One of the reasons that I want to be an educator is because I want to fill every one of my students with confidence. I intend to take aim the minds of my students with an endless supply of knowledge as well as hike in every aspect of their life. They will be taught to love themselves and jimmy their background. Another reason that I want to be an educator is because I truly love spending time with children. I was born the terce of six children. I have experienced the role of being the fuck up sister and the big sister. I feel that I can stir with children very well because I spent so much time with my family. My final reason for wanting to be an educator is to explore different teaching style. I have been especially interested in creating a classroom for cooperative learning and Existentialism.My classroom will be the ideal learning environment. I will paint the room in sparkling pastels and place carpet on a constituent of the floor. The carpeted section of the room will contain couches and beanbags. This area will be use mainly for sort out discussion. I will fill the walls with inspirational quotes and artistry provided by the student s. I will have tables in my room rather of desks. I encourage cooperative learning because I feel that group work improves problem-solving and reading skills. Students will be graded on their friendship inside of the group as far as working unitedly and assisting group members. When it is time for the class to be evaluated, I will adopt the students to leave their groups and select a special place in the room where they can go and work independently.

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