Saturday, March 23, 2019

Graduation Speech :: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

Over the past four years, we scram grown from insecure, adolescent freshmen to successful, focused and confident young adults. This incredible transformation has been the result of our total high school experience. Everything from that first homecoming game, to late night cramming, to the endure dance at prom. These experiences have pulled us together as a class and we have learned to love and respect our fellow classmates.As much as this class has grown together, every one of us has also grown as a unique individual. We have prove our talents and interests. These interests have drawn us to different activities and in turn helped put to work our lives. Some of us have excelled academically while others have helped purify Summer High School by participating in activities such(prenominal) as Link Crew or ASB. Some of us acted in plays while others shared their musical talents by singing in the choir or performing with our outstanding band. Many of us have like to be involved i n community service with a stem like KEY Club. In addition to these school activities, many of us have invested time in jobs and other community activities.These many choices have shaped who we are today the people we met, the experiences we encountered, the lessons we learned. They have all make an impact on our lives and, in turn, we have also made a difference in the lives of others.The people sitting out in this interview tonight have also greatly impacted our lives. Every soul in this enormous stadium has given us encouraging words, accommodating advice or tough criticism. The support our family, friends and teachers have shared with us is invaluable. Their lovingness and dedication have helped us get here today.

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