Monday, March 4, 2019

Individual Happiness Contributes to the Harmonious Society Essay

If you have a lay on the line to choose a life, what testament you choose? The rich but hard-pressed life or the ordinary life with lifelong savorment? approximately state provide choose the latter(prenominal), because it is the essence of the life. The pursuit of somebody gratification is being acknowledged as a world right. People much assume that happiness is an individual thing, but the meaning of happiness shifts across the life course. Therefore, happiness contributes to the harmonious society because it has a verifying dissemble on affectionate life and commercial development.First of all, individual happiness do works a contribution in enhancing social relationships. single happiness digest invisibly deviate the social behavior. If a person feels happy, that will firmness of purpose in positive behavior. Generally speaking, happiness will affect his timbre and his subjective well-being. Apparently, a happy person will be lovable to the people around his s ocial circle. According to Dixon (2011), The happiness participants felt astir(predicate) their past generosity, the more likely they were in the present to choose to give-up the ghost on someone else instead of themselves.People are willing to piece of ground happy feelings they will be kind spending on others. Individual happiness creates a virtuous cycle between happiness and kindness. Likewise, in the case of people being more kind, the relationship of friends and family will be strengthened. On the other hand, happiness is as essential as nutrition if a child is to develop into normal manhood or femininity the purpose of bringing-up in all its phases should be to make the child as happy as possible. (Stearns, 2012) parents have a special bond with their children.A negligible feelingal change may have a momentous impact on childrens growth. Children will grow up healthily and comfortably in a relaxed and happy environment. Vice versa, parents will track down happier wh en they witness the growth of their children without any trouble. Hence, individual happiness makes a positive feedback loop (Dixon, 2012) that sets an important bond between people. It enhances the relationship and it is beneficial for everyone of apiece side in the small social circle. Secondly, individual happiness improves the social go bading atmosphere in the commercial area.More and more business community are trying to add the element of happiness into their goods. As Stearns stated, Harvey Ball, created in 1963 the yellow smiley face, which took off even in the wake of the Kennedy assassination and whose annual licensing revenues exceeded $50 million within the decade. Admittedly, Life and work are touchwood for workers in modern society. In addition, businessmen used happy crook in their goods, is actually helping people go out of the tame life due to busy work. Their idea finally made it, because individual happiness is contagious and easily payed.Thereby, indivi dual happiness has a considerable commercial potential compared to ordinary sales systems. Correspondingly, people generally deficiency the happiness because they are under enormous pressure. The gimmick of happiness will set up a positive feedback loop that make to both sellers and customers. Moreover, individual happiness laughingstock contribute to a relax work atmosphere. According to Stearns (2012), happiness inspired new workplace standards that instructed white-collar employees and sales people in the centrality of cheerfulness. Working for a optimistic top dog or a serious boss?Most people will choose the former one. No one can tolerate the hardened words and face of the boss day by day. Conversely, employees find it easier to accept a happy employer who can mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff. Emotion of employers plays an increase important role in the work place. Hence, individual happiness can enhance the performance of the company. When employees working in a wo rkplace that is wide of the mark of happiness, they will be cheered up, the internal thought will drive them to enjoy their work and greatly improve the work efficiency.Individual happiness thereby is beneficial to the commercial development. Some public opinion suggested that the society take to be more serious, so individual happiness will discriminate the peoples major goals. This statement is obviously not consistent because it is a historical trend that individual happiness accounted for a elephantine proportion of life. It builds a positive circle that promotes the development of society. Serious emotion does work some occasions, but in the whole environment, it will make people become rigid and less creative.To conclude, individual happiness not only enriches the relationship between people, but also brings more benefit in the business process. Truly, the happiness plays a neglected role in some cultures. They are still trying to hiding their peoples feeling. However, du ll and serious words have far less influence than many smiling faces around you. Individual happiness gives people the latter feeling those smiling faces can affect others lives in the broader society. All in all, the spreading of individual happiness will lead to a tremendous improvement that will enable more people to live in a harmonious society.

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