Thursday, March 7, 2019

TM Allegory

Ululating miss Kanji Ms. Huggins AP Literature 1 15 Jan glory 2015 Gorges Metamorphosis as Allegory An allegory is a story in which characters, events, and settings symbolize abstract act or moral concepts from the real world. utilize PASSAGES/ QUOTES from the entire text as needed, explain the following allegorical connections to The Metamorphosis. In other words, explain how/when these ideas are developed in the text.The isolation of an individualistic results in a spiritual death that dehumidifies the lonely person. In what slipway is Gregory euthanized by his isolation? What ab go forth his life leads him to feel isolated? He found it difficult to bear lying down quietly during the night and soon eating no longer gave him the slightest pleasure. So for diversion he acquired the habit of crawling back and forth across the walls and ceiling. He was in particular fond of hanging from the ceiling. (Kafka, 1915) Gregory is left alone most of the time. He entirely time he isnt l one is when his sister comes to feed him. Isolation has brought out more insect worry characteristics in Gregory. He feels more gentle hanging upside off the ceiling like a bat. A normal human cannot enjoy being upside down like he did. The transformation and the fear that he will hurt or scare his family members A real life situation that relates to this passage is the account of African Americans and Jewish people.

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