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A View from the Bridge Essay Example for Free

A View from the bridge circuit EssayMarco is married and has got two children whilst Rodolfo is still single. When, both Catherine and Rodolfo see each different, it is almost bid respect at first site. Catherine uses flirtatious procedures to convey to the interview that she feels somewhat of him. When she starts using these actions, High heels Eddie does not like this and so sends her back to the room to get changed, Do me a favour, will you? Go ahead. This makes Catherine undergo plethora as Rodolfo was at the scene. I would take the audience to observe that both Catherine and Rodolfo moderate got feelings for each other and that Eddie is in the surroundings be jealous.Due to the relationship between Eddie and Catherine, Beatrices relationship is suffering as he is paying attention more towards Catherine thus Beatrice. Another crucial scene/ bit point in this bleed is when both, Rodolfo and Catherine are left unaccompanied in the apartment. Whilst in the room, Cath erine questions Rodolfo closely his motives, in which he is traumatized and was enquire if Eddie notion that too. This is because Eddie warns Catherine that he is after an Ameri stop citizenship. She asks him, Would you still want to do it if it turned out we had to go live in Italy His reaction was, No I will not marry you in Italy.I want to be a citizen. At this instant I would want the audience to become conscious(p) that Rodolfo wants to marry Catherine just to be an American Citizen and that they could change their minds later on. Catherine replies to this and says that she does not want to leave Eddie after what he has done for her (Eddie has treated her as a daughter and paid for her to go to extra classes of her interest after leaving high school. ) She makes it sound that Eddie was an ex-lover or ex-husband of her, You thinks its so easy to turn more or less and say to a man hes noting to you no more? As a manager I would want the audience to realize that Catherine i s aware that she needs to grow up as she gets advice from Beatrice saying, Beatrice says to be a woman. At this point Catherine gets aggravated as she makes it sound as if she has to choose between Rodolfo and Eddie, I k straightway him and now Im supposed to turn around and make a stranger out of him. She takes in mind what Beatrice suggested to her about being a woman which leads to her having sex with Rodolfo. This is a turning point to the audience and to Catherine.At this turning point I would want the audience to reconsider their views on Rodolfo about wanting to be an American citizen. No one would sleep with a woman and not wealthy person feelings for her. The light rises on Eddie. He enters the flat drunk and sees a glimpse of Catherine adjusting her dress and coming from the bedroom. At this particular moment, Eddie senses what the two have been up to. Rodolfo appears in the bedroom doorway. Eddie sees him and his arm jerks slightly in shock. He does this action as he w ants to hit Rodolfo as he knows what they have been up to and that he is jealous and cannot bear it.He can not handle that Catherine is taking responsible of her own life. When a pause appears, as a director I would want to create tension in the audience as the characters are all hiked up. unawares after the build up of tension, Eddie switches his actions and tells Rodolfo to Pack it up and Get out of here. Eddie gets dominant over Catherine by grabbing her and stopping her from following Rodolfo to her bedroom. She frees her arm, which indicates her rebelling against him and her wanting his approval.Eddie, at his point is jealous following what Rodolfo and Catherine have been up to and knows that he cannot have her. Soon after there is a sudden breakthrough of Eddies feelings as he, reaches out suddenly, draws her to him and as she strives to free himself he kisses her on the mouth. He kisses her to provoke Rodolfo and to see how she and he react. This all leads to violence in wh ich, Rodolfo flies at him in attack. At this point Eddie kisses Rodolfo to show Catherine he is gay and to show her that Rodolfo did not prevent this from happening.The last crucial scene in this play is the last scene where Eddie gets killed. This consequence was created when Eddie did a rattling unintelligent thing of phoning the immigration bureau to report the two misappropriated immigrants, Rodolfo and Marco. He then regrets phoning the bureau up and tells them to move as they moved with more illegal immigrants which had a very violent family. This way Rodolfo and Marco would not get caught and would remain safe whereas the other illegal immigrants wouldnt. Soon after they decided, they did not have enough time to move, as the officers came to pick Rodolfo and Marco up.Eddie had begged Beatrice to tell them to move and soon after, she had recognize what Eddie had done. She turned against Eddie and used harsh language against him, Hes a rat. At this time I would want my audi ence to turn against Eddie. This then lead to more violence of Eddie getting killed by Marco as he has suffered from his family being without food and money. I would want my audience to feel more sympathy for Marco rather than Rodolfo. The culture of this play is all in relation to a child who grassed his uncle to the immigration bureau seeing that he was an illegal immigrant.The kid was completely beaten up by his family and no-one wanted to know him after what he did. In an Italian family, the families need to be loyal to each other and if something goes wrong outside the family, the Sicilian company requires the law to be taken in hand and that justice should be done. I would want the audience to relate back to this during the last scene and keep this in mind as this is a break up of thing that Eddie had done but the consequences were much worse. If I was directing A View from the Bridge I would want my audience to see that there is a mixed relationship portrayed in this play.T his is because of the actions, talks and motives used between the two characters. Throughout the play, I would want the audience to change their views on what they thought of the character of Eddie as he did some good quality things however he also did steep things. The relationship between Eddie and Catherine would have never been further than an uncle and niece. Two relationships between, Eddie and Beatrice and Catherine and Rodolfo both got disturbed due to the actions undertaken by Eddie which affected the characters.I would want my audience to keep on re-evaluating their views on the relationship between Eddie and Catherine as this would make the play more interesting. Coming to the end of the play, the audience would have bring out that Eddie did have feelings for Beatrice as his last words were My lovely B. BY JULAN SHAH Show catch only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller sectio n.

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