Sunday, July 28, 2019

Major Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Major Project - Essay Example The leadership of the organization has to pronounce their promise to support the safety programs boldly. Policies of the organization regarding safety and health management should address issues relating to the purpose of having a health safety programs. Measures are taken to safeguard the employees in the workplace and policies that protect the health and safety of an employee. The input of the worker in coming up with safety and health measures is very vital because their interests will be for because the policies affect them directly (OSHA, 2013). XYZ Company needs to form a special task force that should be the responsibility of investigating accidents in the workplace. The composition of the team should include representatives from the different departments in the organization to ensure theirs equal representation. Proper investigations should be on health and safety issues monthly reports should be done to evaluate made in addressing safety and health issues. Through such a taskforce, cases that deserve compensation will be in time hence avoiding legal lawsuits that seem to have drained the company’s revenues in the 2013 financial year (OSHA, 2013). It is prudent that the organization identifies high-risk zones within an organization and caution employees in advance. Some areas in the organization can be classified as high-risk zones because they pose severe threats to the health and safety of employees. It is important to create awareness amongst employees and discourage them from accessing such areas unnecessarily without getting prior permission. Training employees who operate in the danger zones is very essential because it offers them skills that can help them avoid accidents. When a hazard is in advance, it becomes simple to come up with measures that can be used to control them and lessen the severity of

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