Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Prevention of Crime and Disorder Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Prevention of Crime and Disorder - Assignment Example There is adequate external lighting to deter crime. There are employees who check on incoming customers and customers inside. These staff can be easily identified through their uniform and name tags. The Casino is always searched inside and outside before, during, and after opening hours for suspect packages. There are also guidelines on crime, violence, and aggression in and around the casino. When there are events that attract larger than usual crowds, the Casino liaises with the police. It also ensures that there is proper management of the door such that there are a high number of door supervisors when there is an event. There are admissions for only people above 18years and screening of people. If persons fail to meet the admission standards or become violent, they are denied entry or ejected. People known to be violent are banned from the casino. All incidences of crime or violence are recorded in the incidence book. During events, there is the use of plastic drinking vessels instead of glass drinking vessels to prevent the assault. Staff are trained in conflict management to help them deal with difficult situations, reduce violence, and disorders. Drugs and weapons entering the premises. There is a zero tolerance for the use and carrying weapons in the business. Everyone is searched at the door before entering. There are policies displayed in the casino to emphasis customers of a zero tolerance to drugs. When customers are suspected of use or possession of drugs, police are notified. Staffs are trained on drug awareness. The general safety of staff and customers. There is risk management done on the casino to identify potential hazards to staff and customers and to determine a solution to manage them. Staffs are made aware of the risks and precautionary measures to take. There are also first aid boxes in the casino, and they are properly maintained. Employees are trained on the use of the first aid equipment. Accumulation and disposal of glasses.  Ã‚  

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