Sunday, September 22, 2019

Community Health Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Community Health Nursing - Essay Example In the past, those applying for health insurance had to have restrictions included in their medical insurance offering if they had additional medical conditions. In South Carolina, individuals who are eligible for HIPAA can choose to acquire individual medical insurance from the state’s High Risk Pool which is required to proffer individual medical insurance to all persons, including those with medical conditions. There are also organizations such as Medicaid to cover individuals who live on a limited income and have fulfilled the requirements of the South Carolina’s Medicaid eligibility panel. Mini-Med, or Guaranteed Health Insurance, is another option for individuals that are not able to meet the requirements for personal major medical insurance. These options are attainable for most people as those who have problems with income have the option of purchasing an insurance plan which has lower premiums and a high deductible that will cover them for accidents or even major illnesses. Such individuals could also opt for temporary health insurance in order to obtain stopgap coverage when unemployed. My definition of health is influenced by a combination of factors. My education stipulates that physical health is achieved when the body is not affected by illnesses and has elements from the major food groups to oversee its continuation. However, my culture also emphasizes on the importance of spiritual as well as mental health if a human being is to be completely healthy. I live in a multicultural society, and so my definition of health is also affected by the beliefs of different cultures in my community. For instance, there are people who feel that it is very important for family connections to remain close if all members of the family are to remain in optimum health. This is because this particular community beliefs that bad relationships in the family, or strained ties, interfere with the positive energy within families which is

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