Wednesday, September 25, 2019

MAT105-0801B-13 Business Math-Phase 1 Individual Project Essay

MAT105-0801B-13 Business Math-Phase 1 Individual Project - Essay Example The choice of the printer is out of the questions. Since I will be receiving resumes and other files from my clients, I really need to buy a printer in order for me to review these documents more easily. Lastly, I also required a fax phone in recognition that some of the documents cannot always be attached through e-mails noting that some clients may not have scanners. A telephone is also essential since I will also be dealing with customers through phone conversations especially if issues cannot be easily resolved through e-mails. The major problem that I encountered in my online shopping is the fact that I cannot purchase the same set of products from the three retailers. It should be noted that HP’s online website carries only its manufactured brands. Thus, the choice is limited. In order to remedy the situation, I chose to purchase products which have the same features from the three different online retailers. I also find it difficult to calculate tax rate in CompUSA as it shows zero tax rate for my zip code. Thus, what I did is to look it up in the other websites. Lastly, I cannot compare the results of my shopping list in the three stores thus, the need to calculate using an Excel spreadsheet. I believe that Table 2 best satisfies my requirement. Sourcing from manufacturer allows me to get a warranty of one year on my purchases which I can directly transact with them. Price-wise, Shopping HP also entails the lowest cost which is consistent with my goal of minimizing

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