Wednesday, October 30, 2019


EMPLOYMENT LAW(EQUAL PAY LAWS-ARE THE ADEQUATE - Essay Example It would be necessary to consider each aspect individually in order to arrive at the correct results regarding the effectiveness of relevant legislatures and laws on the overall parity between genders in the context of UK employment scenario. What is necessary to consider in this paper is its scope, in that it is to examine whether the laws monitoring a more just and equitable wage distribution system between genders, absence of bias and discrimination in wage rate fixation systems among the genders and also the impact of work performance. The simple and logical rule is that both men and women need to be paid equally for performing the same kind and output of work, and there should be no bias or discrimination in wage rate fixation based on their gender and not performance. Further, the onus would fall upon the employers to prove that differentials in wage scales were due to other important and significant considerations other then gender. When men and women are performing the same kind of work, and following the same criteria for its performance, it is necessary that they be rewarded on similar quantitative basis, to avoid disparity and bias in wage payment systems. Again, if differentials persist, it would be incumbent upon the part of the employers to state and prove the reasons for such differences were due to material reasons other than the choice of gender discrimination. For instance it could be due to better technical knowledge, greater output and superior quality of performance, etc. It is proposed to examine these laws and directives in order to reach a consensus on the effectiveness of wage equality laws. Moreover, another important aspect that needs to be considered in this context could be that laws need to be operationalised and properly implemented in order to be of some consequence. Besides, constant monitoring and follow up action also needs to be made in order to be of some

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