Thursday, October 17, 2019

Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 4

Human Resource Management - Essay Example Focus The focus of this paper will be on the effect of environmental factors on the HRM systems utilized for employee resourcing and talent management in an organisation in the U.K. Organizations do not work in a vacuum and have to rely on cues from the external environment to decide where the company is headed and the kind of talent it needs to take it there. While the environment can prove favourable at times, it can also drastically and negatively affect company business; consequently, having an understanding on how to deal with these, from an HRM point of view, is very important. Employee Resourcing and Talent Management: Analysis and Significance For the purpose of this essay, the chosen system is the Employee resourcing and talent management system of HR. Identifying new resource and hiring it happens to be the most basic function of any HR manager in any organization, irrespective of size and scale of operations. A more advanced but still extremely crucial level of HRM is the management of that talent and utilizing it in such a way so as to maximize overall output and efficiency. Unemployed talent represents people who are living within the same external environment of the organization and are experiencing similar pressures but are not a component of the internal culture and environment of the company. ... External environmental influences and their impact on HRM systems and service delivery there are many influences that affect HR decision making and strategy. A detailed analysis of the external ones is given below: Political The government has been making deliberate attempts at curtailing the influx of foreighners into the U.K. – whether as workers or as immigrants. Fluendy (2011) comments on the great demand for foreigners in the U.K. for the fields of IT, engineering and accountancy, as well as in nursing and technicians. The government has been openly and sometimes surreptitiously implementing laws that discourage people from hiring workers from outside. The policy on immigration here has not been as it is implemented in other countries, with its aim since the 1960s to limit provision of U.K. citizenship and acclimatizing immigrants already present in the country (Boswell 2008). Despite that, more than 2 million immigrants have come and settled in the U.K. in the past decad e or so. Job creation, unfortunately, has not been able to match this influx. These affect directly the labour market and thus the resourcing needs of HRM. Legal The stock market crash has instigated investigation into the effectiveness of the Financial Services Authority. Of late, insider dealing has been banned in the U.K., says Barnes (2010). Furthermore, discrimination control laws are in place. In late 2010, the Equality Act 2010 was implemented which is aimed at harmonising all existing anti-discrimination legislation (Davies 2010). With the labour market an amalgamation of so many nationals, HR needs to be well cognisant of the law for proper talent

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