Friday, January 24, 2014


Presentation on Kemet January 17, 2012, in R.J. Reynolds Building, Dr. Elwanda D. Ingram, an English Professor, presented a expression to African-American Culture classes. Dr. Ingram presented a speech on Kemetic lightlessnesss, minacious history, and the metropolis of Cairo in Egypt. Kemet, which means Land of the Blacks, were reformatory to civilization today. Kemetic peck started culture, and in Egypt, where they were lived, was the birthplace of literature. Kemetic state created paper and ink, and also created their own language c all tolded hieroglyphics. To the Kemetic people, e realthing was relate on spiritualty, which was genuinely important to them. Another point that Dr. Ingram mentioned was in the beginning in that location was history, there was Black History. This quote is major and has a gravid meaning. Day to day, people think that history came from fair Americans, except in actuality, it came from African-Americans in Africa. The oldest fossils were found in Africa and all human being life stems from the continent of Africa. Africa is considered the cradle of civilization, and without it, there would be zippo in the world. The final point was about the city of Cairo. Dr. Ingram showed legion(predicate) pictures from her trip to Cairo, which is the third largest city in the world with a population of 15 million people. All of the temples, statues, and pyramids were built by blacks. They built one of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Great Pyramid, with no nails, bolts, or any of the things they build buildings with. Dr. Ingrams speech was delivered dead. She projected very well and the whole lecture hall was able to regard all she had to say. She also moved around the room break of of standing in one spot and kept the auditory sense engaged with the two pictures she bought. The pictures on the slide added to the presentation, because it was adept to count on her journey in Egypt and also the construction o f the pyramids. When asked questions, she an! swer them perfectly and it gave the audience a better...If you want to pop out a full essay, order it on our website:

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