Saturday, January 25, 2014

Was Roman Medicine The Same As Greek Medicine?

Journeying from the Greek period of medicine to that of the Romans, how much changed and what stayed the equivalent regarding aesculapian practices, anatomical friendship and accuracy of the resulting theories and ideas? Further much, which outweighs the separate? Firstly, tenacity between the deuce empires was that they two(prenominal) believed in the opening of the four humours. Originally, the Greeks established the system; however the Romans embarked to develop this theory into something more useful. Galen is the scientist who is most well-known at the time, for working upon the theory of the carmine humours. Like Hippocrates he believed in the four humours and that upon certain treatment to restore the balance of the humours. Instead of copying Hippocrates idea of weighty to rid the body of excess humours, for example by extend; Galen thought that there was a more rational fore to balancing the humours. He believed in using the opposites as a way of bala ncing. For instance, if the symptom was too much phlegm foregone the patients problem was being caused by a cold; therefore they would need to take something hot, such as pepper. Hippocrates laid the foundation for which Galen then progressed, even though the theory was wrong. A second mutual link between the deuce empires would be that herbal plants and remedies were still used in both eras, for example honey, which show that they share aesculapian knowledge on how to treat infection and diseases without having to enter surgery, in the aftermath of the Romans. The Greeks didnt really execute any surgery, with the exception to amputations and the vesture of the lungs, which was one of few internal surgical operations. This was preformed if the patient had pneumonia. This suggests that the of spell out treatments that the Greeks used were herbal remedies and ridding the body of extra humours, for example make out a patient. Whereas the Romans had many more surgical proce dures for different medical problems in comp! arison to the Greeks. Their surgical...If you want to get a tidy essay, order it on our website:

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