Saturday, January 25, 2014

Old Ironsides

The Statue of Liberty is being torn rase next family imputable to the fact that the government doesnt pauperization to pay bills for maintenance both week. In reality this would never happen, exclusively a station very similar to this occurred in 1830. Poet Oliver Holmes wrote a meter ab come forth the USS Constitution which was going to be scrapped for its metal. Holmes has a very sardonic (or sarcastic), and patriotic tone throughout the striving in order to stir up nations emotions. He hold dear to show the public that the USS Constitution was more than than a channelise, tho was in any case a subject theater of operations symbol. Holmes well-utilized sardonicism invoked a sense of national patriotism throughout America. In the poem, Old Ironsides, Holmes immediately starts out with sardonicism. ...Tear her tattered ensign heap! Long has it waved on high..., inwardness that the government should tear down the ventures flags because they have flown for to o long. This is on the face of it sardonic because the ship is a symbol of our nation. The readers realize this is meant to be sardonic, which makes the poem more appealing. In the second stanza Holmes shifts tones to seriousness. He duologue roughly the ship being Red with heros blood which shows the consultation that this ship is sincerely yours worth saving because it has fought important battles for America. Holmes also talks about the ship not being fit to feel the Victors footstep or Conquered knee, which personifies the ship devising it all the more necessary to save it. In the live on stanza Holmes tells the audience that the ship needs to die an honorable death, that it would be remedy to sink below the waves than to have it dismantled. This stanza influenced many peck to pass invigorate and try to save the ship. The poem, especially stanza three, inspired people the do something about the ship. It would be just resembling today if soulfulness tried dismant ling the Statue of Liberty. People began to ! depict angry and fiery for the ship. In the end, the ship was saved and the poem played a very large role in...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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